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Behavior Transformation Bundle

Nutrition Certification Plus Behavior Change Specialization

Behavior Transformation Bundle







Starting at: $979 | $85/month

What You'll Learn

The Behavior Transformation Bundle is a one-of-a-kind offering that features two of our leading specializations that focus on building a healthier lifestyle through nutritional and behavioral change.

These courses will equip you with the knowledge and a unique skill set to positively impact your clients' behavior as it relates to their health, fitness, and nutrition-related goals.

coach training client on nutrition

With the NASM Certified Nutrition Coach course (NASM-CNC), you’ll have the relevant knowledge and abilities you’ll need to design and deliver top-quality, individualized nutrition coaching for your clients. You’ll be able to use your nutrition coaching skills to help your clients' navigate real-world scenarios and create consistent healthy eating habits.

Next, unlock the secrets to long-lasting success with our NASM Behavior Change Specialization (NASM-BCS). By integrating the psychology behind motivation and decision-making, you'll have the understanding and capability to implement behavior change strategies to positively transform lives.

Together, these two courses will give you everything you need to start working with clients on their nutrition and fitness aspirations, creating the foundation for sustainable, long-term change.

Behavior Transformation

Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC)

Provide dietary assessments and guidance, perform body composition testing, and more with NASM’s foremost nutritional program.

Behavior Change Specialization (BCS)

Apply the science of behavior change to motivate and assist clients for successful exercise and dietary adherence.

What's Included?

Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC)

Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC)

As a Certified Nutrition Coach, master the facts about hot topics in nutrition like proteins, carbs, macronutrients, and everything about the most popular diets. Plus, you’ll learn the reasons behind dietary patterns and the behavioral change strategies to optimize them. This course is delivered in our immersive online platform and includes an entirely digital textbook, high-quality videos, infographics, and more.

Behavior Change Specialization (BCS)

Behavior Change Specialization (BCS)

As a Behavior Change Specialist, you'll have the insight to implement positive behavioral change that lasts. Assist your client's build sustainable habits, identify trigger points, and create effective strategies to move past them. This specialization includes an entirely digital textbook, high-quality videos, and learning activities, all delivered in our immersive online platform.

4 Reasons to Choose the Behavior
Transformation Bundle

  • Get the latest information on nutrition hot topics and the science behind popular diets to help your clients make informed decisions
  • Learn the psychology behind how people get stuck in a nutritional rut and the strategies on how to break them
  • Become a skilled leader and learn how to apply nutritional science and behavior change to make a lasting impact
  • Increase your earning potential and expand your clientele by adding two new disciplines to your resume


You will need to recertify every two years. To recertify for the Certified Nutrition Coach (NASM-CNC), you must complete the Renewal Exam.

Good news! The Behavior Change Specialization will never expire. Because it is a specialization, you do not need to complete the recertification process.

NASM designed the Behavior Transformation Bundle to provide the the necessary tools to drive your clients' nutritional habits and positively impact behavioral change. You will give nutritional advice, implement cognitive strategies, provide your clients with practical knowledge and help build their confidence to accomplish things they never thought possible.

You will have 1 year to complete the NASM-CNC and NASM-BCS final exams.

Both the Certified Nutrition Coach and Behavior Change Specialization final exams are administered online and can be taken from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you prefer to take tests.


For more than 30 years, NASM has been at the forefront of fitness training. Our latest program, the Behavior Transformation Bundle, highlights another essential component: utilizing behavior change to build healthy habits.

With the Behavior Transformation Bundle, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how behavior plays an important role in our fitness and nutrition habits. This exclusive combination of diet programming and behavior change will guide your client's as they continue their journey to feel, look, and eat better for years to come.


Trainer Testimonials

James Llamas review 5 stars

"You can do all the right things physically, and if you're not right nutritionally, it's a pretty uphill battle from there. Nutrition is also really key because, diet and exercise, those are the two components to being healthy."

James Llamas


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Nolan Hyland Review 5 stars

"There's a lot of different certification companies out there, but there's only one NASM. In terms of research and being the foremost leader in the fitness industry, no one can compare."

Nolan Hyland


Regina Santos review 5 stars

"When my clients have made the nutritional changes they set out to make, they are so proud of themselves. And it's so inspiring to see the light in their eyes when they realize how much hard work they've put in, and how it paid off."

Regina Santos


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