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NASM Elite Trainer Bundle

NASM Elite Trainer Bundle


Starting at: $10,000 | $904/month

What is NASM
Elite Trainer Bundle?

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The NASM Elite Trainer Program is our most distinguished bundle that can be customized to perfectly match your educational and career goals, as well as offers the most flexible timelines of any of our other programs. With so many directions you can take your fitness career, the Elite Program is the perfect tool to set yourself up for success for a fraction of the cost!

In addition to several other benefits, you will have unlimited access to the content for our top 6 courses. You'll also get access to the most updated version of every course that's included. This means that if there are changes or additions to the content, you can enroll in the updated course for no additional cost.

Need additional time to take your exam? No problem! As an NASM Elite Trainer member, you'll receive one free extension/retest voucher for each of your exams.

Don't want to take all your courses at once? Fine by us! With NASM Elite, you can break your studies up over the course of several years.

  • top 6 courses icon Get Unlimited Access to Our Top 6 Fitness Courses

  • The NASM-CPT offers the latest and greatest in fitness training - equipping you with the knowledge to deliver exceptional programming to each client.

    The Corrective Exercise Specialization opens up doors for prehabilitative and rehabilitative exercise training to correct your clients’ harmful movement compensations.

    Become a Nutrition Coach for your clients and assist with dietary and nutrition choices that translate to fitness success.

    Even if you are not training athletes, utilizing the NASM-PES will infuse sports performance training with functional fitness for your clients.

    Most of client success stems from the ability to mentally adapt and flourish by changing any constraining behavior. With the NASM-BCS you will make lasting impacts.

    Learn how to create effective and fun group fitness courses to offer a dynamic range of equipment-based, hybrid strength, and group strength training with our AFAA-GFI.

  • recertification icon Recertification For Life

  • Every 2 years, NASM-CPTs and AFAA-GFIs are required to show proof of CEUs, current CPR/AED certification and submit a recertification application. NASM's Recertify for Life Program gives you the opportunity to avoid these renewal fees, as well as receive extra benefits.

  • personal trainer app icon NASM's EDGE Personal Trainer App

  • NASM EDGE is the ultimate app for personal trainers offering best in class technology designed to help provide exceptional training – and superior results – for every level of client. As part of the NASM Elite Trainer Bundle, you will receive one-year of EDGE Trainer Plus and NASM EDGE CPT Exam Prep. Perform assessments, create custom workouts, utilize the calorie and macronutrient calculator and more.

  • optima 2023 icon One Optima 2023 3-Day All-Access Registration

  • Join other fitness professionals and enthusiasts for our annual industry conference. For three days, you’ll pick up top insight into everything from coaching, training, nutrition, and more while breaking a sweat.

  • phone and email icon Exclusive Access to Concierge Phone Line and Email

  • Includes individual coaching and advising via phone or email with our NASM Coaches, and customer support. Includes free upgrades to the digital content. Standard business hours apply.

  • free shipping icon Free Shipping

Combine 6 of Our Top Courses for 1 Low Price!

  • Increase your earning potential by offering a more holistic fitness and health skillset
  • Reach a wider group of potential clients
  • Start your fitness career off right with the knowledge to fully address your clients' fitness and nutritional needs
  • Program more efficient and effective workouts
  • See results faster by creating a more personalized fitness plan for your clients
  • Earn enough Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to recertify your Trainer Certification


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NASM has been a trailblazer in the fitness industry for decades now. We have been demonstrating and innovating science-driven exercise practices since our inception. As a testament to our groundbreaking curriculum, the NASM Elite Trainer Bundle provides our top-6 courses for an expansive sample of training that spans each dimension of our expertise.

With this NASM Elite Trainer Bundle, you receive the combined power of our top-6 programs. Additionally, this fitness bundle has the added benefit of covering the application fee for the NASM-Master Trainer program.

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Really, there is no better NASM bundle than the NASM Elite Trainer Bundle. It encompasses our wide range of expertise and grants you access to our industry-leading network of fitness experts. Gain convenient access to our mobile learning modules, study assistance from NASM experts, and a consistently updated curriculum - all for half the price.

Trainer Testimonials

Nolan Hyland Review 5 stars

"There's a lot of different certification companies out there, but there's only one NASM. In terms of research and being the foremost leader in the fitness industry, no one can compare."

Nolan Hyland


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Tony Ambler-Wright Review 5 stars

"I could probably say that I owe my career and where I'm at today to the Corrective Exercise Specialization . By implementing the assessments, programming, and solutions that I learned through the CES program, it allowed me to work with a wide variety of clients that I might not have been able to work with and help achieve their goals otherwise."

Tony Ambler-Wright

MS, NASM Master Instructor

James Llamas review 5 stars

"You can do all the right things physically, and if you're not right nutritionally, it's a pretty uphill battle from there. Nutrition is also really key because, diet and exercise, those are the two components to being healthy."

James Llamas


Rick Richey review 5 stars

"I know when I first started training with the CES, that's when my business picked up and I started getting a lot more clients and a lot of people that I wouldn't have normally seen. I wanted to train a lot of the athletic folks, and it's been amazing that even with elite athletes that I've trained, I do more of corrective exercise with them than probably almost anything else."

Rick Richey

Co-Founder at RēCOVER, owner of Independent Training Spot and NASM Master Instructor

Mike Fantagrassi Review 5 stars

"I'm very passionate about the Corrective Exercise Specialist because it's something that helped propel my career. In 2006 that's when I was exposed to the NASM corrective exercise specialization. I went through the course and it really transformed my business as a trainer. I became a lot busier because I knew I could work with a wider variety of clients. But on a personal level it helped me. I wasn't moving that great. I was in my early 30s, and I had some pain in my hip and also my shoulders from lifting heavy. And by following the protocols in the program I felt better. I became very passionate about corrective exercise, and I help teach other people how to get this as well."

Mike Fantigrassi

Sr. Director Product Development, NASM

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Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) , Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC), and Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) are certifications, which means you must recertify every two years. NASM's Recertify for Life Program gives you the opportunity to avoid these renewal fees, as well as receive extra benefits.

On the contrary, the Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES), Performance Enhancement Specialization (PES), and Behavior Change Specialization (BCS) are specializations, not certifications, which means they do not need to be renewed. Once you pass your final exam for these specializations, your certificates never expire.

In order to recertify, NASM-CPTs and AFAA-GFIs are required to earn 2.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every two years. Both the Corrective Exercise Specialization and the Nutrition Coach Certification are worth 1.9 CEUs, meaning that after completing these courses you would already have more than enough CEUs to recertify!

You have 6 months to complete the NASM-CPT final exam, and 1 year to complete your NASM-CES and NASM-CNC final exam. Each course is typically completed in just 8-12 weeks, and the NASM-CPT course is completed in as few as 4 weeks. Extensions are available for each course for an additional fee.

Although the exams expire, you will maintain access to the NASM-CPT content for 1 year upon purchase and access to the NASM-CES and NASM-CNC content for 5 years or the life of the product; whichever expires first. This allows you to go back and reference the rich course content during the beginning of your career.

The OPT™ Model is our 5-phase training model that starts with Stabilization and ends with Power. The NASM-CPT program utilizes the Optimum Performance framework to ensure that all NASM-CPTs are well-versed in our training methods. Read here to learn more about the OPT™ Model.

The Corrective Exercise Continuum (CEx) is the foundation for the entire Corrective Exercise Specialization. It is a 4-step process for assessing and correcting human movement for clients. The 4 steps are talked about more in depth in our guide to the CEx.

NASM-CPT and AFAA-GFI are NCCA accredited certifications, meaning you must pass a live proctored exam, which can be administered online or in-person. On the contrary, the other final exams are administered online and can be taken from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you prefer to take tests.

Don't fret! A free retest is included as part of the NASM-CPT All-Inclusive Program. For more details, please refer to your Candidate Handbook.

AFAA Elite Program
AFAA Elite Program

*Terms and Conditions apply. Orders made outside the United States and Canada are not eligible for payment plan. Cannot be combined with other offers. Must have a registered account with NASM or AFAA. All terms and conditions, including privacy policy, are deemed accepted by you. Customer account must remain current or payoff loan balance to maintain access to NASM Elite Trainer Bundle, access will be revoked for non-payment. Customer account must remain in good status or access will be revoked. Please see our Terms and Conditions for our refund policies concerning our products, noting the following exceptions: you may be entitled to a partial refund for the value of the “Recertify for Life”, if you do not succeed in becoming NASM-CPT and AFAA-CGFI certified after three attempts, or the Master Training portion of the package, if you do not succeed in obtaining at least one of the NASM credentials (NASM-CPT, CES or PES) after 3 attempts, all such attempts must occur within nine months of enrolling as an NASM Elite Trainer Member. No exchanges. Exam and retest for each course included with NASM Elite Trainer Bundle purchase. Unlimited access to digital course assets for CPT, CGFI, CES, PES, CNC, and BCS. Must call in to redeem. Optima 3-day Access only covers conference registration and must be redeemed by Optima 2023; travel and accommodations not included. NASM EDGE must be version 2.5.

**Every 2 years, NASM-CPTs are required to show proof of 2.0 CEUs, current CPR/AED and submit a recertification application.