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Group Personal Training Specialization

The Best of Group Fitness Meets the Best of Personal Training

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Course Highlights

  • 6 In-Depth Chapters
  • Group Personal Trainer Course Manual
  • Video Demonstrations and Lectures
  • Learning Activities
  • Discussion Questions
  • 120 Program Templates
  • 1 Year to Complete Final Exam
  • Complete in as Few as 2-4 Weeks

Group Personal Training Specialist



What You’ll Learn

group personal training specialist teaching class

With the NASM Group Personal Training Specialization, you can take your fitness career further. With this one-of-a-kind course, you’ll learn how to design, develop, and deliver successful training programs that combine the best of one-on-one training with the tenets of group fitness.

By mastering the strategies and tools necessary for group personal training, you’ll maximize your time and revenue by training more people, more efficiently.

You’ll accomplish this by learning how to develop a strategic business plan and workout plans rooted in the proven exercise science, as well as understanding the coaching and communication skills needed in a group setting and knowing how to teach, train and motivate participants.

We’ll teach you the skills and methods needed to design and deliver a successful group personal training experience, whether that’s just two clients or more than 10 in a single time slot!

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Boost your client base and revenue by training more people.

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Design exercise programs that help successfully train all participants in a group training session.

Why Become a Group Personal Training Specialist?

  • Gain powerful coaching skills specifically designed for groups
  • Reach a wider group of potential clients
  • Create exciting programs rooted in proven exercise science
  • Learn the business skills to excel as a group personal trainer
  • Successfully train all participants during every session
  • Expand your expertise while earning enough Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to recertify your Trainer Certification


Chapter 1: Introduction to Group Personal Training
Understand the different types of group training based on volume, identify uses of the OPT™ Model within group personal training, and describe instructor and client benefits.

Chapter 2: Basic and Applied Sciences
Define the components of the kinetic chain and learn to use strategies that maximize its functions in a group training setting.

Chapter 3: Group Exercise Selection and Technique
Determine exercise selection using client group size, understand common mistakes that group instructors overlook, and compare exercises used in groups with minimal equipment to exercises with common training modalities.

Chapter 4: Designing Group Personal Training Programs
Identify best practices in setting up group training programs based on volume, learn to use assessment protocols, and create group programs.

Chapter 5: Coaching and Cueing
Learn to determine and implement coaching techniques for various group sizes, and discover communication strategies and methodologies to increase participation.

Chapter 6: Building Your Business
Determine marketing strategies to create and retain group training clientele, develop pricing packages, and choose appropriate target markets.

After the completion of the course, you will take an online final exam from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you prefer to take tests, that consists of 100 questions. Each question will be multiple-choice. The exam is timed and cannot exceed 90 minutes. To pass, you need a score of 70% or higher. Don’t fret though, if you score below that, you have up to 3 attempts to pass.


Free Webinar:
Phase 1: Stabilization And Endurance


Phase 1 is the foundation of the entire OPT™ Model, and in this webinar, you'll learn how to best implement it with your clients.




You will have 1 year (365 days) from the day of enrollment to complete your final exam.

No, you do not need to renew the NASM Group Personal Training Specialization.

You will have 3 attempts to pass the final exam.

While a Personal Training Certification is suggested, it is not required to take the NASM-GPTS course.

NASM-GPTS is approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by the following organizations:

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1.9 CEUs

AFAA Provider Logo

13 CEUs

ACE Provider Logo

1.9 CECs

CIMPSA Provider Logo

10 CIMSPA Endorsed CPD Points

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1.9 CEUs

Mobile AFAA Provider Logo

13 CEUs

Mobile ACE Provider Logo

1.9 CECs

Mobile CIMPSA Provider Logo

10 CPD Points

The final exam is administered online within your student portal. It consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and there is a 90 minute time limit. You must get a 70% or higher to pass.

5 stars

"The Group Personal Training Specialist (GPTS) course was presented in an engaging way that easily introduces each topic and guides you along the way. The GPTS course helps the fitness professional take the personalized attention of personal training and the social aspect of group exercise and successfully blend them to create a group personal training program that puts the clients' needs at the forefront of the training experience."


David B., OH

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5 stars

"The GPTS course provided me with useful knowledge and considerations that I can apply immediately to leading group personal training sessions to groups of any size. I am much more confident that I can create effective training sessions that participants will enjoy but also find challenging regardless of their goals. The course material is engaging and provides so much practical information. I really enjoyed the course!"


Rodney R., PA

5 stars

"The GPTS course was very informative and easy to understand. It gave me the confidence to go from 1-on-1 training to having the skill to direct and cue multiple clients with multiple modalities and needs at the same time to πŸ‘. Definitely recommend taking it!!"


Keith G., MD

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Why Choose NASM

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As the gold standard in the fitness certification and specializations, NASM knows how to build successful fitness professionals. That's because we create our certifications and specializations on the latest methods and evidence-based research from leading experts.

The Group Personal Training Specialization is no different. By combining the power of our exclusive Optimum Performance Training® Model with the vast knowledge of our sister company AFAA, the Group Fitness Leader, we have developed a program unmatched in the industry. It will give you the necessary skills to train small groups while increasing your client roster and paycheck.

As part of the NASM family, we'll help you fuel your passion for fitness while helping you build an even stronger career. Start changing more lives all at once with the Group Personal Trainer Specialization.


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