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Finance Our Most Popular Courses!

No Interest, Credit Check, or Fees

Buying Online Just Got Easier!

Setting up a payment plan shouldn't be stressful. That's why we streamlined the online payment process and made it the easiest in fitness. As a member of the No. 1 training certification in the world, you can prequalify for our worry-free online Payment Plan on products over $199. You can get your certification as soon as you pass your exam and start using it today, prior to finishing your payment plans! Our program advisors have many flexible payment options including name your own down payment!

Here are some of the perks of prequalifying:

  • No Credit Check
  • 3, 11 or 17 Easy Payments
  • 0% Interest
  • No Penalties or Fees
  • Start for $25 Down
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Instantly Get Prequalified! Easy and No Credit Check Required.


Finance Our Most Popular Courses. No Interest. No Fees.

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CPT - Certified Personal Trainer Program

Experience an exceptional fitness education with the very best personal training course in the industry. Join the NASM team and follow your fitness dreams.

Price Starting at:

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CWC - Certified Wellness Coach

Learn how to motivate your clients to help them achieve positive behavior change with long-term values.


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CSNC - Certified Sports Nutrition Coach

Master the foundations in sports nutrition science and learn coaching strategies for the entire spectrum of athletes from high school sports to elite performers.


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CNC - Certified Nutrition Coach

Become a nutrition expert and help clients navigate real-world nutritional scenarios - inside of the kitchen and out.




There is a $5,000 limit on your order amount. But the majority of NASM courses fall under this limit, so you can bet you will qualify for our payment plan options.

Yes, online payments can be used with current promotions - as long as the full price is above $199 after the promotion discount is included.

Yes, we have many different options to choose from. These different options are available by calling 1-800-460-6276, and selecting option 1 to speak with a Program Advisor.

NASM offers a 28-day return period in which a request for cancellation can be made. If you wish to pay off your remaining balance, please contact the Member Services department. Cancellation of a payment form does not excuse you from your obligations under the RIC; you are required to make all payments unless you cancel within the 28 day Refund Period. You can find more information within the NASM Terms and Conditions (section 5.3).

Per the terms of our Web Installment Plan, the monthly payment amount cannot be altered. You will have either 3, 11 or 17 (based on your preferred payment option) equal payment amounts.

Yes, you may make a larger payment towards your balance at any time. It's important to understand your set payment date, as any payment made greater than 5 days to the draft date will be applied to the principle balance.

To qualify for the Web Installment Payment Plan, web orders most often require a minimum of $25 down.