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Continuing Education

Mindful Drinking

Explore a holistic approach to making informed decisions about alcohol consumption. You'll understand the influence alcohol has on key aspects of wellness such as movement, nutrition, cognitive function, and sleep.

Learn from course author Derek Brown, an NASM Certified Wellness Coach and pioneer of mindful drinking.

  • Evidence-based comprehensive program about alcohol, its role in culture and socialization, and its relationship to health

  • Learn to empower yourself and others with strategies for making informed choices and lasting behavior changes related to drinking alcohol

  • In this self-paced online program, you’ll take a deep dive into the role alcohol plays in society, from its relationship to human evolution to cultural identity

  • Discover innovative methods for crafting mocktails that are celebratory and sophisticated

  • Includes access to 10 downloadable no and low-alcohol cocktail recipes

  • CEU Value: 0.4 NASM

One-Time Payment


Derek Brown has been nationally recognized as “Bartender of the Year” by Imbibe magazine, among other accolades in the spirits industry. He has been featured in Bon Appetit, GQ, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, USA Today, James Beard Foundation, Washington Post, and Esquire.

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There are no prerequisites for the Mindful Drinking course. This course is intended for anyone interested in learning more about their own health and wellness as well as fitness and wellness professionals looking to acquire knowledge and skills that will help their clients achieve their goals.

We discuss the role alcohol plays in society, from its relationship to human evolution to cultural identity and foodways. This includes the intersection of alcohol with social wellness and drinking occasions.

You will learn about the many types of alcohol, including wine, beer, distilled spirits, and mixed drinks; how they are made; and how much alcohol they contain. You will also learn how to measure the amount of alcohol in a drink.

We will discuss the role of alcohol in our health and the risk of disease, injury, and death with alcohol. We will explore the effects of alcohol on sleep, recovery, hydration, absorption of key nutrients, cognitive function, and sports performance.

We will discuss the excessive use of alcohol, known as problem drinking, the role that you can play in discussing problem drinking and destigmatizing treatment, and offering resources to those who are seeking help.

We discuss what mindful drinking is, ways to reflect on your relationship with alcohol, and how to make space for mindful drinking in your life. We also discuss strategies you can use toward becoming a more mindful drinker.

We will gain a comprehensive understanding of mindful drinking and practical strategies for incorporating low-alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages into their lifestyles. This chapter includes a downloadable Mindful Drinking recipe book featuring both no and low-alcohol beverages.


NASM’s Mindful Drinking is a wellness-centered course for any learner who wishes to explore their relationship with alcohol. It explores alcohol as a component of our lives and how one might become more intentional with their choices for improved well-being. There are no requirements for enrollment.

This course is delivered completely online and can be accessed at any time at the user's convenience over the course of the 5-year period following the date of enrollment.

You will have five (5) years from the day of enrollment to complete the course. You can return at any time during that 5-year period to revisit any of the course content.

There is no final exam associated with the Mindful Drinking course. A certificate of completion will be provided to you once you have reviewed the coursework in entirety (completed all pageviews). Progress can be checked via the course dashboard in your course materials.

NASM Mindful Drinking is approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by the following organizations:

  • NASM Approved

    0.4 CEUs

  • AFAA Approved

    4 CEUs

No, you do not need to renew your NASM Mindful Drinking coursework. It is neither a certification nor a specialization.

Yes, chapter 6 of the Mindful Drinking course includes 10 recipes with ingredient lists and instructions to make no and low-alcohol beverages.