Certified Sports Nutrition Coach Renewal Process

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Renewal: Expand Your Skills & Your Opportunities

To support NASM’s commitment to protect health and safety, the NASM-CSNC credential must be renewed every two years. This helps ensure that all NASM Certified Sports Nutrition Coaches are up-to-date with the best practice guidelines and are continually developing their knowledge of sports nutrition beyond the basic levels. NASM-CSNCs must earn 1.9 CEUs (continuing education units), which can be earned from a variety of courses, including but not limited to:

Renewal is Simple!


The NASM-CSNC certification must be renewed every two (2) years in order to support our commitment to protect health and safety.

CEU stands for for Continuing Education Unit. CEUs are intended to continue to develop knowledge and skills, as well as enhance professional skills beyond the levels required for entry-level practice.

CEUs are based upon contact hours. Contact hours are defined by the number of clock hours spent in direct participation in a structured educational format. One (1) contact hour is equivalent to point-one (0.1) CEU.

A CPR/AED certification is not required in order to renew your Certified Sports Nutrition Coach certification.

The NASM-CSNC credential will expire if all recertification requirements have not been met by the certification expiration date. Recertification applications will be accepted up to one year from the certification expiration date if all continuing education courses have been completed before or within 90 days of the certification expiration date. A late fee of $30 is charged for applications received up to 90 days post expiration. After the 90 days, a late fee of $50 is applied and the recertification application must be received before one year after credential expiration.

Continuing education courses not pre-approved with NASM can be reviewed by petition only. A $25 nonrefundable administrative fee is required for each course/event petitioned. You may petition a course in the recertification section in your NASM Student Portal.