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Strategies for Improving Nutrition Habits Mini Course

This 3-part mini course will help you create unrestrictive strategies to guide your clients' dietary habits.

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NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

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CEUs: NASM 1.9

The most comprehensive nutrition program we’ve ever offered.

In this state-of-the-art interactive program, you’ll learn how to put your clients on the healthiest route towards their best selves.

As an NASM Certified Nutrition Coach (NASM-CNC), you’ll have the relevant knowledge and abilities you’ll need to design and deliver top-quality, individualized nutrition coaching for your clients. You’ll be able to use your nutrition coaching skills to increase success in their health- and fitness-related goals.

Increase your skill set – as well as your market value - as an NASM-CNC.

The NASM Nutrition Certification is a non-accredited certification.  To maintain the certification, you must retake the online certification exam every 2 years.  For more information, visit our terms and conditions.

NASM Nutrition Certification is an excellent complement to NASM’s previous Fitness Nutrition Specialization (program discontinued).

No previous fitness qualifications are necessary to take this certification.

Change Lives
Receive the latest cutting-edge science in all things related to fat loss, muscle gain, and overall wellness.

Create Lasting Strategies
Learn the psychology behind how we get stuck in dietary patterns - and how to break them.

Learn and Discover
Enjoy an industry leading, immersive experience, making your lessons robust, entertaining, and memorable.

Design and Deliver
Get skilled on how to apply nutrition science and behavior change in the real world to get your clients results.

Online Content

Interactive ebook (24 chapters) with embedded


Downloadable templates and infographics

Knowledge checks (mini quizzes)

Chapter quizzes (15 questions per chapter, unlimited attempts)

100-Question Practice Exam (unlimited attempts)

100-Question Final Exam (three attempts, 70% required to pass)

See table of contents and authors

star rating

"I loved that I was able to complete this course at my own pace. It allowed me to flow quicker through subjects I was more exposed to while also taking in new subjects at a slower pace. I had prior nutrition knowledge and this program confirmed a lot of it with science and evidence based information. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in nutrition/nutrition coaching. "
- Priscilla P, NY

star rating

"As a person with a scientific background and in interest in nutrition, I found the course to be through, engaging and technically challenging. The topics have made me re-think my nutritional choices and I am confident that I can help my clients make excellent progress on their goals."
- Kelly L, OK

star rating

"anyone taking this must have an interest in nutrition and its always great learning about something you love. we all probably had some knowledge on the topic but it went in depth and its great having the knowledge youve always wondered about!"
- Eden N, NY

star rating

"I felt that the NASM Nutrition coach certification exceeded my needs and expectations. I am happy I did this certification."
- Morgen B, NJ

star rating

"I decided to take this course based on personal interest in the topic. I am coming away from this course completely satisfied with my experience!"
- Tyler O, PA

star rating

"Nasm CNC program was very informative and concise. It was very easy to follow I would definitely recommend to others."
- Twanta C, OH

star rating

"After taking the CNC Course with NASM I gained more knowledge and better understanding of the many components of a healthy nutrition program design such as energy balance, nutrition density, supplementation, exercise, etc., and also about professionalism, and psychological aspects like behavior change challenges and motivational interviewing. Setting clients up for success. "
- Elsa V, CO

star rating

"The NASM-CNC course was great! I learned so much about nutrition, but more importantly, I learned about motivation and behavior change to help my clients reach their goals. The course was incredibly thorough, easy-to-follow, and very comprehensible. I recommend it to anyone! "
- Mary A, MD

star rating

"This course was easy to navigate and made learning super simple. I felt like I was learning things for the first time with how easy they made it to learn. The way the chapters are broken down and laid out made it easy and maintainable. Absolutely LOVED the portal. "
- Courtney B, NY

star rating

"I enjoyed the learning process of NASM CNC course. I felt very prepared for the exam. The best part of this course was the different learning variables such as videos, infographics, and quizzes to keep me sharp with the new information I learned. "
- Griselle Q, IL

star rating

"This course was far more detailed and thorough than I anticipated, yet the information was delivered in a thoughtful, easy to digest way. The knowledge provided was more comprehensive and valuable than I anticipated. "
- John W, KY

star rating

"I have 20 years of informal nutrition knowledge acquired through competing in body building competitions in my early years, running marathons and most recently competing in crossfit competitions. After owning a gym and having personal training clients, this was the next logical step to help others reach their full potential. I only wish I would have done it earlier. NASM did an excellent job of presenting the information and I am excited about sharing my knowledge with my clients! Thank you!"
- Ellen K, FL

star rating

"The course goes very in depth into how every nutrient works. It is well structured and easy to understand. The amount of content is phenomenal."
- Colton G, ID

star rating

"This Course was excellent. It is an absolute must, if you want or expect to be the best trainer/nutrition coach that you can be. Short of a PhD in nutrition, which will cost you tens of thousands of dollars and take multiple years to obtain, This is the most comprehensive nutrition material on the market. Buy now, do not hesitate!"
- Paul G, CA

star rating

"It's great to be apart of the NASM community! The NASM Nutrition Certification course was very helpful to the knowledge I had already possessed in my past 8 years experience in the Nutrition industry. Great online course with detailed information to attain the knowledge needed. You can also learn at your own pace to fully retain information. I plan to continue my education in other programs NASM offers."
- Jill R, FL

star rating

"I really enjoyed the NASM CNC course. I feel more confident and knowledgeable about nutrition. I am ready to help clients achieve their goals!"
- Kristi F, WI

star rating

"I absolutely loved the CNC, Having completed it I feel much more confident in how I can help my current and future clients. On top learning a lot I know have new ideas for additional services and products to provide my clients with."
- Nicholas A, CA

star rating

"I was highly intimidated when I opened up the course and glanced through. I did not expect it to be so dense and packed with information! Truly did not realize what I was getting into, but I'm so glad I did it. The amount of knowledge I've gained from this course is incredible! I feel like I deserve a degree for a course like this!"
- Christopher M, OH

star rating

"This course far exceeded my expectations. I feel 100% confident in practicing as a nutrition coach and very well versed in all the basics I would need to start. I'm excited about all the tools and worksheets that NASM provided, as well."
- Lauren K, MI

star rating

"The information presented was put together by a team of experts, not just a few individuals. The flow was smooth and I like the variety of learning methods. All basis were covered related to nutritional coaching!"
- Pam C, IA

star rating

"The CNC course expanded my knowledge in nutrition and how to share my knowledge with others. I enjoyed taking the course and I am excited to start coaching!"
- Macy B, MI

star rating

"This course was so detailed and bright! It helped me to stay on track without getting board! Plus the awesome video content was so helpful!"
- Amanda K, WA

star rating

"The NASM-CNC course was easy to navigate with an engaging design and structure. Loved the videos and the couple of puns/jokes that were put in. They really helped break up some of the reading and make it a little more interesting."
- Ally D, Canada

star rating

"Easy to follow and very informative. Gave me the confidence to provide appropriate nutritional guidance to my clients. In addition, I liked how I was able to work around my busy schedule and move at my own pace."
- Carmen B , MI

star rating

"I really enjoyed the CNC course, I am ready to apply my knowledge by implementing my online program as a NUTRITION COACH. Thank you so much NASM!"
- Maritza C , NJ

star rating

"If you are thinking of being a nutrition coach or even just want to know more about how your body works with regards to nutrition, this program is the one to choose. The course has amazing materials and handouts that are useful. The videos are engaging. The program design keeps you going and has lots of check-ins and pit stops to keep you on schedule!"
- Zach A , CA

star rating

"The NASM Nutrition Coach self study program allowed me to pass the exam easily and the practice exam was an integral part of giving me the confidence to pass the final with ease. Having already known about much of the science and chemistry behind nutrition, it was very nice to learn a great deal about the psychology behind nutrition coaching and the laws surrounding scope of practice!"
- Randy F , IN

star rating

"I made a very wise choice in choosing NASM. It was a challenging yet engaging course. The content was extremely relevant. Thank you NASM team."
- Parimala J , Karnataka

star rating

"A lot of useful information is given, which has made me more confident in passing it on to future clients, especially relating to 'fad' diets"
- Mariana V , Manchester

star rating

"Very Detailed and insightful, highly recommend to anyone who has any interest in learning the basics on nutrition and to optimize their performance."
- Mason S , MI

star rating

"Excellent layout of the course, up-to-date information, informative and entertaining videos that keep you engaged and interested."
- Jackie P , Canada

star rating

"The course was very detailed, organized and informative. I feel extremely confident in my ability to assist my clients with their nutrition goals. NASM is the best!"
- Tracy N , NC

star rating

"This course completely clarified my previous assumptions and conceptions of nutrition. Any doubt or disbelief I had about nutrition was lifted with the learning of each chapter."
- Erik J , TN

star rating

"The course was challenging and thorough. It kept me engaged from beginning to end. It is not an easy course and you will finish with a tremendous amount of knowledge in the nutrition field. Well worth my investment in time and money. Now to complete my specializations and begin my new career."
- Diane O , FL

star rating

"This was a great course - so much helpful knowledge. Up to date on all current scientific research and studies. Easy to follow, lots of information but very well distributed throughout the course."
- Fernanda P , NC

star rating

"The CNC course is very thorough and helpful in educating yourself in client centered nutritional needs."
- Kevin T , LA

star rating

"This course gives insight to approach the big topic of nutrition with a variety of clients to achieve their goals. Also helpful for showing what is within the scope of practice for personal trainers."
- Megan B, MD

star rating

"The practice exams always have different questions, so I'm constantly learning with every attempt. I feel much more prepared for my exam and working with clients."
- Corissa H , GA

"CNC was exactly what was expected and MORE. The science is there! CNC refines the mass information on nutrition for you, so that we who want to help change lives, can simplify the process for our clients. Thanks NASM."
- Miguel G, TX

"The NASM CNC course packs loads of valuable nutritional information into a format that allow students to comprehend very complex topics in a simple manner. The emphasis on managing behavior change above all the silly trends that are occuring in the fitness and nutrition industry is what I value most from this certification course. I am certainly more confident in being able to navigate an individualized approach to a clients goals without stepping outside of the scope of practice of a nutrition coach. As a certified personal trainer, I plan to leverage the CNC certification to better serve my clients with all of the new resources I have been provided."
- Cory B, FL

"The NASM Nutrition Coach Certification is an ideal tool for any fitness professional to increase their skill and knowledge base for their clients."
- Rob K, VA

"This course covers the latest evidence-based research in nutrition. All research is referenced with peer-reviewed journal articles. The content delivery platform works well on a computer and phone. The videos are educational and entertaining. I highly recommend this course."
- Joseph E, CO

"The content was all inclusive and did not neglect how psychological or environmental challenges can effect the nutritional success of the clients. I loved the videos and the quirky humor! I feel like I had the chance to get to know the virtual instructors through the videos I watched."
- Stephanie L, SC

"The CNC course is very helpful whether you intend to become a nutrition coach or not because you will learn about nutrition and dieting which you can use in your everyday life. I imagine it would also help you aid your clients if you are a CPT because you will learn how to optimize weight loss and maximize muscle growth."
- Miguel B, NJ

"The NASM CNC course uses science and evidence based information so you are getting the latest, most up to date, nutritional information. Even when I thought I had nothing else to learn, the course constantly surprised me with new information that is applicable to my coaching needs."
- Lee B, NY

"The course included every field-related topic you can imagine...from macronutrients to supplement dosages to hydration routines, even detailing on some of the psychology behind client/coach interactions."
- Cameron B, CT

"I was completely engaged with the NASM CNC course every step of the way. I almost didn't want it to end. As a CPT It now gives me complete confidence to help further coach the overall and specific needs that my clients currently struggle with."
- Dana OBrien, NY

"The CNC course was well formatted, which allowed me to fully understand the material. The quizzes at the end of every chapter and videos were very helpful in terms of understanding the material. Thank you NASM!"
- Monica, Morelos, CA

"The course was great in introducing various nutrition related topics with the client in mind. I am more confident in creating plans for my future clients, and I am looking forward to initializing this information for my everyday life as well. The only thing I wish was included in the course, was some business advice in incorporating this from the business marketing side."
- George, A, CA

"The CNC course is incredibly useful for personal trainers to provide a holistic approach to health and wellness. With all the misinformation available to clients, it's awesome knowing I can help both in the gym as well as in the kitchen."
- Jenn L, NJ

"One of the most comprehensive courses out there. I highly recommend you taking this course if you are looking to stay on the forward thinking pathway."
- Geo D, IL

"I enjoyed taking this course because of the way the content was presented. The quizzes at the end of the chapter help one put all the information to use by challenging the mind to recollect the data."
- V. Watson, TX

"This course provided me with thorough information from concepts to delivery of concepts and implementation of these concepts"
- Sean C, FL

"Over the course of the last year I had reversed type 2 diabetes, losing 70 pounds, and recovered from two heart attacks. During the process I learned I want to help others to get healthy and share my story. But all I discovered were closed doors as I didn't have the certification credentials, even though I had the real world experience. So I sought out what was the best nutrition certification program for my skills and experience and I chose your program. I thought it was amazing! It was an excellent complement for my life and I will use this certification to build my practice helping others. Thank you."
- Jamil H, CT

"The NASM CNC course enhanced the information I have previously studied or taught the last 13 years. It did improve my self-efficacy in knowing that the education I am delivering is on point with the NASM researched information."
- Julie Snyder, FL

"The CNC course was excellent, it scientifically covered many of the topics that clients talk about in a thorough and measured way. It also provides the framework to move clients along in a flexible, sensible path towards healthy habits and diet."
- John, B, FL

"It is a fantastic course because it probably teaches every aspect of the fitness nutrition world and the logic thinking ways in this field. This course teaches some academic research methods to think about the fitness nutrition hot topics and I think it is really valuable."
- Shuang Pang, China

"I found the CNC course to be full of detailed, easily digestible information that I can confidently carry with me in my fitness and health career."
- Heidi, J, WI

"What are we pretending not to know? This is a question that I want to ask potential clients. Nutrition and healthy living is so important to our overall well being, but we pretend not to know this. NASM's Certified Nutrition Coach program has given me to the tools to support others in making nutrition and wellnes a part of everyday living. I love reviewing each chapter and building on the knowledge to create an amazing amount of knowledge about nutrition! Thanks NASM! Liz W, Bexley, Ohio"
- Liz W, OH

"This course is informational and user friendly! To anyone interested in expanding their knowledge regarding fitness, this course is for you!"
- Edie W, ID

"This course was great! It really gave me an inside look on all the aspects of nutrition!"
- Christy G, NJ

"Really liked the flow of the course. Information was very easy to understand and the navigation around it was great also."
- Angelite G, IN

"I can strongly recommend this course compared to other european nutrition educations. This is my 2nd NASM Certification and I am confident that my knowledge will help me to support people to live a healthier life."
- Kerstin Kolata, Germany

"I found this course to be highly informative, and it inspired me to take other NASM courses. Highly recommend!"
- Jason K, Ohio

"If you are interested in learning more about nutrition, I highly recommend this course. It was interactive and flowed more naturally than other NASM courses. It also dispelled many myths and gave a good context for how to go about implementing techniques in a practical way to benefit your clients."
- Ameen Khalil B, VT

- Sara A, IL

"This course was amazing! It was very detailed and included a lot of valuable information. The handouts that were included are helpful and will be beneficial to creating nutrition programs. I highly recommend!"
- Angelina S, FL

"I have been a CPT with NASM for 13 now. I have had my own business for 10. This certification, was very well done. Not an easy exam either, but well worth all the information you will receive in this course. Certification 9 now for me, and CEU's completed. Why just stay a CPT when you can add more commas behind your name and you pay rate"
- Jason, M, CA

"Very complete course."
- Ana F, FL

"The CNC course was set up in a way that made it really flow. It had many different formats so that you can learn the items in a variety of ways. It also helps you retain the information better."
- Abigail S, CA

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