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Nutrition Courses & Certifications

40% off Nutrition Coach: $899 $539 | $45/month $49 down + 11 interest-free payments

Online Nutrition Coach Certification (NASM-CNC)

NASM pi Program

Becoming a Nutrition Coach will provide accessibility to a vibrant and rewarding career in nutrition. Learn about nutrition through our balanced curriculum and earn a solid understanding of key nutritional concepts.

Start Today for 40% Off: $899 $539 | $45/month $49 down + 11 interest-free payments

25% off Nutrition Specialty Courses + Get Plant-Based Diet Course FREE!

two women enjoying hamburgers

Nutrition Hot Topics & Controversies

Become an authority on the latest dieting and nutrition trends to effectively inform your clients.

Price: $49 $37


Making Sense of Supplements

Explore the wide world of supplementation and shine a light on the right supplements to target for your clients' unique nutritional needs.

Price: $49 $37

woman and child holding vegetables

Plant-Based Diets - October's Free Course

Gain the nutritional know-how to help all vegan and vegetarian clients adopt balanced plant-based diets.

Price: $49 FREE until October 31st.

a piece of healthy chicken breast

Navigating Diets

Become an expert in the many available diets out there and guide your clients to logical, up-to-date dieting practices.

Price: $49 $37

a woman looking at a food label

Understanding Food Labels and Portion Sizes

Develop the skillset to make sense of food labels and determine portion sizes. Make decisions based on nutritional data and lead your clients to their goals.

Price: $49 $37

FREE Nutrition Mini Courses

a woman preparing healthy food in the kitchen

Strategies for Improving Nutrition Habits

Get an introduction to the power of behavior change and nutrition. Learn how to approach nutrition through the lens of developing positive habits for your clients.

Learn More

two trainers making healthy smoothies in a kitchen

Eating Healthy at Home

Great nutrition starts in the kitchen! Get great recipes, protein shake and smoothie ideas, as well as healthy cooking tips for nutritious eating at home.

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40% off Fitness & Nutrition Bundle

Fitness and Nutrition Bundle

When you combine fitness and nutrition, you’ll be able to expand your offerings to clients, stand out from other trainers, and increase opportunities.

What's Included:

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