Certified Wellness Coach
Renewal Process

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Stay Current on Your Wellness Knowledge

As a Certified Wellness Coach, you know what it means to stay engaged with your clients and their needs. But you also should know that without an up-to-date certification, you won’t be able to keep the process of encouraging behavioral and lifestyle change going in their everyday lives.

Having a current certification is fundamental when it comes to providing those you work with adequate insight and guided support. That’s why every two years, you must renew your CWC credential to ensure you are qualified in providing clients the support they need. Just follow the steps below to keep your specialized career updated.

Renewal is Simple!


The NASM-CWC certification must be renewed every two (2) years to ensure that NASM-CWC professionals are current with best practice guidelines.

CEUs or Continuing Education Units are based upon contact hours. Contact hours are defined by the number of clock hours spent in direct participation in a structured educational format. One (1) contact hour is equivalent to point-one (0.1) CEU.

The NASM-CWC credential will expire if all renewal requirements have not been met by the expiration date. Renewal Applications can be submitted up to one year late if all continuing education courses have been completed before or within 90 days of the certification expiration date. Additional fees will apply.

A CPR/AED certification is not required in order to renew your Certified Wellness Coach certification.

If your application is chosen for audit, you will have 30 days to submit all requested supporting documentation to the NASM Recertification Department.