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The National Academy of Sports Medicine, transforming lives for over 35 years.

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NASM'S Missions and Values

At the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), our mission is to provide world-class fitness professionals with the knowledge and tools to transform lives. We help personal trainers, coaches, their clients and fitness enthusiasts live healthier and happier lives.

With over three decades of experience providing the best credentials in the fitness industry, we have earned an impeccable reputation for science-based strategies and learning innovations.


The NASM Fitness and Wellness Community

The NASM Team

Our Sister Companies

NASM is a part of Ascend Learning, which serves a variety of industries with a common thread of education. Below are our sister companies that are also a part of the Fitness & Wellness segment.

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Timeline: The History of NASM

For well over three decades, the National Academy of Sports Medicine has been recognized around the world for the quality of our personal trainers and the scientific rigor of our program. Take a look at our history below!

1987: Founded

The National Academy of Sports Medicine was Founded

2000: OPT Model

Dr. Mike Clark Created the Optimum Performance Training Model

2009: Ascend Learning

NASM Joined the Ascend Learning Family

2015-2020: Expands Reach

Acquired AFAA & ClubConnect

AFAA and CC logos

2021: CPT 7

Launched 7th Iteration of Certified Personal Trainer Course


For over 35 years, National Academy of Sports Medicine® (NASM®) has earned its reputation as the gold standard in fitness credentials with best-in-class evidence-based programs in personal training, nutrition coaching, wellness, sports performance, and more. We provide world-class fitness professionals with the knowledge and tools to transform lives. We help personal trainers, their clients and anyone with a passion for fitness achieve success.

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) offers world-class certifications and advanced specializations for fitness and wellness professionals. NASM programs include Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, and many more. Each self-study course is expertly designed to help people meet the demands of today’s fitness, nutrition, or wellness client looking to make long-term changes to their overall health.

Yes. Absolutely. National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) is the most respected name in fitness and wellness. NASM has helped thousands of people worldwide get certified and hired in a career they love. With NASM, you’ll be well-prepared to take your fitness and wellness professional career to new heights.

NASM’s curriculum blends the latest scientific findings with innovative learning solutions and study aids to help trainers pass the exam of their choosing the first time they try. Using all the tools and study aids provided by NASM greatly enhances your chances of passing and starting a successful career in personal training. Learn more about our two exam options here.

At NASM, we believe that fitness is for everyone. With that in mind, a college degree is not required. You only need a high diploma (or GED) and to be at least 18 years old to get started.

Our thoroughly researched and scientifically backed self-study courses set you up for success when it is time to take your test. NASM programs are written by experts in health, wellness, and sports performance, and designed by a team of experts who are devoted to fitness as a way of life. We put that same care, attention to detail, and expert insight into our tests to ensure that our trainers are prepared to help clients with the latest knowledge and hands-on skills.

Our competitors’ delivery method may not be the best for today’s consumer. From traditional textbooks to one-dimensional talking head videos, today’s fitness professional-in-waiting needs to feel more engaged and less spoken-to. NASM provides more modern and immersive multimedia, microlearning, and learning activities, allowing the trainers to have a personalized and exciting learning experience with memorable content. NASM provides a seamless, hand-off approach to developing tomorrow’s fitness leaders today, meaning that trainers will be able to apply what they learn to the real world quicker than others.

Our proprietary Optimum Performance Training® OPT™ Model provides a systematic and powerful step-by-step method for both trainer and trainee that can be applied to anyone at any age. The OPT™ Model prepares you to hit the ground running and equips you with the ability to train clients on day one. The OPT™ Model simultaneously improves all physical abilities, such as flexibility, muscular and aerobic endurance, core stabilization, balance, muscular strength, coordination, and power.



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