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Welcome PTAG-CPTs to the NASM Family!

We are excited to welcome the PTA Global community to the NASM family! Although we are no longer offering PTA Global's Personal Trainer Certification to new customers, existing PTAG-CPTs are still required to keep their certifications active through the existing recertification process. 

Maintaining your certification demonstrates a commitment to excellence. By completing continuing education every two years, CPTs advance their abilities, knowledge and skills by keeping up with the latest fitness techniques and training. Most importantly, this standard was established to help validate fitness professionals who maintain the upmost safety and professionalism for their clients and class participants.  

Please see the below step-by-step instructions.

How to Recertify Your PTAG-CPT


To support PTAG's commitment to protect health and safety, the PTAG-CPT (PTAG-CPT) and PTAG-Certificate in Personal Trainer (PTAG-CIPT) certificates must be recertified every two (2) years. This ensures that PTAG professionals are current with the best-practice guidelines and the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities described in the most recent Job Analysis Study.

The acronym "CEC" stands for Continuing Education Credit. Continuing education programs are intended to promote continued competence, development of knowledge and skills, and enhancement of professional skills and judgment beyond the levels required for entry-level practice. For additional details, please reference the PTAG recertification application by clicking here.

PTAG CPTs and CIPTs are required to complete 20 contact hours (20 credit hours) every two-year certification period. This does not include the mandatory CPR/AED certification (no CECs are awarded).

An approved CEC is a course that has been submitted to NASM/PTAG through a third-party organization and has been awarded a CEC value. These organizations are part of NASM's Provider Program and will note their provider number and CEC value on the certificate of completion that you receive.

You can find the current list of NASM approved providers here.

CEC providers that have not contacted PTAG or NASM for pre-approval status will require a petition by the Certified Professional. Petitions allow PTAG or NASM to review the material covered and make a CEC value determination. Please reference the petition application process and details here.

For details on becoming a Preferred Course provider, please click here.

PTAG offers CEC credits for college courses on a per unit basis. For example, a semester long Anatomy course worth 3 units would provide 3.0 PTAG credits. The college course content must fall within our current performance domains to be accepted for credit (i.e. majors in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, Heath Science, etc.). Please submit a copy of an official transcript with your renewal application.

PTAG offers a 90-day grace period beyond your PTAG Certificate expiration date, to earn CECs. If CECs have been completed within your 90-day grace period, you have one-year from your certificate expiration date to submit your recertification application. Failure to complete the required CECs within the grace period will result in the expiration of the credential. To appeal, you must complete and submit the PTAG Appeals Form.


PTAG recommends the following organizations-American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety and Health Institute, St. John Ambulance, Emergency Care & Safety Institute or Emergency Medical Technician. PTAG will only accept the CPR/AED course if a hands-on assessment was completed. Online courses will not be accepted unless a hands-on component is included.

When an application is under audit, it signifies a random selection in which the submission is reviewed personally by one of our staff. If any documentation is missing or additional information is required, you will be notified via email.

Please allow up to 30 business days for processing.

If the CPR/AED card is completed with the 90-day grace period after your certification, it will be accepted for your renewal.

  1. Complete the applicable PTAG Renewal Application

  2. Pay your renewal fees*

  3. Submit your documentation by email to [email protected].

Please reference steps 1-3 above for more detailed instructions.

*The Lifetime Renewal Program will waive the Application fee only. If you are utilizing your grace period, you will be required to pay the applicable late fees.

The courses you complete with NASM, AFAA and/or PTAG are already listed in your account history. Simply list them on your renewal application.

NASMs Recertify for Life gives NASM Certified Personal Trainers (NASM-CPT) the opportunity to avoid bi-annual renewal fees with a one-time fee of $399. NASM-CPTs are still required to submit a recertification application and show proof of 2.0 CEU's (including a mandatory copy of a current CPR/AED card) every 2 years.