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Unlock the secrets to peak performance with four popular courses focused on improving fitness training & technique!

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Certified Sports Nutrition Coach

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CEUs: 1.9 NASM, 15 AFAA

Helping clients and athletes perform at their peak is about more than just physical fitness. Sports nutrition plays a key role in helping them get the best results and recovery. Whether you train fitness clients or work with athletes, help them transform their training and reach their optimum performance with NASM’s Certified Sports Nutrition Coach (CSNC) program. Click here for a detailed course tour.

This comprehensive sports nutrition program provides not only the specific nutrition principles to aid and support performance and health for the various types of athletes encountered by fitness professionals, but also provides the application of such concepts with day-to-day clients.

This program includes foundations in sports nutrition science, analysis of nutritional needs, and coaching strategies for the entire spectrum of athletes from high school sports to elite performers.

✔ Section 1: Performance Nutrition Profession

Chapter 1: Introduction to Performance Nutrition
Chapter 2: Scope of Practice
Chapter 3: Evidence-Informed Practice
Chapter 4: Understanding the Spectrum of Athletes and Performance

✔ Section 2: Metabolism and Energetics

Chapter 5: Essentials of Metabolism
Chapter 6: Energetics of Performance

✔ Section 3: Nutrients and Hydration

Chapter 7: Protein
Chapter 8: Carbohydrates
Chapter 9: Fat
Chapter 10: Micronutrients
Chapter 11: Hydration

✔ Section 4: Performance Nutrition Strategies

Chapter 12: Periodization and Nutrient Timing
Chapter 13: Body Composition
Chapter 14: Recovery
Chapter 15: Supporting the Ill/Injured Athlete
Chapter 16: Supplementation

✔ Section 5: Putting Science into Practice

Chapter 17: Performance Nutrition Assessment and Evaluation
Chapter 18: Fueling for the Work Required
Chapter 19: Coaching Process/Approach
Chapter 20: Programming

State-of-the-Art, Digital Learning Platform
Study any time, any where, and on any device!

Chapter Quizzes
Quizzes throughout the course help you evaluate how well you are understanding and retaining the information presented.

1 Practice Exam
Prepare for the final exam with a 100-question practice exam (unlimited attempts).

Final Exam
The final exam includes 100 questions. You must pass with a score of 70% or higher, and you will have 3 attempts. Additional retests can also be purchased by contacting Member Services.