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Strength and Conditioning Bundle

CPT Guided Study Plus Corrective Exercise Specialization Plus PES Premium Self Study Program
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Strength and Conditioning Bundle



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3,347 $2,176Or$196/mo



Starting at: 3,347 $2,176 | $196/month

What You'll Learn

Help your clients reach their fitness potential with NASM's Strength and Conditioning Bundle. This course combination is ideal for coaching and training athletes, whether professional or amateur.

Begin with our cornerstone Certified Personal Trainer Guided Study program which will lay the foundation you need to accurately assess and build customized workouts using NASM’s world-renowned OPT® Model.

personal trainer and client doing sled push

Next, build on this foundation with two incredibly powerful specialization programs that work together to supercharge your skills. The Performance Enhancement Specialization (PES) focuses on training athletes and improving sports performance. The Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES) Self-Study program is all about movement, empowering you to identify and fix movement imbalances to improve the quality of workouts and help clients prevent injury.

Aquire not only the tools to build a solid foundation of fitness for your clients, but also the ability to prevent and correct faulty movement compensations through corrective exercise. This stable base is especially important when coaching clients for performance - no matter the level of athletic ability or fitness.

What ultimately separates this bundle from the rest is its emphasis on delivering the safest most stable platform for performance training in the industry. Strength and conditioning has never looked better!

What's Included?

Certified Personal Trainer - Guided Study (NASM-CPT)

Certified Personal Trainer - Guided Study (NASM-CPT)

The NASM-CPT Guided Study program is designed with you in mind. Our most popular CPT program includes the option to participate in an excellent course with unlimited access to NASM fitness expert instructors, as well as a Job Guarantee, hardcopy textbook, 1 year access to NASM Edge Trainer Plus, bonus courses, an exam retest, and more!

Corrective Exercise Specialization (NASM-CES)

Corrective Exercise Specialization - Self-Study (NASM-CES)

The best standard for preventing or fixing existent movement problems for clients. Corrective exercise as a discipline is of tantamount importance for every CPT.

Combine 3 Powerful Courses for 1 Low Price!

  • Increase your earning potential
  • Reach a wider group of potential clients
  • Start your fitness career off right with the knowledge to fully address your clients' fitness needs
  • Program more efficient and effective workouts
  • See results faster by creating a more personalized fitness plan for your clients
  • Earn enough Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to recertify your Trainer Certification


NASM’s Personal Trainer Certification (NASM-CPT) is a certification, which means you must recertify every two years.

On the contrary, the Corrective Exercise Specialization (NASM-CES) is and Performance Enhancement Specialization (NASM-PES) are specializations, not certifications, which means they do not need to be renewed. Once you pass your CES and PES final exams, your NASM-CES and NASM-PES specialization certificates never expire.

In order to recertify, NASM-CPTs are required to earn 2.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every two years. Both the Corrective Exercise Specialization and the Performance Enhancement Specializations are worth 1.9 CEUs, meaning that after completing these courses you would already have more than enough CEUs to recertify!

You will have 6 months from the date of enrollment to take the NASM-CPT exam, and you'll have access to the course content for 5 years. An extension for the exam can be purchased by contacting NASM Member Services. You will have 365 days to complete the NASM-CES and NASM-PES exams and access to the course content for 1 year.

Each course is typically completed in just 8-12 weeks. Extensions are available for each course for an additional fee.

The OPT® model is our 5-phase training model that starts with Stabilization and ends with Power. The NASM-CPT program utilizes the Optimum Performance framework to ensure that all NASM-CPTs are well-versed in our training methods. Read here to learn more about the OPT® Model.

The Corrective Exercise Continuum is the foundation for the entire Corrective Exercise Specialization. It is a 4-step process for assessing and correcting human movement for clients. The 4 steps are talked about more in depth in our guide to the CEx.

NASM’s Personal Trainer Certification (NASM-CPT) is an NCCA accredited certification, meaning you must pass a live proctored exam, which can be administered online or in-person. On the contrary, the Corrective Exercise Specialization (NASM-CES) and Performance Enhancement Specialization (NASM-PES) final exams are administered online and can be taken from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you prefer to take tests.

Don't fret! A free retest is included as part of the NASM-CPT Guided Study program. For more details, please refer to your Candidate Handbook.


NASM has provided the best personal training courses and information for over 30 years now. We will help you succeed as a fitness professional with the necessary knowledge and training procedures to carry with you in the field.

There is a big reason why NASM certified personal trainers have such a prestigious reputation: because we supply a consistent level of quality with all of our products, services, and educational resources. We know how to develop long-lasting fitness professionals.

personal trainers smiling

With this Strength and Conditioning bundle you will be getting the years of hard work and planning that went into each individual course, but for a fraction of the original price.

We understand your time is valuable. Our digital courses allow you to begin your career in fitness from the comfort of home. All courses are delivered online, and are self-paced. Learn where and when you want!

Trainer Testimonials

Tony Ambler-Wright Review 5 stars

"I could probably say that I owe my career and where I'm at today to the Corrective Exercise Specialization. By implementing the assessments, programming, and solutions that I learned through the CES program, it allowed me to work with a wide variety of clients that I might not have been able to work with and help achieve their goals otherwise."

Tony Ambler-Wright

MS, NASM Master Instructor

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Rick Richey review 5 stars

"I know when I first started training with the CES, that's when my business picked up and I started getting a lot more clients and a lot of people that I wouldn't have normally seen. I wanted to train a lot of the athletic folks, and it's been amazing that even with elite athletes that I've trained, I do more of corrective exercise with them than probably almost anything else."

Rick Richey

Co-Founder at RēCOVER, owner of Independent Training Spot and NASM Master Instructor

Mike Fantagrassi Review 5 stars

"I'm very passionate about the Corrective Exercise Specialist because it's something that helped propel my career. In 2006 that's when I was exposed to the NASM corrective exercise specialization. I went through the course and it really transformed my business as a trainer. I became a lot busier because I knew I could work with a wider variety of clients. But on a personal level it helped me. I wasn't moving that great. I was in my early 30s, and I had some pain in my hip and also my shoulders from lifting heavy. And by following the protocols in the program I felt better. I became very passionate about corrective exercise, and I help teach other people how to get this as well."

Mike Fantagrassi

Sr. Director Product Development, NASM

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