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Certified Personal Trainer - Premium Self-Study Program

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We could all use a little support when it comes to starting out on a new endeavor. With our newly updated Premium Self-Study Program, we bring together the industry-leading resources available in our Self-Study Program and unparalleled expert support. Click here for a detailed course tour.

After you enter the Premium Self-Study Program, you’ll get access to a full lineup of coaches that will guide you every step of the way. From answering your questions about the program to helping on course material, our coaches will be reachable by phone or email and will respond within one business day.

A CPR/AED certification is required for the Premium Self-Study Program.

See table of contents and authors.

✔ Section 1: Professional Development and Responsibility

Chapter 1: Modern State of Health and Fitness
Chapter 2: The Personal Training Profession

✔ Section 2: Client Relations and Behavioral Coaching

Chapter 3: Psychology of Exercise
Chapter 4: Behavioral Coaching

✔ Section 3: Basic and Applied Sciences and Nutritional Concepts

Chapter 5: Nervous, Skeletal, and Muscular Systems
Chapter 6: Cardiorespiratory, Endocrine, and Digestive Systems
Chapter 7: Human Movement Science
Chapter 8: Exercise Metabolism and Bioenergetics
Chapter 9: Nutrition
Chapter 10: Supplementation

✔ Section 4: Assessment

Chapter 11: Health, Wellness, and Fitness Assessments
Chapter 12: Posture, Movement, and Performance Assessments

✔ Section 5: Exercise Technique and Training Instruction

Chapter 13: Integrated Training and the OPT™ Model
Chapter 14: Flexibility Training Concepts
Chapter 15: Cardiorespiratory Training Concepts
Chapter 16: Core Training Concepts
Chapter 17: Balance Training Concepts
Chapter 18: Plyometric (Reactive) Training Concepts
Chapter 19: Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training Concepts
Chapter 20: Resistance Training Concepts

✔ Section 6: Program Design

Chapter 21: The Optimum Performance Training® Model
Chapter 22: Introduction to Exercise Modalities
Chapter 23: Chronic Health Conditions and Special Populations

Two Exam Options
Option 1. NASM Personal Trainer Certificate (Non-Proctored Exam)
This non-proctored and open-book exam has 100 questions and requires a passing grade of 70%. This exam is administered online only. You will have 3 hours to complete the exam, and you must take the exam within 180 days of your enrollment date.

Option 2. NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NCCA Accredited Certification Exam)
The NCCA is a nationally recognized third-party agency that accredits certification programs which are able to meet and comply with its standards. The NCCA exam is a nationally accredited exam. This closed-book exam has 120 questions. You must pass with a scaled score of 70 or better. This proctored exam can be administered either in-person or online, and you will have 2 hours to complete the test. You must take this exam within 180 days of your enrollment date.

The choice is yours, and selecting which exam to take will depend on your goals.

State-of-the-Art, Digital Learning Platform
Our revolutionary learning platform creates an interactive, media-rich experience that is designed specifically to help make your learning experience the easiest in the industry. It's learning for the 21st century. Take a quick tour of the course below.

High-End Learning Videos
Includes over 45 high-quality lectures animated learning videos, embedded throughout the content to aid in your learning experience.

Biodigital 3D Models
These virtual body models simplify the understanding of anatomy, disease, and treatments relating to the respiratory system, skeletal system, and more.

Audio Chapter Summaries
End each chapter with a summary page that includes a podcast reviewing everything for easy on-the-go learning.

Exercise Demonstration Library
Access a comprehensive library of over 200 step-by-step exercise demonstrations. Includes detailed coaching videos, so you can not only learn how to properly do the exercise yourself, but also how to teach it to your clients.

Handouts and Resources Library
Access to over 45 downloadable resources, including assessments, programming templates, OPT™ Model exercise programs tailored to fat loss, muscle gain, and sports performance, and more.

Practice Exam, Quizzes, and Knowledge Checks
Includes hundreds of mid-chapter knowledge checks (or mini-quizzes), a proven process to help aid in content retention. Each chapter and section also includes a summary review and quiz, plus a practice final exam with unlimited attempts.

Job Guarantee*
Upon successful completion of the NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NCCA Accredited Certification Exam), NASM guarantees that you will get a job within 90 days or the cost of the Job Guarantee will be refunded to you. Terms and conditions apply to the Job Guarantee and can be found in the T&Cs (Section 5).

NASM's CPT Exam Prep Tools
Use NASM's Exam Prep Tools (available through Apple and Google Play stores) to help prepare for your exam with official study tools, including 600+ practice questions and 500+ flashcards. Study anywhere, anytime.

Unlimited Access to NASM Fitness Experts
Our NASM coaches will be your guide through the course, answering questions & offering assistance. They are readily available to help with questions surrounding terminology, application and provide instructional support. This additional support is highly recommended for students looking to get certified quickly.

Exam Retest
Didn't pass your first exam? Don't sweat it. The retest requirements are different for each exam option

Option 1. NASM Personal Trainer Certificate (Non-Proctored Exam)
You have 3 attempts to pass this exam option. If you do not pass after 3 attempts, a retest can be purchased by calling NASM Member Services at 1-800-460-6276.

Option 2. NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NCCA Accredited Certification Exam)
If you do not pass this exam option the first time, a retest is included with the Premium-Self program.

Bonus Course: Motivational Interviewing for Coaches
Better help your clients through effective communication and goal setting. Course is worth 0.3 CEUs.

*Terms and conditions apply

star rating

"Excellent course loved the OPT Model, fitness assessments, going through all types of muscles, pod casts, videos, practice tests etc I'm glad I choose NASM CPT has made me more confidant :)"
- Sana S, Singapore

star rating

"It is no question why NASM CPT is the most popular and acknowledged course in the fitness industry! The knowledge you get about the whole human system, exercise principles, and even marketing and business are more than amazing! I am grateful because I choose NASM to be my next, and most likely all the next ones in my future development! Thank you!"
- Stefan I, Montenegro

star rating

"NASM CPT will help to understand the fundamentals of resistance training concepts as well equip a prospective candidate with the tools to be successful in the field."
- Debabrata K, India

star rating

"The course has exceeded my expectations. The amount of details in the information provided and also various learning methods (reading, video tutorials, quizzes) have made the experience very interactive and helpful."
- Olga P, New Zealand

star rating

"Taking the CPT course with NASM was the best choice I could've made. The course was made easy but challenging, all the tools used within the courses and chapters made learning and practicing the subject fairly easy."
- Korine M, FL

star rating

"After taking the CPT course I can say that I more in tune with my body. Having a clearer understanding of the connection between the nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems. I also, can begin to spot tight muscles when pertaining to movement, and make a correlation to the muscle imbalance, that can be in effect. There is so much more to learn and practice. The truth is prior to the CPT course I knew nothing on the subject. The course is well organized with ample of resources. You can also work on your own schedule, if the weekly modules, do not work for you. I work full time and had to create a different schedule. I am very thankful to have passed, 93% out of 100%, and cannot wait to continue to explore and integrate what I have learned to help others. To health."
- Yaritza R, NY

star rating

"After receiving my CPT with another company, I tried NASM to increase my earning potential. I must say I've learned so much more! NASM is great!!!"
- David B, MD

star rating

"Better than expected. Great way to learn and enjoy all together. 100% recommended."
- José P, FL

star rating

"I've been wanting to get back into personal training for a while now and I knew of NASM and their great reputation from years past, so I was a little intimidated to attempt the course. I have to say between the course materials (text book and study guide) and the available online resources, including templates, domain quizzes and other guides, provided more than enough information for me to feel more confident in my choice in certification as well working with clients as a personal trainer. Absolutely recommend NASM and the CPT course!"
- Michael F, NY

star rating

"Anyone looking to learn about fitness will find everything need to know and more. The information provided was extremely in-depth and broken down into excellent delivery system to make learning easier."
- Andres T, PA

star rating

"The information flows very well in an easy to understand manner. The knowledge checks are helpful, but the domain quizzes at the end of course for exam prep were the most helpful in variety."
- Shelby S, FL

star rating

"This was an outstanding course and an eye opener for me as far as my true understanding of fitness and training someone."
- William S, TX

star rating

"Taking this course is one of the best decisions I ever made. As an undergrad business student, fitness has become a recent passion of mine that I wanted to share with others in a tangible and impactful way. I had been contemplating getting my CPT for about a year and finally decided to make the investment over the winter. I knew it would be a challenge to do along with school but I'm so glad that I did. Taking this course and becoming a CPT has inspired me to pursue my Master's Degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition. I'm excited to see where the world of health and fitness takes me and I couldn't have done it without the help and support of NASM."
- Emmie A, NY

star rating

"The NASM CPT course is 100% comprehensive through the various methods offered for all the content. Trust the NASM without resorting to outside help or "cheat sheets". Take your time, absorb the information, put it into your own resistance training to better understand it first hand."
- James B, TN

star rating

"I've been training clients for the past 6 years and I've been around gyms 21 years of my life, but the NASM Certification gave me a whole lot of knowledge. knowledge that would have taken me years to learn by myself. Thank you NASM."
- Marcelo M, TX

star rating

"The course was layed out in a very concise way and was very easy to follow. The content and additional materials help exponentially in clarifying any subject matter that was more difficult to understand. NASM really covers all its bases in presenting and conveying easy to understand courses."
- Sydney L, WA

star rating

"I'm relatively new to the fitness industry and was concerned that I would not understand the subject matter. However, there are so many different teaching techniques in this course it is difficult not to understand. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn the industry. Best decision of my life."
- Gary R, FL

star rating

"This course was filled with a wealth of knowledge and I have learned so much. I am very excited about my career in coaching."
- Natasha P, WA

star rating

"The NASM-CPT course helped me learn the baseline knowledge into becoming a personal trainer. Starting a new career can be difficult, but with what NASM provides in its course, it has made me much more confident and ready to take my fitness career to the next level."
- Mary F, FL

star rating

"I had an excellent experience with NASM CPT course. The amount of information was so helpful and the activities, lessons, quizzes and note cards were so helpful in obtaining more knowledge. Highly recommend!"
- Morgan H, UT

star rating

"This was a perfect course to do while being a working mother. It boosted my self confidence by accomplishing the CPT exam successfully. I feel empowered and can't wait to begin helping others tap into their potential too!"
- Mellisa B, WV

star rating

"This course has well prepared me for the future as a Certified Personal Trainer. I would not suggest any other program besides NASM as it is detailed and organized to set you up for success!"
- Ashley S, TX

star rating

"This course was laid out well. It covered all the important aspects of personal training that I was not confident in. I felt prepared for the certification exam and am extremely confident to start my training business!"
- Jen M, MI

star rating

"NASM gives a great breakdown of the course material and makes it easy to study for anyone. I have been full-time student with a job and a family and was able to do the course within 5 months."
- Jarom H, GA

star rating

"This course is a great tool not only for technical knowledge but also for the confidence and good preparation for future endeavors."
- Bruno B, Portugal

star rating

"It taught me way more than I thought I needed to know, but it's so worth it in the end. I feel highly qualified to take on clients."
- Kali H, PA

star rating

"The CPT Study Guide was easy to follow, full of great resources, and helped me understand the information in a much deeper manner. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to pursue a career as a personal trainer!"
- Kirsten H, TX

star rating

"The CPT course prepared me for furthering my career as a group fitness professional by increasing my knowledge and confidence to work 1-1 with clients. By the end of the course I knew what I wanted to continue learning more about, and NASM provides ways to move seamlessly in those directions. I am grateful for the work the instructors put in to making this course so thorough. I look forward to putting everything I've learned into practice and continuing to learn more in order to help more people live healthier, happier lives."
- Mary A, NC

star rating

"Cannot say enough good things about NASM. Beyond helpful mentors and materials that have prepared me for the certification exam, would advise anyone looking to become a personal trainer to look into NASM!"
- Alex C, ME

star rating

"This course was a great base to get started in the fitness industry. It was laid out in a way that was easy to understand and progress through. I can't wait to start using this knowledge in my future career and to continue learning through NASM!"
- Lauren S, PA

star rating

"I had done a lot of research on which CPT program I was going to do and I am so happy I chose NASM. Not only did I have a great experience with Mariah as she helped me get started but any time I had questions they were answered quickly and direct. I chose the Guided Study program and it not only made the program easy to follow but it gave me the tools I needed to pass the CPT exam. Overall I am more than happy with NASM and I will definitely be recommending it to anyone looking to become a certified personal trainer."
- Lauren A, FL

star rating

"The NASM CPT course was everything I was looking for in a Guided Study course! The modules were interesting, full of content, and there are so many tools provided to help you succeed! This course is designed for any type of student with the resources given. I will continue to recommend NASM for anyone looking to make a change and learn how to become a CPT!"
- Kristi L, CT

star rating

"The structure of the NASM CPT course broke down complex subject matter in a manner that was not only understandable but also retainable. My confidence in providing exemplary service to my clients has increased exponentially having completed this course."
- Lauren W, VA

star rating

"With a pandemic of chronic illness in the U.S. due to poor diet and decaying fitness, NASM plays an important role in educating trainers to help turn the tide. Thanks to this challenging yet empowering course, I'm now educated, equipped, and excited to be part of positive change."
- Janis K, CA

star rating

"The CPT course provides all the material and tools needed to successfully pass certification exam and enhance current knowledge base."
- Patricia M, OH

star rating

"The Guided Study CPT course has been an incredible learning tool for me as I look to take on becoming a full-time personal trainer. The information presented felt useful and the way the course was scheduled helped me keep on track and helped pull all the pieces together in my mind. My confidence going into the exam is high and even more so, I feel so pumped to take what I've learned to give clients exactly what they need to reach their goals and to be able to do so as injury free as possible, both in and out of the gym. I love telling future clients about the overhead squat assessment and how to incorporate what we learn from that not only into time spent in the gym, but also throughout the day."
- Tara F, OK

star rating

"This course was very informative and the videos aligned well with the content material. Because of the depth of content in the course, I would recommend taking the practice several times, as the questions are different each time you take it."
- Phoebe, R, NC

star rating

"Excellent class, very well organized and easy to follow. Need to do all your weekly assignments. You will get out of the class what you put into it."
- Jason V, NJ

star rating

"The course has helped me so much to expand my knowledge."
-Jonathan R, CA

star rating

"The CPT Guided Study Course was necessary for me! It was necessary for two very specific reasons. First, to ensure I have the tools and strategies necessary to pass my NASM Personal Training Exam. Second, to provide me the knowledge I need to be successful in the fitness industry. I passed my exam on the very 1st try using my textbook (the biggest support), practice quizzes/exams (second biggest support) and lecture videos. I would most definetly recommend getting the CPT Guided Study Course from NASM to ensure you have everything you need to be succesful."
- Carla F, TN

star rating

"I am a AFAA certified group fitness instructor and I am thrilled take a leap of faith to obtain my CPT ( Certified Personal Training certification in 2021). I had no idea years ago I would not only be doing fitness classes, but teaching them and inspiring others. It feels good to obtain knowledge and apply it to everyday life. I am just starting this new journey and I'm ready to add a new skill behind my wealth of knowledge. It's hard work but it pushes me to higher heights. Thanks NASM"
- Tracy B, NC

star rating

"This material was in depth all while being able to be understood. I have a much better understanding on muscles and how they work. NASM dives into the why and it really expanded my knowlege on the human body and exercise."
- Katelyn M, NC

star rating

"The course in general will take you to the next level to understand how the body work in order to change in the condition that the client want or even as a sport entuasiast"
- Thomas H, CA

star rating

"The NASM format provided clear, sequential and reliable working knowledge from which to expand my level of effectiveness and overall professionalism."
- Dan L, NC

star rating

"I really enjoyed learning this material. I have a passion for fitness and health, and I wanted to pass on my knowledge to others to help improve their lives. The NASM CPT Guided Study really helped me to understand what it takes to work with people, as well as give me the confidence to relate the information as I begin my career as a personal trainer."
- Garrett S, OK

star rating

"The NASM CPT course is extremely well thought out, deeply engaging and incredibly thorough. The OPT model is a brilliant concept that takes all of the guess work out of personal training. My previous credentialing organization did not prepare me to the level that the NASM has. I now feel fully prepared to continue my career with confidence. Thank you NASM! "
- Joe H, MO

star rating

"The NASM CPT course was everything I imagined and then some. They give you every tool in the book needed to succeed as a fitness professional. "
- Alysha H, DE

star rating

"The CPT exam prep was very user friendly and set up easily to locate all of the information i needed. Each module was specific and concise, leaving me feeling very well prepared for the exam. "
- Tressa F, MA

star rating

"The CPT course provided by NASM WAS GREAT! I gained so much knowledge about health and fitness. I am pretty active when it comes to working out, I am now much more aware of myself when I perform certain exercises; also I can fully explain to others why certain exercises are suggested. It was a great program I am so glad my mentor kept nagging and pushing me to take these courses."
- Nasha P, IL

star rating

"The NASM CPT guided study was awesome! It helped me learned in an order that helped things come together instead of just reading the book and guess what I needed to know for the test."
- Amanda M, AL

star rating

"This CPT course was delivered in a very professional and intelligent matter. My knowledge of fitness and athletic training to better a client's health as improved drastically and I am very thankful for opportunity to study with NASM!"
- Arthur S, NV

star rating

"This course is amazing, easy to use, and engaging. I loved the fact that I could do at my own pace and from my computer. I own a business and closing to go to a class is not an option for me. The CPT course has allowed me to get certified as a personal trainer without worrying about how to get to classes and the testing."
- Daniella H, WY

star rating

"This CPT program was very easy to follow and provided plenty of materials to make sure you are able to succeed in personal training."
- Desa S, WY

star rating

"Increased my confidence of passing the exam. As the weeks went on the information sunk in and retaining the knowledge got easier and easier."
- Andres P, OR

star rating

"Great course set up and made me become a lot more confident with my training!"
- Bailey S, WA

star rating

"Everything throughout the course was laid out great and easy to navigate through the learning process. The support team and coaches were readily available for any questions I had."
- Megan C, FL

star rating

"Taking this course online was very beneficial and allowed me to work at my own past and get other things done in the time being. As well as the feedback from instructors and advisers were great."
- Shynese A, MO

"This course is very easily understood & streamlined, the Guided Study is worth every penny, the resources are invaluable. If you have any questions at all there is somebody to help you out within a very reasonable amount of time."
- Jasmine S, IN

"The NASM Guided study program was instrumental in my success in passing my test. I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in becoming a certified personal trainer!"
- Bryce Donaldson

"NASM provides great information, in a easy to navigate format. The ability to knowledge check your self over and over again is wonderful. You always find out where your weaknesses are. The webinar's are what made it all click for me. The lecture videos, are short and sweet and straight to the point. The process is easy. It's laid out for you and all the information is there and communicated well."
- Angela S, MS

"The CPT guided program was an excellent way to prepare for the CPT exam. I loved the way the material was organized. I could not have imagined studying for this exam on my own."
- Belinda H, TX

"The NASM CPT guided study course was challenging, yet achievable. I was excited over what I was learning (I had a zero baseline of knowledge) and thought about each week's new content during much of my days, sharing my new knowledge with others and applying it to my workouts. The combination of textbook reading, weekly quizzes, webinars, and video presentations really drove home concepts and vocabulary that were completely new to me. The repetition was key and the varied input was stimulating. I still found the exam challenging because the questions were framed somewhat differently than the practice quizzes/tests, but I passed because I actually understood the material! I'm grateful for the NASM CPT guided study course for opening me up to such a fascinating and valuable field."
- Robin S, VA

"The CPT course through NASM was easy to navigate with specific dates for when each module was due. The mentors were very informative and helpful when needed. The material was challenging but presented in various ways (text, videos, webinars). Overall an amazing course to take."
- Silvia S, GA

"The course layout had a continuous flow, and all the 'complex' terms were explained or expanded upon. The diagrams were very helpful and the information was sourced sited from peer-reviewed articles and reputable companies. The online forums provided a space to not only submit your work for review but to also see how others would approach similar scenarios. Overall the CPT course was extremely informational and helpful."
- Abayomi M, FL

"NASM is very thorough. The content is informative and engaging. I'm more confident in my abilities as a fitness professional thanks to the CPT Guided Study Program."
- Stefanie H

"The NASM CPT course was the best course that I have ever taken. It was very easy to follow and broken down by modules for each week. It has just the right amount of content for each module so you don't become overwhelmed. It is a fast pace course but you don't feel like it is and before you know it you have made it through all the material. They provide a HUGE variety of resources to help you prepare for the exam, even the practice quiz's and practice exams are extremely helpful. I would recommend anyone who wants to take the CPT exam, so purchase the guide study because it provides so much helpful information and really prepares you for your future."
- Ashley C, OH

"This was an excellent course. I paid for the guided study and loved it. My instructor responded immediately if I had any questions. The online webinars provided great info, and the forums with other students were very useful. I’m glad I decided to do the guided study so I had access to all of those resources. This is the only certification I would get, because it is the best one out there. I passed in 76 days thanks to their excellent program!"
- Shannon Mateo

"The guided study for this course was very informative. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining knowledge about fitness and/or has interest in becoming a personal trainer. The team is always willing to help and is quick to respond. The only complaint I have is that it's a lot of information to obtain in 10 weeks. The weeks where is was 4-5 chapters to read/review, was a bit overwhelming. I think the course could be spread out a little longer so that it's not so much information at one time."
- Monica L, VA

"I loved that I was able to spread out the studying process to really absorb and internalize all of the material throughout the 10-week course. I thoroughly enjoyed the studying and learning process and would recommend the NASM CPT to anyone interested in getting more into fitness one day."
- Ashley Pitt

"The CPT course was beyond my expectations. It challenged me much more than I thought it would. I was thoroughly impressed with the detail each subject matter went into and surprised with how much knowledge I was able to learn in the amount of time I did!"
- Season S, VA

"When I was trying to decide between NASM and other certification agencies, I was counseled that NASM would prepare me better for actually being with clients. This was 100% true. I feel excited and confident to begin training people."
- Devin W, CO

"Obtaining my NASM certification was a great personal investment. The science based curriculum makes you that much more knowledgeable and many employers seek this. I was able to find employment within 1 week after passing my test!"
- Brenda Estrada

"This program throughly went through every topic that will be needed in personal training. It was very easy to navigate the website. The videos provided in each chapter were very helpful. This program has really prepared me with knowledge to become a personal trainer."
- Emily S, MN

"I started my fitness career with another certifying agency as a Personal Trainer, Everyone I've turned to for employment or a chance to prove myself turned me down every time due to the fact it wasn't accredited or recognized. With a unwavering desire for a career in the fitness industry, I turned to NASM, studying their CPT program, and passing the exam. While in the end of my studies, I had places wanting to work with me!"
- Mike L

"NASM is the gold standard. I didn't know what to expect when I started the course, but going through the chapters, learning the material and seeing how applicable it is to the people I currently work with, only makes me appreciate and value what I have learned. It makes me want to learn more!"
- Juan Gonzalez, CA

"The NASM-CPT course was excellent. I actually began studying for CPT certification through another highly regarded organization but soon felt the information wasn't in line with my goal. The NASM OPT is a unique model that is a truly effective method trainers use to help their clients achieve health goals. I highly recommend this program!"
- Paige S, CA

I recently gained my certification and I must say it was more rewarding than my bachelors degree. I have always been told I should train but I never wanted to “wing it”. I wanted a solid foundation of knowledge and also proof to show my clients that I was educated on how to properly train them. NASM and the OPT model are perfect for me because I am all about safety. Even before I enrolled I would always tell people in the gym be safe because if you get hurt everything you worked for could possibly be lost and it’s not worth it. I am very excited to take this fitness journey to the highest level and also get my nutrition certification this fall to add to my knowledge base.
- James Huff Sr.

"NASM is the only certification I have ever trusted with my PT education. They are extremely thorough with their courses, the information is very relevant, and it’s actually enjoyable to learn. I recommend them to anyone and everyone that asks."
- Michelle Melzl

"If you’re looking for a highly-respected certification and a well-rounded education in health and fitness, NASM is the certification for you. I’m always impressed with the quality of the content that they produce, the thoroughness of the programs and specializations, and the overall pride that the company has in delivering the best to us as fitpros so that we can succeed as trainers. I highly recommend NASM to all aspiring and current trainers!"
- Kinsey Mahaffey

"NASM is a great way to become knowledgeable about personal training. The materials are detailed and gives great examples that make difficult concepts easier to understand."
- Charissa Dawson

"I chose NASM's CPT program over all the other CPT programs I saw from other companies because NASM is the most credible. I definitely don't regret my decision. I learned a lot and developed an even bigger love for fitness while taking this course. I enjoyed being challenged by learning all of the content."
- Jara M, WI

"NASM has all the materials and information you need to earn your certification. Very detailed and organized and easy to access. The best place to get your certification from!!"
- Adrian M, AZ

"I am so proud of myself for not allowing my fears to stop my passion. With the motivation of family and experience of NASM I was able to focus on my future to become a Certified Personal Trainer!! Thanks NASM for my step to beginning my new career."
- Ronald C, SC

"Very intense detailed informative course to help grow one's knowledge of Personal Training and Strategies to improve Credibility and marketability of a Personal Trainer's Knowledge and level of skill."
- Amanda S, SC

"NASM provides you with a variety of teaching methods and learning tools to better explain or improve your learning experience and success. Great course, I'd highly recommend."
- Alysa X, OH

"I would highly recommend NASM's CPT course to those looking to start a new rewarding career or even to the general population in order to obtain a greater understanding of their body and how it moves. This course even helped me make connections that I had not made throughout my kinesiology degree. I enjoyed learning every chapter!"
- Heather W, NC

"Before taking the CPT course I was asked to be a personal trainer due to the nature of my understanding of Physical Fitness by my current employer. I advised that I would be happy to work as a PT, but only if I had the correct knowledge that a PT has per certification requirements. I can't say enough how pleased I am that I made sure to take the course and understand the dynamics with personal training so that my clients in the future may benefit fully from a well designed and scientifically backed program. I feel this is essential for anyone who wants to be in the business of training. Thanks to NASM my clients will have the best chance at being successful in their fitness journey."
- Tara D, WA

"Very straightforward and easy to follow instructions. NASM sets you up for success from the beginning of the course to the end. All you have to do is read the course text, watch the lecture videos, and study the materials at your own pace. It's all set up for you to succeed. You just have to put the time and effort into completing the program and you will be successful! This is my first time using NASM as an accredited resource (previously certified and recertified through ISSA) for getting my personal trainer certificate and I was very satisfied with their program. I would gladly recommend NASM to anyone interested or looking to further their education and become a certified personal trainer!"
- Anthony C, CA

"NASM had the absolute BEST material out there. Very in depth, covered a wide variety of topics, and very affordable with the zero interest payment plan. I was never one for studying but since I have a passion for fitness, I can honestly say I had a blast taking this course."
- Eric P, MN

"The NASM CPT course has tied many principles together in a coherent manner. I greatly appreciate the guidance and will strive to become an excellent trainer. Thank you"
- Heidi A, ID

"The NASM course is a very interactive course that fits into anyone's schedule. The learning environment is very inviting and appropriate for the everyday professional."
- Ashley Paul

"NASM CPT course helped me understand everything I needed to know about being a personal trainer. Not only what exercises to perform but why and how a client would benefit from it."
- Angelica M, TX

"I really loved this course, and I just passed my exam - so it works! I've felt passionate about fitness and health for a long time, and decided to dive in and learn more with NASM. I'm so glad I did, and would do it all over again. The variety of resources both online and offline provide a great learning environment, and I felt supported the whole way through. Thanks for such a great experience and opportunity to learn!"
- Ashley W, MA

"NASM CPT course is an excellent way to start your career. The science is applied in an orderly and progressive pattern and is useful to all types of learners (visual, auditory, kinesthetic). Hands on workshops are available to increase your online learning."
- Barbi B, GA

"As a Group Fitness Instructor for many years, the CPT course is a level up developmentally and professionally. After much thought about which certifying organization to choose, NASM was referred by several trainers in the community, which made me comfortable that it was the best CPT certification choice."
- Betty R, FL

"I thought it was a great course. Very comprehensive. Very good at developing the trainers eye for postural distortion patterns and offering prescriptions to correct them. The OPT model is really pretty straight forward but a little overwhelming to learn. I think as I get more experience using it, it will become more user friendly. A lot of Information to know in order to put together the training model. Lots of considerations!!! It's through and worth it!"
- Happy S, CO

"Great course, full of important information that personal trainer could ever ask for. From knowing nothing now I can explain more about functional muscles and more."
- Suchittra W, GA

"The course is well developed, and assists many different types of learners, with the assistance of interactive quizzes and study materials. Having consistent access to the printable templates and exercise videos also helps with retention of the material."
- Brian Z, NJ

"After 30 years away from the fitness field I was happy to see I remembered concepts from my college classes, and was thrilled to pick up new knowledge presented in the course."
- Steve T, IL

"I am very pleased with the NASM CPT course. The use of the OPT model is brilliant. Knowing how to progress clients through the proper stages and identifying muscle imbalances will help all trainers be successful."
- Casey Sullivan, OH

"Very well organized course. Useful information and prepares you well for the exam. I highly recommend this course."
- Diana R, OH

"The NASM CPT Course has increased my confidence in my ability to provide excellent service to clients as well as approach potential employers with belief in myself that I am qualified to meet and exceed their requirements and become a part of their team."
- Ryan R, MA

"Great explaining and helpful quizzes. Everything in detail and easy to understand"
- Jaimee Riach

"The course was easy to follow and helped prepare me to take the test, which I passed, just 2 weeks after the course ended."
- Jen J, HI

"I felt completely overwhelmed when I decided to start a career as a personal trainer. However, I am so glad that I chose NASM to get my certification. The course was easy to follow, the guidelines were simple and they broke everything down for me to understand. One thing I really enjoyed was the structure of the chapters. I read and studied chapter by chapter and the cohesiveness really made concepts stick for me. I am very confident in my ability now and excited for what is to come."
- Geeah T, The Bahamas

"Easy to understand. Very informative. NASM-CPT came recommended to me when I reached out to find out most respected program. So glad I followed through."
- Mary P, MS

"Very good course. Great information."
- Matt C, AL

"I am a recent college graduate and majored in History. In other words, a completely different field, but since I have always been athletic and enjoy helping others I thought I would give personal training a shot. Having never taken an exercise science course, I can say that the NASM CPT course was very helpful and clearly well-thought out. Not only was I incredibly intrigued throughout, I actually had fun with it. A hefty course that one can actually say out loud: "Hmm, I can't believe I want to do more! On to the next chapter!" is both unusual and rewarding. Personally, I am a visual learner and NASM's pictures/videos were excellent when it came to wondering-Where exactly is the sternocleidomastoid? How do I do a multi-planar step-up curl to press? Have I been stretching properly? When the course was done, I was thrilled to have gained the necessary knowledge to pass the exam and further a career, and quite frankly, never felt so ready to take an exam. The way the course is set up it definitely had me wanting to see what else NASM had to offer and so I am now working on the Nutrition Coach course, that too is very well done. I highly recommend the NASM CPT course to anyone-who either already has prior knowledge (nothing wrong with relearning or seeing a topic explained in a different way) or someone starting completely fresh. Thank you for a great experience, NASM!"
- Chiron M, WA

"Straight forward, easy to learn, powerful when implemented. Thanks NASM!"
- Mikhail B, LA

"This program was affordable and fun!"
- Camille H, ID

"The CPT course has set me up for great success for taking the CPT exam. Each module was not only helpful in identifying the subjects being covered, but went above and beyond with the videos, assignments, tests, etc. and really helped to put what you are learning into practice."
- Erin A, MO

"I loved this program, I definitely suggest at least getting the version that gives you the tools you need to study due to the fact that there is so much material. The study guide is awesome, all the quizzes and practice exams were amazing. I would definitely suggest this cert"
- Becca C, CT

"NASM Study materials and videos were extremely helpful so I could review and re-certify my CPT."
- Cherrelle D, TX

"The NASM course is very well laid out and has many resources to enhance and solidify your knowledge of the material. I would have liked to see a few of the concepts updated to coincide with the most recent research, but for the most part the course is very informative and provides you with the essentials that act as the basic foundation from which you can advance your career as a PT. The OPT Model addresses many of the components of a functional training program that less educated trainers and trainees often neglect to incorporate. I have definitely benefited as both a PT and an athlete from taking the course and would recommend it to any trainer or fitness enthusiast who wishes to further their knowledge in the industry."
- Sarah C, Canada

"It was a great decision for me considering NASM to attain my CPT certification I could not have made a better decision, the information I learned was an eye opener and very helpful for me as I move forward in my career"
- Johnny R, FL

"NASM is great I have learned a lot things from taking this course. I use to think I knew a lot of workouts, but NASM showed much more and even better ones"
- Mario R, WA

"NASM offered thorough education materials, easy to navigate curriculum, steady pace course. I gained the confidence and knowledge needed to get a head start on my career as a Certified Personal Trainer"
- Shambrisha O, TX

"The course is very well structured. I love the straightforwardness, and easy-to-follow guidelines to help structure programs for each individuals goals and needs. I highly recommend this course to prepare you for your certification and personal training career."
- Roxy H, TX

"The NASM CPT course gives you everything you need to be successful, not only to pass the exam but to actually be successful in the field day to day. It is up to you to commit to yourself and the material."
- Pamela G, NJ

"The CPT course created by NASM was very thorough and full of desired information. The course really helped me to become more confident in helping others by using the right techniques and understanding."
- Victor M, NC

"The NASM course was so easy for me because I was able to dedicate ample time into the program. My favorite prep was the practice exam and mini quizzes. Those aspects made it clear on what I needed to work on."
- Aaliyah C, AZ

"The NASM-CPT course met all of my expectations of in-depth knowledge of the science based practice of personal training and fitness coaching. I took the full course and took the final exam with confidence that I have all the knowledge I need to excel during and after the exam, as well as in my fitness career. I am so glad I decided to get NASM-CPT certified and I'm more confident and inspired to pursue my passion."
- Rehan L, FL

"The course if very thorough and informative. There is a lot of useful material to reference as you continue to build upon being a personal trainer. DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING for future reference."
- Timothy C, VA

"A lot of information. It can be overwhelming at first, but it all comes together in the end."
- Kim S, CA

"Your body and mind is all you have. Why wouldn't you want to take care of it? Why wouldn't you want to have more knowledge about it to safely stay healthy and help others do the same? If you take that step you should want to use the best resources at your disposal to be the best you can be, NASM is that resource."
- Justin W, NV

"The CPT course was rigorous and sometimes overwhelming. However the guidance, curriculum and presentations helped me navigate the process perfectly. I am thankful for the confidence this process has given me to be a good personal trainer."
- Lawrence C, MA

"Course was designed in such a way that each lesson built upon my understanding. This allowed me to learn the information in easier to retain chunks instead of all at once."
- Casey G, VT

"Excellent course for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge about fitness training!"
- Ana R, MA

"Overall excellent, in depth course on personal training that really delves into the heart of movement science, and in the end gives you full comprehension in the field and full confidence to take on a new fitness career or upgrade your existing fitness education. So very glad I choice NASM first, though with their outstanding reputation and earning potential there wasn't much of a choice to make! I absolutely recommend NASM's CPT course to anyone with an interest in personal fitness."
- Michelle C, CA

"Going into the course, I thought I might had wasted my money on something I could have studied for myself. Thankfully, I was wrong. The quizzes for each module and having flexible deadlines allowed me to stay on track but still not stress about doing things within a certain timespan. In the end, some of the questions on the quizzes were the exact same questions on the test and I remembered answering them wrong on the quiz so it was somewhat easy going into the exam. 10/10 would recommend!"
- Elizabeth V, FL

"The NASM CPT course has been instrumental in my journey to becoming a fitness professional. The information is presented in a concise manner that flows logically through the material."
- Ariel G, NY

"NASM is an amazing certification, one of the best. I have really enjoyed my time studying the certification material. I would highly recommend the NASM certification to anyone looking to further their health carrier."
- Timothy T, AL

"I originally signed up for the NASM CPT certification course because it was one of 5 certifications required by my employer. However, as I got deeper and deeper into the material, I really found myself becoming more invested in the material. I feel like I've walked away with more knowledge about the human body, how it works, and how I can impact the lives of every client I interact with."
- Kaila D, CA

"The course exceeded my expectations, great course very easy to navigate."
- Varela Marcos, CA

"Very helpful and thorough course! Easy to progress through the different steps, and track what you are doing & where you need to spend more time."
- Mat S, NC

"Beautifully outlined, great review material for those that need to simply have the re-certification done. For those that are new to the industry, the videos, review materials and, quizzes will help you feel secure in passing the final exam."
- Marci S, CA

"Great and easy course to use and learn from. The amount of resources helps all types of learning and really engages you"
- Mikahl O, CA

"Great and interesting course. Very scientific based!"
- Angel H, NC

"The course was great and overall exceeded my expectations on the amount of knowledge needed to be a great trainer. I truly chose the right program through NASM and don't have any regret in doing so. Thank you!"
- David M, IL

"I am an individual who is passionate about health and fitness. After earning my BS in exercise science, I wanted to further my education to where I could better teach other people the things I know. NASM stood out as one of the best and they did not disappoint. They make it easy for you to follow along with the course and offer a variety of different tools for you to learn. This is great because everyone has their own way they absorb information best. Highly recommend NASM if you are looking for a course that will provide the best when it comes to personal training certification and I will more than likely be looking to complete the many other certifications they offer."
- Nicolas C, NM

"The NASM CPT course gave me the confidence to not only pass the test but help others their peak in health and fitness. It gave me exactly what I wanted."
- Nathaniel R, CA

"The CPT course was exiting and full of valuable information. Very pleased with course."
- Pernell J, AL

"The course covered all of the material I had hoped and definitely added to my abilities as a personal trainer. I felt much more confident going into the exam and also feel more confident having a solid training plan to work off of for the best benefit for my clients!"
- Neal P, TX

"There's really no better option for your CPT certification than through NASM"
- Racheal R, TX

"The NASM CPT course was an excellent preparatory tool! By making good use of study guides, webinars, and practice tests, my ability to deliver on the day of my exam allowed me to pass without stress. I fully intend to bring everything I've learned with me going forward into my new personal training career, and will absolutely come back for further education and training in the future."
- Glenn P, MA

"The NASM CPT course is a way to enhance your knowledge of what it means to be a personal trainer. This course equips you with all of the tools necessary to be successful."
- Shannon L, TX

"NASM's CPT course successfully prepared me to become a personal trainer. Since completion of the course I have become a personal trainer at a highly respected gym and I absolutely love it. None of this would've been possible without NASM's CPT course!"
- Kailie S, WI

"NASM's CPT course is great course that provides a fundamental understanding of all the concepts of training, nutrition, and client relations. I was very pleased with the knowledge I received from the course and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get into the sports medicine field."
- Shane S, CT

"I am a really active person, always training and very interested infall sport's related activity. I decided to take the NASM CPT course mainly because I wanted to learn more about how my body moves and about the mechanics behind every movement. NASM was really well organised, and u can get all the informations very clearly and well explained"
- Rachele C

"This course rounded out my knowledge and helped lay a foundation of basic movement science, fitness assessments and building a training plan and schedule. I feel much more confident about my ability to serve my clients."
- Kate H, TX

"The course was very helpful and informative. I have a Kinesiology degree and feel this course gave me even more knowledge in my field and much more confidence going further in my career."
- Jennifer T, TX

"Very easy guide to learning everything needed for your CPT exam!"
- Sara C, CO

"The course was really interesting and full of useful materials for my future in personal training."
- Mariah D, UT

"The NASM CPT course was easy to follow and the content was extremely valuable. I highly recommend the course and the experience."
- Karina B, MA

"It was very good course and I do recommend it to other people."
- Parker, H, KS

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