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Does my Edge profile have to match the name on my certificates? +

Help, I forgot my password! +

How do I update my personal information? +

How do I reset my password? +

Help, I forgot my password! +

Can I log in with my NASM account?+

Can I link my Edge profile with my NASM account?+

How do I purchase the CPT Exam Prep package? +


Which NASM CPT certificate do I need to use Edge? +

Does Edge verify my certification? +

Can I still use Edge if my certification expires? +

Can I still use Edge if I only have an NASM specialization certification? +

What does it mean that my trainer has credentials specified in Edge? +


How many of my clients can use this app? +

How do I add a client? +

What if my client does not receive their invitation email? +

Is there a way to change a client’s email address on file? +

How do I remove a client from my list of clients? +

How many trainers can a client have at one time? +

Can I transfer a client's information to another trainer? +

How can a trainer communicate with a client through Edge? +

How long will a client have access to the programs a trainer assigns? +


Can I use this app in place of the standard overhead squat assessment form? +

How do I perform an Overhead Squat Assessment? +

How do I add recommended corrective exercises to a program? +

What should I do if a client OHSA appears to be incorrect? +


What is the dashboard? +

What is a card? +

How do I prevent specific cards from displaying on a client’s dashboard? +


What is the difference between a workout and a program? +

How do I view the exercise library? +

How do I create my own workouts? +

How do I edit a workout that has been assigned to a client? +

How do I create my own programs? +

How do I add a workout program to a client’s calendar? +

How do I delete a program that has been assigned to a client? +

How do I view pre-designed programs? +

What do I do if I would like additional exercises added to the library? +


How do I use Goals? +

How do I use Nutrition? +

How do I use Measurements? +

How do I use Performance Assessments? +

How do I calculate my body fat percentage? +

Can clients record their own information? +


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What is the difference between a service, package, booking, session, and class?+

How can I create and sell services and or packages to my clients?+

How do I connect with Stripe for payments? +

How do I set up my hours and location(s)? +

What are the different location types I can attach to a service?+

How do I create a service?+

How do I create a package?+

How do I block out personal time? Personal time includes any time the client is unable to book a session. +

How do I schedule a session with one client or a small group of clients?+

How do I schedule a class with multiple clients?+

How do I archive a service or package?+

How do I unarchive a service or package?+

When do I receive payment or a service?+

How do my clients book a session?+

How do my clients book a class?+


What are the minimum device requirements for Edge? +

Are there any other technical requirements? +

Can I access Edge on multiple devices? +

If I am experiencing technical difficulties, who do I contact? +

How much space does Edge use on my device? +

Can I access the features on the web instead of on a mobile device? +

Are there any pre-requisites or qualifications to be able to use Edge? +

Do I have to sign a waiver to use Edge? +


Where do I download Edge? +

Do clients need to pay for a subscription? +

Is there a free trial? +

Can I access Edge even if I am not a trainer or a client? +

What paid subscription options are available? +

How do I change or cancel my subscription? +

If I cancel, will I receive a refund?+

What happens if I default on my installment plan with NASM?+


How safe is my information and the information of my clients? +

Does NASM use any of my information or my client's information? +

What if I am no longer a client of a trainer and want my records deleted? +

Will I lose my program information if my trainer cancels their subscription? +

Can I export or print my client’s information? +

Will I lose my data if I accidentally delete Edge? +