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COVID-19 Fitness Management Guide

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CEUs:  0.3 NASM

Fitness professionals can play a pivotal role in helping people stay healthy in more ways than one. From keeping clients motivated and engaged in their workouts to having the right mindset to meet their challenges head on, trainers are active leaders for people coming out of the effects of the pandemic.

This COVID-19 Fitness Management Guide will walk you through how to manage clients in a post-COVID world, course includes:

  • 6 PDF chapters that discuss evidence-based strategies for managing fitness facilities and clients, best business practices for fitness professionals, tips for training clients who have recovered from COVID-19, and much more.
  • 1 Exam, worth 0.3 NASM CEUs

✔ Module 1: Introduction and Course Overview

✔ Module 2: Facility Management

✔ Module 3: Client Management

✔ Module 4: Technology to Monitor Clients

✔ Module 5: Prevention and Wellness Strategies

✔ Module 6: Recommended Business Practices