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MMA Conditioning Specialization (MMACS)

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CEUs: 1.2 NASM, 1.2 ACE

The NASM Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist (MMACS)—put the unparalleled power of MMA in your corner.

Take your career into a whole new arena! NASM Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialists:

  • Condition clients of all skill levels with the MMA training techniques employed by top MMA fighters
  • Boost their reputation and career by capitalizing on the growing popularity of MMA
  • Increase their client base and income by working in group MMA settings
  • Provide nutritional and supplement guidance
  • Use fun coaching strategies to help clients meet their goals
  • Invest in their client’s lives and futures . . . as well as their own!

✔ Module 1: Introduction to the Training Camp Program

✔ Module 2: MMA Sciences

✔ Module 3: Human Performance Testing and Evaluation

✔ Module 4: Integrated Program Design for MMA Training

✔ Module 5: Integrated Training Components and Exercise Technique

✔ Module 6: Injury Prevention and Movement Prep Programs

✔ Module 7: Coaching and Program Implementation

✔ Module 8: Nutrition and Supplementation

✔ Module 9: Business Development

Downloadable Course Manual

Downloadable Programming Manual

Online Quizzes

Exercise Library

Online exam

"This is a great course! I thoroughly enjoyed going through this course as it delivered the information in a fun and interesting way that kept me intrigued the whole time. I'm excited to put into practice all the awesome new strategies I've learned through this course!" - Sarah M, TX

"Excellent course! Very easy to understand for all fitness and martial art professionals! I would strongly recommend!" - Marlon T, CA

"The course was short and concise, yet jam packed with information on everything from mobility to marketing yourself." - Joe S, NJ

"My decision to embark on the NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist Course was one of the best decisions that I have made. Not only was the course content interesting but it really equipped me with knowledge and skills which I would not otherwise have had. Many thanks for your professionalism and high standards." - Kelly B, South Africa

"The MMAACS course is a great starting point for those that want to focus on properly training MMA athletes." - Tom C, MD

"The course is great. The video presentations are all from the manual so you can listen and read at the same time as it's going on." - Pedro G, IL

"The course is very easy to follow, convenient, self-paced, and flows nicely for effective learning." - Nadia W, DC

"This course helps to break down martial arts training to a simple and easy to follow linear path. Rather than just throwing a group of students on a mat and randomly choosing exercises, the methods taught here help to develop a goals-driven curricula that is individualized to the needs of each member in the group." - Brian S, VA

"I enjoyed this course very much. I felt like the training camp model is a great way to organize classes." - Casey F, TX

"I highly recommend MMACS to any athlete whom wanting to become an personal trainer. I've been training and helping others for years before taking NASM courses. With all I know I've learned even more through the course I have taken." - Terrell W, AS

"The NASM MMACS Course delivered solid content, outstanding science and proven principles to enhance any coaches training of MMA Athletes." - Rob M, MI

"The MMACS course is direct and full of information that will help me expand my reach and train performance athletes in the MMA community. I can't wait to take my knowledge on the mat with me and to impact the lives of other martial artists." - Justin G, Georgia

"If you are looking to increase your knowledge, in becoming a certified MMACS, this is the course for you." - Malik P, NJ

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