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Unlock the secrets to peak performance with four popular courses focused on improving fitness training & technique!

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NASM Certified Wellness Coach

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CEUs: 1.9 NASM, 15 AFAA

NASM’s Certified Wellness Coach is an online program providing core coaching skills, rooted in practical application, combined with understanding the business of coaching.

Wellness Coaches help their clients make potent lifestyle behavioral shifts that lead to greater life satisfaction, better emotional and physical performance, and less disease. Providing evidence-based knowledge across five major areas: movement (fitness); nutrition; mental and emotional wellbeing (brain health); recovery and regeneration; and coaching, completion of this certification prepares you to create lasting change in your clients. Click here for a detailed course tour.

When you sign up for NASM’s Certified Wellness Coach course, you’re plugging into actionable guidance built out by experts who have implemented real-world scenarios. This is meant to guide you and provide a holistic approach to wellness in a variety of potential client challenges. From podcast-style interviews to coaching simulations that help you visualize potential client hurdles, you’ll build a foundation of impactful approaches to help clients meet their goals.

Help build the bridge between mind and body with NASM’s Wellness Coach course.

✔ Section 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction to Wellness
Chapter 2: Scientific Principles
Chapter 3: Foundational Coaching Concepts
Chapter 4: Rapport and Communication

✔ Section 2: Movement

Chapter 5: Introduction to Movement for Wellness
Chapter 6: Movement for Physical Health
Chapter 7: Physical Recovery and Regeneration
Chapter 8: Movement for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
Chapter 9: Coaching Movement for Wellness

✔ Section 3: Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Chapter 10: Introduction to Brain Health
Chapter 11: Emotion Processing
Chapter 12: Stress
Chapter 13: Cognitive Processing and Performance
Chapter 14: Sleep
Chapter 15: Psychological Recovery
Chapter 16: Social Wellness
Chapter 17: Coaching the Brain

✔ Section 4: Nutrition

Chapter 18: Introduction to Nutrition
Chapter 19: Nutrition Basics
Chapter 20: Healthy Dietary Patterns
Chapter 21: Nutrition Myths and Misconceptions
Chapter 22: Influence of Diet on Long-Term Health
Chapter 23: Acute Effects of Diet
Chapter 24: Dietary Strategies for Health
Chapter 25: Dietary Strategies for Weight Loss
Chapter 26: Supplementation
Chapter 27: Nutrition Coaching

✔ Section 5: Coaching

Chapter 28: Becoming a Wellness Coach
Chapter 29: Wellness Coaching Theory
Chapter 30: Tools in Practice
Chapter 31: Self-Awareness as a Coach
Chapter 32: Session Readiness
Chapter 33: New Client Intake and Creating a Wellness Plan
Chapter 34: Facilitating Ongoing Sessions
Chapter 35: Closing out the Plan

State-of-the-Art, Digital Learning Platform
Our interactive, revolutionary digital learning platform allows you to study 100% online, any time and anywhere.

4 Audio Interviews
Go one-on-one with subject matter experts sharing insight into different theories and concepts.

1 Simulation
Virtual, playable scenarios, such as motivational interviewing techniques, to help you hone your professional skills and increase your confidence.

2 Guided Reflections
Mentor-led audio provided in a narrative for self-inquiry and professional development.

Insightful Animations
Lectures using animated content and voiceover presentations to teach often complex topics, such as brain anatomy.

Chapter Quizzes
Quizzes throughout the course help you evaluate how well you are understanding and retaining the information presented.

1 Practice Exam
Prepare for the final exam with a 100-question practice exam (unlimited attempts).

Final Exam
The final exam includes 100 questions. You must pass with a score of 70% or higher, and you will have 3 attempts. Additional retests can also be purchased by contacting Member Services.