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ACADEMIC CPT Guided Study Program

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The NASM CPT program is designed with you in mind. It will help you conquer complex scientific principles by utilizing real world scenarios and application-based modules. You will gain the skills, knowledge, and techniques that will prepare you for certification and can make you a success in your new career as a certified personal trainer.

This and all other NASM programs are founded on principles contained in NASM’s exclusive Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model, the industry’s premier science-based training model.

The Guided Study Program offers all the resources of the Premium Self-Study Program accompanied by an unprecedented level of support. Upon entry into the program you will be assigned an exclusive 1:1 Coach who will be your guide, answering questions and offering assistance. The Coach will be reachable by phone or email and will respond within on business day. In addition, upon entry you will receive a dedicated Mentor who will help you apply what you’ve learn through online discussion forums, and by sharing their professional expertise with your Guided Study group.

Get ready to start your new career and begin changing lives…including your own!

Program benefits:

  • Career-Ready – The NASM CPT Program was designed with a focus on concept integration and real-world application along with two chapters dedicated to business and career success.
  • Certification-Ready – Get ready to conquer the NCCA accredited CPT certification exam as you will prepare using a variety of tools including interactivities, case studies, videos, quizzes and practice tests.
  • Exceptional Support – Enter the Guided Study Program and get ready to receive an exceptional level of support, including a dedicated Mentor and an exclusive 1:1 Coach who has personally completed the program and is excited to help guide you.
  • Content Expertise – Master the premium content and get ready to impress your clients with your exceptional level of knowledge.
  • Flexibility – The Guided Study Program, while in a paced structure will allow you to work and study at your convenience. If you are currently working or in school, there will be no commitments requiring you to take time off.

Program includes:

Textbook - hard cover version

Textbook - eBook version

Expert-insight videos

  Exercise demo video library

Training technique video library

  Interactive learning activities

Client case study

  Chapter quizzes

Midterm exam

 Practice exam

Workout templates

✔ 2x Exercise Demo Video Library (Premium Content)

2x Training Technique Video Library (Premium Content)

2x Client Case Studies (Premium Content)

2x Practice Exams (Premium Content)

2x Workout Templates (Premium Content)

Exclusive CPT Coach Support

CPT Mentor-Led Discussion Forum

Final Practice Exam

Bonus Live Workshop

Exam Prep Guarantee*

*Terms and Conditions apply.

More Information:

Based on your level of existing knowledge and time availability you may choose either the 16-week or the 10-week accelerated Guided Study Program. During your initial login into the program you will be able to choose the program you wish join.