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How to Become a Certified Wellness Coach

Inspire Healthier, Happier Lives

interested in becoming a wellness coach?

If you want to help empower people to change their lives in the most powerful way possible, then a career as a Certified Wellness Coach might be the path for you.

As a Certified Wellness Coach, you’ll help your clients achieve long-lasting mental, physical, and emotional well-being by coaching them to adopt movement for physical health, a more nutritious diet, a positive mindset, better emotion processing, stress reduction, and more. Through this holistic approach, you’ll educate and empower them to make meaningful, ongoing choices that lead to a healthier, more connected, and more emotionally satisfying life.

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How to get started as a wellness coach

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Commit to Pursuing Your Passion

The most important thing to know about becoming a Certified Wellness Coach is this: You can do it!

Few things are more rewarding than helping someone to achieve holistic health and well-being. And as a Certified Wellness Coach, that's exactly what you'll do on a daily basis. Best of all, the only thing you need to get started is a passion for health & fitness and the dedication to make it happen.

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Appreciate the Holistic Nature of Wellness

True well-being goes beyond simply exercising and eating right. Wellness comprises your whole person, including the mental and emotional aspects that are sometimes overlooked—yet so crucial to our overall health and happiness.

That’s why, as a Certified Wellness Coach, you’ll learn a 5-pillar approach to helping clients (and yourself) achieve holistic wellness that includes movement, nutrition, coaching, and mental and emotional well-being. These will be the tools you use to help your clients achieve deep, lasting wellness.

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Enroll Today & Get Certified in Just 4-6 Weeks

Now you’re ready to get started! Simply enroll in the Certified Wellness Coach program, or choose one of our bundles to save money on a more comprehensive health and fitness education.

With a Certified Wellness Coach credential from NASM, you’ll be powering your career forward with the most recognizable and respected fitness certification in the industry. There’s a reason we’ve been the top choice with fitness pros for more than 30 years: because we prepare you with the knowledge and skills you need to start your fitness and wellness career off right and maximize your earning potential and your impact.

NASM Certified Wellness Coach FAQS

As one of the most trusted sources of fitness training certifications in the world, NASM is a distinguished name that will stand out to employers. When you choose NASM for your health and wellness education, you’ll get access to world-class experts and so much more:

  • • Peer-Reviewed Content from the Brightest Minds in the Industry

  • • State-of-the-Art Digital Learning Platform

  • • Programs Designed to Meet Multiple Learning Styles

  • • 35+ Years Of Experience Training Fitness Professionals

  • • 1.5M+ Professionals Trained

  • • 100+ Countries with NASM and Coach Professionals

  • • Partnerships with Fitness Facilities, Professional Sports, and Academic Institutions

While another NASM credential (such as the Personal Trainer Certification, Nutrition Certification, or Behavior Change Specialization) is helpful, they are not required to take the NASM CWC program.

You can complete your wellness coach certification in as few as 4-6 weeks. In addition to its interactive multimedia-rich content, learning tools, and resources, you can also receive assistance from NASM experts when questions arise.

Absolutely! You can complete this program and become a Certified Wellness Coach while also working full-time. The study material is 100% online and self-paced, and can be accessed on a computer, or a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

NASM CWC is approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by the following organizations:

  • NASM Approved

    1.9 CEUs

  • AFAA Approved

    19 CEUs

You have 365 days from the date of purchase to complete your final exam. If you need an extension or a retest, you can purchase one by calling Member Services at 1-800-460-6276.

You will have 3 attempts to pass your final exam. If needed, you can purchase additional retests by calling Member Services at 1-800-460-6276.

To maintain your certification, you must submit 1.9 CEUs (continuing education units) every two years. Unlike other NASM renewable credentials, the CWC will NOT require a renewal application fee. However, credential holders will be responsible for any applicable late fees. See the CWC Renewal Guidelines here.

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