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Ultimate Trainer Bundle

Want to expand your fitness knowledge and skyrocket your career in one fell swoop? With the Ultimate Trainer Bundle, you’ll save big on 6 of our most popular and essential courses designed to rapidly grow your skill set and your income.

  • Master advanced fitness & nutrition concepts to deliver superior results to your clients

  • Grow your earning potential by offering a wider variety of more comprehensive services

  • Learn to combine effective training with a personalized nutrition plan to see results faster

  • Deliver results safely and with fewer injuries through effective stretching and corrective exercise

  • Apply the CEUs in each course toward your Certified Personal Trainer recertification


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Includes: CSNC, SFC, CES Premium Self-Study, PES Premium Self-Study, CNC, and WLS

The Ultimate Trainer Bundle is designed for Certified Personal Trainers who want to expand their fitness, health, and nutrition expertise. The 6 courses in this bundle will empower you to work with a wider array of clients on more advanced fitness and nutrition topics, helping you to deliver superior results and reap a higher income in the process.

When you choose NASM for your fitness career training, you’ll get access to:

  • • World-class fitness & nutrition experts

  • • Peer-reviewed content from the brightest minds in the industry

  • • State-of-the-art digital learning platform designed to meet multiple learning styles

  • • A curriculum that is consistently reviewed and updated with the most up-to-date material available

NASM’s bundles are a cost-effective way to rapidly grow your fitness expertise and earning potential. Once you enroll in the bundle, simply complete the included courses at your own pace and in whatever order you prefer.

Your bundle includes 3 final exam test attempts for each course, plus a free extension for each course if you need more time.

NASM has over 35 years of experience training the world’s top fitness professionals, and we do it better than anyone else. NASM credentials stand out to employers and distinguish you as a highly trained fitness professional.

Since our formation, we’ve trained over 1.5 million fitness professionals in 100+ countries. In that time we’ve developed extensive partnerships with over 12,000 gyms and health clubs. That means we have the connections necessary to help you get in the door and gain employment from the fitness company of your dreams.

Certified Sports Nutrition Coach (CSNC)

    Maximize the performance of your athletes and clients with the evidence-based science of performance nutrition

Stretching and Flexibility Coach (SFC)

    Learn safe, science-based stretching techniques to improve your clients’ flexibility and movement.

Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES)

    Assess and correct movement compensations to reduce pain and discomfort and improve quality of life.

Performance Enhancement Specialization (PES)

    Train athletes of all ages and levels to perform at their best with the advanced strength and conditioning concepts in this exciting specialization.

Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC)

    Help your clients transform their health, fitness, and physique with a balanced and healthy diet designed to support their goals.

Weight Loss Specialization (WLS)

    Guide your clients to the long-lasting weight-loss results they desire to look, feel, and perform their best in the gym and in life.

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Ultimate Trainer Bundle FAQs

As one of the most trusted sources of fitness training certifications in the world, NASM is a distinguished name that will stand out to fitness employers. When you choose NASM for your fitness career education, you’ll get access to world-class fitness experts, your top choice of gyms to work for, and much more:

  • • Peer-Reviewed Content from the Brightest Minds in the Industry

  • • State-of-the-Art Digital Learning Platform

  • • Programs Designed to Meet Multiple Learning Styles

  • • 35+ Years Of Experience Training Fitness Professionals

  • • 1.5M+ Fitness Professionals Trained

  • • 100+ Countries with NASM Fitness and Coach Professionals

  • • 12K+ Gym & Health Club Partnerships

A Certified Personal Trainer credential is recommended, but not required, for the Ultimate Trainer Bundle.

You’ll have 1 year to complete your final exams. But don’t worry—as part of the Ultimate Trainer Bundle, you can request a free extension for each course. Simply contact Member Services at 1-800-460-6276, if you need an extension.

The final exams are all taken online in your student portal. Each test features:

  • • 90 minutes to complete

  • • Open-book format

  • • 70% required to pass

  • • 3 attempts for each exam

3 exam attempts are included with the Ultimate Trainer Bundle. If you use all 3 exam attempts or the exam expires, please contact Member Services at 1-800-460-6276.

The Certified Sports Nutrition Coach and Certified Nutrition Coach certifications must be renewed every two years.

The other programs included are specializations, not certifications, will never expire and do not need to be renewed

The Strength & Flexibility Coach course is worth 1.6 CEUs, and the rest are all worth 1.9 CEUs each.

Yes, we have a variety of 0% interest payment plans to choose from. Call us at 1-800-460-6276 or enroll online to see the options available.