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Lifestyle Coach Bundle

Be the leader that clients need to find long-term nutritional success with our Lifestyle Coach Bundle.

  • Get the latest information on all things related to fat loss, muscle gain, and overall wellness

  • Learn the psychology behind how people get stuck in a nutritional rut and how to break them

  • Become a skilled leader and learn how to apply nutritional science and behavior change

  • Grow your reach in the world of fitness and your earnings and knowledge


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Includes: CNC & WLS

  • • Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC)

  • • Weight Loss Specialization (WLS)

Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC)

    As a Certified Nutrition Coach, master the facts about hot topics in nutrition like proteins, carbs, macronutrients, and everything about the most popular diets. Plus, you’ll learn the reasons behind dietary patterns and the behavioral change strategies to optimize them.

Weight Loss Specialization (WLS)

    Design exercise programs and teach behavior change strategies with weight loss as their goal that work within the most up-to-date weight-loss guidelines and methods. Learn about the obesity epidemic, get expert advice on the physiology and psychology of weight control, understand how to help clients avoid those troublesome plateaus, and much more.
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You will need to recertify every two years. To recertify for the Certified Nutrition Coach (NASM-CNC), you must complete the Renewal Exam.

Good news! The Weight Loss Specialization will never expire. Because it is a specialization, you do not need to complete the recertification process.

NASM designed the Lifestyle Coach Bundle to give you an avenue for designing nutritional and weight loss strategies to improve the lives of clients. You will give nutritional advice, design weight loss programs, and keep your clients motivated to live their best lives.

You will have 1 year to complete the NASM-CNC and NASM-WLS final exams.

There are many roles and functions of a Lifestyle Coach. Ranging from general life tips and workout motivation to dieting and fitness coaching, a Lifestyle Coach is a professional who helps their clients achieve their specific goals within the health and wellness sector.

Both the Certified Nutrition Coach and Weight Loss Specialization final exams are administered online and can be taken from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you prefer to take tests.