Jump On It: Dozens Tested to Find the Best Jump Rope (2022)

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Jump roping is a great form of exercise. Not only is it fun and a welcome change from other types of cardio exercise (*ahem* treadmill running), but it has oodles of health benefits from improved heart health to boosted coordination. There’s just one problem: With so many jump ropes available, how do you choose? With our expertly formulated guide to the best jump rope, of course.

8 Best Jump Ropes in 2022

Best Jump Rope Overall:

Best Jump Rope Overall
Wod Nation Double Under Speed Jump Rope
WOD Nation Double Under Speed Jump Rope

This rope is the best value for the money, with two speed cables and a carrying case included.

WOD Nation Double Under Speed Jump Rope Specifications
Rope Length 120”
Rope Width 2.5 mm
Cable Style Coated steel cable
Rotation System Bearings
Grip Material Plastic


  • Inexpensive (about $20)
  • Comes with 2 cables
  • Lightweight and fast yet durable rope
  • Need to carefully store it to avoid kinks


  • Plastic handles aren’t anything special
  • Requires wire cutters to adjust

The WOD Nation speed jump rope has been a long-time favorite of two product testers on our expert roster. Why? It’s simple: This under-$20 package comes with two PVC-coated wire cables, plus a soft carrying case to tote your rope around.

While the plain plastic handles aren’t anything to gush over, the smooth bearing rotation system and wicked-fast 2.5-millimeter cable absolutely are. One of our product testers has been using this WOD Nation rope for years and it’s still in great condition and helping her smash double-under workouts week after week.

Best CrossFit Jump Rope:

Best CrossFit Jump Rope
Rogue Fitness SR-2 3.0 Jump Rope
Rogue Fitness SR-2 3.0 Jump Rope

Get this jump rope if you want a long-lasting rope that’ll help you PR your double-unders.

Rogue Fitness SR-2 3.0 Jump Rope Specifications
Rope Length 120"
Rope Width 2.3 mm
Cable Style PVC-coated steel cable
Handle Length 5.25” or 6.75”
Grip Material Knurled aluminum


  • Knurled aluminum handles
  • Lightweight coated cable
  • Extremely fast but gives tactile feedback


  • Costs about $50
  • Cable may warp easily
  • Adjustment screws are tiny

For the CrossFitters among us, having the right jump rope is crucial to becoming a double-under wonder who tops the whiteboard time after time. We recommend the Rogue Fitness SR-2 3.0 Jump Rope for a lot of reasons, but particularly because one of our product testers immediately PR’d her double-unders upon opening and sizing this rope.

Yes, you do have to size and cut this rope yourself, which can be quite cumbersome due to the tiny adjustment screws. But that’s a small price to pay for an uber-thin cable attached to a super-smooth ball bearing rotation system and knurled aluminum handles that won’t slip from even the sweatiest hands.

Best Speed Rope:

Best Speed Rope
Comp4 Speed Rope Logo
RPM Comp4 Jump Rope

If speed is your focus (and you’re already advanced at jumping rope), the RPM Comp4 Jump Rope should be your next purchase.

RPM Comp4 Jump Rope Specifications
Rope Length 12 ft
Rope Width 1.8 mm
Cable Style Bare steel wire
Rotation System Dual bearings
Grip Material Fully knurled aluminum


  • Full-length knurling on handles (and a 5-year warranty)
  • Dual-bearing rotation system
  • Wicked-fast cable


  • Small adjustment screws
  • Bare cable hurts when skin contact is made
  • Wire cutters needed for adjustment

Speed is the name of the game at RPM, and that’s abundantly evident as soon as you pick up the RPM Comp4 Jump Rope. This rope comes standard with a bare steel cable, which will make an advanced jumper giggle with glee—but could make a newbie cry when it inevitably makes contact with skin (and it will, if you’re not used to speed ropes).

So while we reserve our recommendation of the Comp4 for advanced jumpers, we do so with wholehearted enthusiasm thanks to the full-length knurling on the thin handles, dual-bearing rotation system, and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fast wire cable.

Best Smart Jump Rope:

Best Smart Jump Rope
Tangram SmartRope Rookie
Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie

For those who don’t want to count their own reps and prefer to focus on the jumping, this smart jump rope is the way to go.

Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie Specifications
Rope Length 9’ 10”
Rope Width About 5 mm
Cable Style PVC
Handle Length 5”
Grip Material Plastic


  • Counts reps for you
  • App provides great exercise data
  • Adjustments don’t require cutting


  • 5” handles are on the short side
  • Complicated battery setup
  • No contour or knurling on handles

Can’t be bothered to count your number of jumps? Just prefer to focus on form? No problem: With the Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie, all you have to do is jump and the sensors in the handles will do the rest. This smart jump rope automatically tracks your reps and sends exercise data to the app, where you can see stats like jump count, estimated calories burned, and time elapsed.

Smart features aside, the rope itself is nice, too. While the handles may prove a bit short for people with bigger hands (and the smooth plastic could get slippy when things get sweaty), the 5-millimeter PVC cable provides great tactile feedback. Not to mention this rope is infinitely adjustable, no wire-cutters required!

Best Weighted Jump Rope:

Best Weighted Jump Rope
RX Smart Gear Drag Rope
RX Smart Gear
Drag Rope

This is a great option for people looking to improve their stamina and endurance for jumping rope.

RX Smart Gear Drag Rope Specifications
Rope Length Available in S, M, L sizes
Rotation System Just a rope and handles
Cable Style Braided rope
Handle Length 6”
Grip Material Plastic


  • Thick and heavy for endurance training
  • Long, contoured handles
  • Provides a fantastic workout


  • Not adjustable (but available in 3 sizes)
  • Braided rope is not super durable
  • Not ideal for beginners

If you’re not ready for a real butt-kicking, don’t pick up this rope. The RX Smart Gear Drag Rope is for those who are serious about increasing their stamina and endurance—it’s not for the faint of heart, according to our product testers. The thick, braided rope and lack of bearings or bushings (swivel systems) in the handles are designed to make jumping rope harder.

While it’s not a weighted jump rope in the truest sense of the term, it is heavier than most jump ropes, weighing in at 10 ounces, or about double the weight of a typical speed rope. However, the weight of this rope matters less than the fact that it creates drag (hence the name) as it moves through the air. The braided polypropylene isn’t the most durable material, as it might fray on abrasive surfaces like concrete. But, our testers didn’t notice any damage when using it on gym flooring.

Best Jump Rope for Kids:

Best Jump Rope for Kids
Rogue Fitness Licorice Rope
Rogue Fitness
Licorice Rope

Available in several sizes, this simple plastic rope is great for little ones learning to skip rope.

Rogue Fitness Licorice Rope Specifications
Rope Length 7’ to 10’
Rope Width 5 mm
Cable Style PVC
Handle Length 5.25”
Grip Material Plastic


  • Inexpensive
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Simple PVC design won’t hurt skin on contact


  • Doesn’t spin quickly
  • No bearings or bushings
  • Short handles for bigger kids

For less than $10, you can get a simple plastic jump rope from a reputable brand that comes in various sizes to fit a range of heights. The Rogue Fitness Licorice Rope is just as good for the little one who simply wants to jump for fun and the youth athlete extraordinaire who can already rep out large sets.

Either way, the thicker (5-millimeter) PVC cable won’t hurt too bad if or when it makes contact with skin, and the lack of a formal rotation system—the cable simply rests inside the handle with a knot—means this rope won’t spin fast enough to leave welts. Plus, PVC is resistant to sun damage, so no worries if the kiddos leave these ropes lying out in the lawn.

Best Cordless Jump Rope:

Best Cordless Jump Rope
RX Smart Gear Rotational Trainers
RX Smart Gear
Rotational Trainers

This set of trainers is a great pick for people who are just learning to jump rope or need an adaptive way to scale jumping rope.

RX Smart Gear Rotational Trainers Specifications
Rope Length 34”
Cable Style Braided rope
Rotation System Just a rope and handles
Handle Length 6”
Grip Material Plastic


  • Great for adaptive exercisers
  • Adjustable for people of all heights
  • Comfortable handles


  • No option for short handles
  • Braided rope isn’t super durable
  • Handles could get slippery during use

You might be wondering why in the world someone would buy a jump rope without a rope. Well, there are many reasons someone might want a cordless jump rope such as the RX Smart Gear Rotational Trainers, including, but not limited to: physical needs for adaptive athletes; a desire to learn how to jump rope but fear of welts; a way to improve advanced jumping via tactile feedback; or low ceilings that don’t allow for a regular 10-foot rope.

Our team of product testers especially loves the RX Smart Gear Rotational Trainers because of their supreme adjustability and simple design. Any exerciser can make these Trainers work for them by adding or subtracting knots in the 34-inch braided ropes. We’d love to see an option for short or knurled handles, but other than that, there’s nothing not to like about this ropeless jump rope.

Best Budget Jump Rope:

DEGOL Ball Bearing Skipping Rope
DEGOL Ball Bearing Skipping Rope
DEGOL Ball Bearing Skipping Rope

This is the best rope you can get on Amazon for less than one lunch out on the town.

DEGOL Ball Bearing Skipping Rope Specifications
Rope Length 108”
Rotation System Bearings
Cable Style PVC
Handle Length 6”
Grip Material Foam grips


  • Amazon bestseller
  • Costs less than $10
  • Decent quality for the price


  • Cable warps easily
  • Handles are unusually thick
  • Bearings aren’t great

Want to try your hand at jumping rope but not sure if you’ll stick with it? Simply don’t have the means to fork out $20 to $70 on a jump rope? Whatever your reason for wanting to keep costs down, we recommend taking a gander at the DEGOL Ball Bearing Skipping Rope, our top pick for the best budget jump rope.

This simple and inexpensive jump rope features comfortable memory foam handles, an adjustable length, ball bearing system, and a tangle-free cable. While nothing about the DEGOL skipping rope is superb, per se, it costs less than $10, is of decent quality, and will arrive at your door in 24 hours or less so you can start amping up your cardio workouts stat.


How We Chose the Best Jump Ropes

Several of the product testers on our expert roster include certified CrossFit coaches and personal trainers who have been jumping rope for years. In addition to our experience with various jump rope workouts over the years, every rope you see on this list went through thorough hands-on testing and was put through a ringer of tough criteria.


Benefits of Jump Ropes

  • • Cardiovascular health: Get your heart rate up with a jump rope workout and reap the health benefits of jumping rope, including reduced cardiovascular disease risk factors.
  • • Coordination: Jumping rope can help you become more agile and body-aware. It takes a lot of coordination to properly time your jumps and wrist rotations, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling more nimble!
  • • Endurance: Skipping rope will kick your muscles and your heart into gear. By continually challenging yourself with a jump rope, you can improve your endurance and stamina.
  • • Travel-friendly: You can take a jump rope set anywhere; simply fold up your rope and stash it in a small bag (usually a set comes with a drawstring pouch).
  • • Weight loss: If done consistently over time, jumping rope can help you lose weight in conjunction with a healthy diet, proper hydration, plenty of sleep, and other healthy lifestyle factors.

What to Look for in a Jump Rope

Keep these factors top of mind as you browse the internet for your own jump rope.

Cable Sizing and Adjustment Options

First of all, you’ll want an adjustable jump rope, no matter what type you get. Some jump ropes come in different lengths with adjustment options that don’t require cutting, while other ropes require you to size and cut the rope on your own. Both types are great, just make sure you have wire cutters if you choose the latter.

Handle Rotation

Most jump ropes have a bearing or bushing rotation system at the base of the handles. Bearing systems allow for 360-degree swivel, making for super fast ropes, while bushings are a bit more limited. Some ropes don’t have a formal rotation system at all and rather feature a simple knot at the cables’ ends nestled in the hollow handles.

Cable Width and Material

The cable is perhaps the most important part of a jump rope. High-quality skipping ropes usually sport wire ropes (coated or not) or thicker PVC cables. If you’re on the hunt for a high-speed jump rope, you’ll want the former; if you’re not in this for speed, PVC cables don’t cost as much and don’t hurt as much when they make contact with skin.


From wooden handles to foam grips to fully knurled aircraft-grade aluminum handles, jump rope handles come in a wide variety of options. If your hands tend to get really sweaty, go with grips that have some texture or overmolding. Simple plastic handles are fine if your hands don’t get slippy.



The answer to this really depends on your fitness goals. If you’re looking for a simple way to stay fit in your home gym or on the go, an inexpensive jump rope with a plastic cable and plastic handles is a good fit. If you’re looking to become a double-under aficionado and compete in CrossFit or speed jumping, you’ll want something much faster, with a bearing rotation system and thin cable.

A good jump rope for beginners would be anything relatively inexpensive and simple. People who are new to jumping rope don't need to get too in the weeds with bushings, bearings, wire widths, and other jump rope specs.

Jump ropes can range in price from less than $10 to over $100. Cheaper jump ropes are usually made mostly (or completely) of plastic and usually do not have a formal rotation system, while more expensive ropes have wire cables, may have aluminum handles, and sport a bushing or bearing system.

Adding a jump rope to your home workout routine is a great way to burn calories and help with any weight loss goals. How many calories you burn while jumping rope depends largely on the intensity of your effort, the type of workout (for example, HIIT versus steady-state), your body size, temperature, and other factors.