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Fitness needs vary by individual, as well as age and stage of life. If you’re already a personal trainer, adding a fitness specialization to your body of knowledge can positively shape the future of your business. It has the potential to increase your client roster, your employment opportunities, and your income. Plus, specializations provide valuable CEUs.

Specializations are also a good way to share your passion for fitness with others. Get the coveted credentials the elite trainers have, and gain the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to help your clients succeed.

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Corrective Exercise Specialization

Take your skills to the next level by learning to prevent injuries caused by muscular imbalances and faulty movements.
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Performance Enhancement Specialization

Help your clients be first to the finish line by improving their flexibility, speed, agility and performance.
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Behavior Change Specialization

Learn how to identify your clients’ motivational triggers in order to attain sustainable results in health- and fitness-related behaviors.
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Fitness Nutrition Specialization

Become the go-to expert on nutrition and diet. You’ll give your clients some food for thought by relaying the critical role nutrition plays in weight loss and management.
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Group Personal Training Specialization

Small group training nets big results—and bigger paychecks. By training more clients in less time, you’ll take your business to the next level.
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Weight Loss Specialization

With this in-demand specialization, you can help obese and overweight clients gain the knowledge they need to lose their weight - and reclaim their health.
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Women's Fitness Specialization

Train women of all ages and body types - including youth, pre- and postnatal and older women.
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Youth Exercise Specialization

This program makes educating today’s youth on fitness and nutrition seem like child’s play. That’s because you’ll learn to show kids how to have fun while improving their sports skills. 
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Senior Fitness Specialization

Keeping seniors active never gets old. You’ll learn to meet seniors’ specific fitness needs and help them preserve their independence. 
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Golf Fitness Specialization

Becoming the go-to expert on golf conditioning isn’t a long shot. Learn how to perform both golf-specific and health-related fitness assessments.
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MMA Conditioning Specialization

Put your career in a whole new arena. With this specialization in your corner, you’ll learn to condition clients of all skill levels.
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1Results of study conducted by MarketLab, a third-party researcher, in May-June 2016, sampling U.S. -based Club Managers

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