The Optimum Performance
Training® Model

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The Powerful Why of The OPT™ Model?

It has been utilized for over 20 years with the world's top athletes.

The NASM OPT™ Model, or Optimum Performance Training® Model, is a fitness training system developed by Dr. Mike Clark. He created the OPT™ Model using a wide range of scientific evidence and principles.

The model is highly versatile in its application, progressing individuals through five distinct yet complementary, adaptable and repeatable training phases.

As an NASM CPT, the OPT™ Model is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal.

opt model staircase

Level 1 (Phase 1)

Level 2 (Phases 2-4)

To Help Clients Achieve Maximal Strength

  • Intensity of the Movements: Focus on adequate overload to maximize recruitment and synchronization of muscle fibers, and rate of force production.
  • Number of Repetitions: Reps will stay low while clients are in this phase.
  • Amount of Sets: Volume should increase, so the number of sets will rise in total to at least 4-6 per exercise.
  • Length of Rest Period: Because intensity is higher, rest periods may need to increase in both frequency and duration.
  • Types of Movements: Typically, exercises in this phase will consist of compound multi-joint movements, although applications and exercises can vary depending on activity-specific requirements and goals.

Level 3 (Phase 5)