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High Performance Sports and Training Solutions (HPST)

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Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

High Performance Sports and Training Solutions (HPST) provides high quality education and mentorship to fitness and performance professionals. As a NASM Academic Partner, HPST Solutions offers a NASM CPT Exam Prep Mentorship Program that helps you dive deep into the art, science, and business of personal training.

Through this program, you will learn the skills you need to not only pass the NASM Exam, but also to accelerate your career in the fitness and performance training industry.

With our ongoing mentorship support, our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to turn your personal training certification into a profitable investment. We will provide you with the knowledge and education to train a diverse client population, and to deliver your services the way you desire, whether in-person or online.

School Summary

High Performance Sports and Training Solutions is the ideal solution for anyone looking to enhance their performance and maximize their potential as a fitness and performance training professional.

With an emphasis on athletic performance, injury prevention, and strength training for all populations, High Performance is best fit for individuals who desire to work with athletes of all ages and/or busy professionals who may suffer from various chronic diseases and musculoskeletal conditions.


NASM CPT Exam Prep Mentorship Program

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Online (live review and lab sessions)

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Additional Information

High Performance Sports and Training Solutions

    1. The Exam Prep Mentorship program prepares you to pass the NASM CPT exam in only 8 Weeks while providing you the expert guidance, coaching support, and accountability you need to succeed

    2. Access: Year-long access to coaching mentorship and program resources

    3. Enrollment: Ongoing enrollment

    4. Website:

    5. Flexible payment options

    6. Business development support

    Email: [email protected]

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