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Celebrate Professional Wellness Month

Bring the practice of wellness into your professional programming with these four courses, one released each week to support your clients' mental and physical well-being.

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NASM Stretching and Flexibility Coach

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CEUs: 1.6 NASM, 16 AFAA

NASM’s groundbreaking Stretching and Flexibility Coach Specialization provides you with the tools and know-how you'll need to leverage safe and science-based stretching techniques to help clients move better and gain maximum flexibility. You can use this course to diversify your services, attract more clients, increase revenue, and meet the rising demand for safe stretching services. Click here for a detailed course tour.

  • Expand your expertise and your earning potential by helping a broader range of clients achieve their goals.
  • Explain foundational concepts in fascial anatomy and the science of human movement.
  • Identify common risk factors and appropriate times for referring out.
  • Implement assisted- and self-stretching techniques safely and effectively.
  • Recognize the scope of practice in the context of safe stretching.
  • Perform a series of stretching-related subjective and objective assessments.
  • Create customized/personalized stretching program for gym and home use, based on assessment results.
  • Apply coaching and behavior change techniques to ensure optimal compliance.

✔ Section 1: Introduction to Stretching and Flexibility

Chapter 1: Introduction to Flexibility
Chapter 2: Scope of Practice

✔ Section 2: Science and Anatomy

Chapter 3: The Science of Flexibility and Stretching
<>Chapter 4: The Anatomy and Kinesiology of Fascia

✔ Section 3: Communication and Client Assessments

Chapter 5: Communication and Building Rapport
Chapter 6: Assessment

✔ Section 4: Techniques and Program Design

Chapter 7: Integrated Assisted Stretching Techniques
Chapter 8: Self-Stretching Techniques
Chapter 9: Flexibility Program Design

State-of-the-Art, Digital Learning Platform
Our interactive, revolutionary digital learning platform allows you to study 100% online, any time and anywhere.

9 Lecture Videos
There are high-quality lecture videos through the course.

9 Quizzes
Each chapter includes a quiz at the end to help you review the information you learn.

1 Practice Exam
There is a 100-question practice exam with unlimited attempts allows you to prepare for the final exam.

64 Technique Videos
Videos throughout the course explain and show you how to perform different stretching techniques.

Final Exam
The final exam includes 100 questions. You have 3 attempts and must pass with a score of 70% or higher.

star rating

"NASM’s Stretching and Flexibility Coach is a brilliant specialization for Personal Trainers due to the impact this type of training has in the fitness realm. This course provides the knowledge and resources, and the latest research behind the relevance of stretching and flexibility. Incorporating integrated stretching techniques in your training will make you a well-rounded fitness professional that can meet the needs of your clients regardless of their fitness level, goals or challenges."
- Khalil Shakeel, NASM Master Trainer CES, PES, YES, CNC

star rating

"NASM’s Stretching and Flexibility Coach course is a fantastic complement to any certification or credential. It offers a comprehensive, in-depth exploration of integrated stretching techniques and the critical role they can play not only in the body’s ability to express flexibility, move without compensation, and recover optimally from stress. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the variety of techniques I can utilize and apply with all my clients. The SFC course is another great addition to my toolbox and has had an immediate positive impact on my clients’ experience and results!"
- Wendy Batts, MS, LMT, NASM-CPT, PES, CES, CNC, SFC

star rating

"One of the many things I love about NASM is that there is always a desire to not only review the latest research to ensure that all of NASM's courses provide fitness professionals with the best available information, but they also look for new ways to help fitness professionals add new skills in order to advance their careers. The Stretching and Flexibility Coach course will allow personal trainers to expand on their knowledge of assessments and the flexibility principles within the OPT Model to now provide hands-on stretching techniques to their clients. This additional skill set will allow NASM fitness professionals to take their abilities to another level."

star rating

"Assisted stretching is now a $22 billion dollar industry with potential clients looking for the most effective techniques by the best. The new Stretching and Flexibility Coach is here to meet their needs."
- Chris Frederick, PT, COO & Co-Director Stretch to Win Institute