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Social Media Fitness Influencer

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CEUs: 0.7 NASM

Are you ready to be the influence that people need to stay fit and motivated? With so many people turning to social media to find the latest tips on working out, eating right, and keeping their head in the game, there’s never been a better time to make your move in the market. Click here for a detailed course tour.

NASM’s Social Media Fitness Influencer course has been uniquely designed for the emerging fitness professional looking to grow their online presence and client reach using social media channels. This state-of-the-art course provides the learner an easy guide for creating compelling, entertaining, and informative content while learning how to nurture their own online fitness brand.

With NASM's Social Media Fitness Influencer Course, you will:

  • Learn the difference between someone who “posts” versus someone with an actual strategy
  • Discover the importance of targeting and engaging followers
  • Pick up on the common technologies, software, and media development used by other influencers
  • Determine pay rates for social media influencing
  • Boost your personal brand, industry reach, and overall income

✔ Chapter 1: Fitness Social Media and Influencer Foundations

Lesson 1: Welcome to NASM's Social Media Influencer Course
Lesson 2: Introduction to Social Media Influencing
Lesson 3: The Growing Importance of Social Media for The Fitness Professional
Lesson 4: Media Fundamentals
Lesson 5: Reach Strategy

✔ Chapter 2: Targeting, Growing, and Maintaining Followers

Lesson 1: Branding
Lesson 2: Engagement
Lesson 3: Consistency and Discipline

✔ Chapter 3: Using Social Media to Generate Revenue

Lesson 1: Preparing for Social Media Monetization
Lesson 2: Monetization Strategies and Offering Development
Lesson 3: Miscellaneous Monetization Strategies

✔ Chapter 4: Social Media Pack

Lesson 1: Templates and Worksheets
Lesson 2: Scheduling and Automation
Lesson 3: Infographics

Digital Learning Platform
This course is 100% online, so you can access our interactive digital learning platform any time, any where.

End-of-Chapter Quizzes
Each chapter includes a quiz at the end so that you can test your knowledge and review the information you learn.

10 Printable Handouts
You'll have access to 10 downloadable templates and handouts that can assist fitness professionals in creating their brand material.

Final Exam
The final exam includes 50 multiple-choice questions. You have 3 attempts and must pass with a score of 70% or higher.