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Strategies for Improving Nutrition Habits Mini Course

This 3-part mini course will help you create unrestrictive strategies to guide your clients' dietary habits.

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NASM Connected (Yearly Subscription)

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Languages: English (US)

With NASM Connected, you'll get access to everything you need to expand your fitness career and stay up-to-date with your certification.

This 1 year subscription gives you access to over 350 fitness courses, allowing you to earn unlimited CEUs from multiple providers. You'll also get exclusive content from NASM experts and save 30% on all NASM & AFAA specializations. The courses are 100% online, so you can access them when and where you want.


    Over 350 CEU Courses spanning dozens of topics

    Courses from the top fitness providers

    Easy access to NASM Templates and Forms

    Blogs and articles written by NASM Fitness Experts

    Exercise library with over 200 exercise demos

    Easy access to NASM Webinars, videos and podcasts

    30% off all NASM and AFAA Specializations

"NASM Connected is a one-stop support site for fitness education, community, and skill-building all in one! The ease of accessing continuing education courses while being able to track progress allows a fitness professional to work on their CEUs while taking it in pieces. As a busy trainer and educator myself, this allows me to multi-task and stay up-to-date on trends in wellness and fitness!"
- Katrina Pilkington, NASM-CPT, CNC, CES, PES, WFS, YES

"The NASM Connected platform was user friendly which I really appreciate. Some websites are hard to navigate through. I also liked the many options for extended learning. I am always a student so education is high on my list of priorities. "
- Shelley Dawson, NASM-CPT, AFAA G.E.A.R.

"I love the ease of multiple educational resources available in one stop shopping with NASM Connected. I am impressed by the variety in learning styles with the platform. I can learn through reading the information, watching videos, and practicing skills on my own."
- Amy Davis, NASM-CPT, FNS, CES, PGE

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