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Metabolic Makeover

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CEUs: 0.3 NASM, 3 AFAA

Weight management is both an art and a science. Part of unlocking the right mix of the two is understanding metabolism.

With NASM's Metabolism Makeover course, you'll learn critical concepts about metabolism, how they relate to losing or maintaining weight, how to accurately measure it, and more. Once you've completed the course, you'll also have an understanding of simple ideas and strategies you’ll be able to use to increase your clients' metabolism and transform their bodies. Click here for a detailed course tour.

It’s a fast, easy and affordable way to arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to help your clients reach some of their most important goals. Course includes 3 in-depth chapters and can be completed anytime, anywhere on our revolutionary digital learning platform. There is a quiz at the end that consists of 20 questions. Course is worth 0.3 CEUs.

Students who successfully complete NASM Metabolism Makeover will have the ability to:

  • Explain metabolism and its primary components.
  • Determine tools used to quantify resting metabolic rates and their limitations.
  • Examine inaccuracies surrounding quantitative assessment of calories and provide alternative solutions.
  • Describe key influencers of metabolism and distinguish between those we can and cannot control.
  • Explain strategies for increasing metabolic rates and overall caloric expenditure.
  • Develop strategies for increasing metabolic rates and overall caloric expenditure.

People often believe that metabolism reflects an energy balance equation between caloric intake and caloric expenditure. However, metabolism is much more complicated than that and deserves a much more detailed discussion.

✔ Lesson 1: Introduction to Metabolism
In this chapter you'll learn about: total daily energy expenditure, measuring energy expenditure, RMR formulas and more.

✔ Lesson 2: METs and Tracking Calories
In this chapter you'll learn about: METs and tracking calories, wearable technology and tracking activity, how to create a metabolic profile and more.

✔ Lesson 3: Metabolism and Weight Loss
In this chapter you'll learn about: fixed and dynamic components, effects of calorie restriction and caloric surplus on metabolism, macronutrient composition, hunger vs appetite, and more.

✔ 3 In-Depth Chapters

✔ 100% Online Course; Utilizes our Revolutionary, Digital Learning Platform

✔ Dozens of High-End, Custom Graphics to Aid in Learning

✔ 20 Question Quiz

✔ Digital Certificate Upon Completion