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Celebrate Professional Wellness Month

Bring the practice of wellness into your professional programming with these four courses, one released each week to support your clients' mental and physical well-being.

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Women's Fitness Specialization (WFS)

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CEUs: 1.5 NASM, 15 AFAA, 1.5 ACE

Women have different fitness needs at different life stages! Help your clients successfully navigate through them with NASM’s Women’s Fitness Specialization (NASM-WFS).

Whether it’s you own interest in the topic or wanting to better address the fitness needs of women, the NASM-WFS gives you the insights to confidently design safe and effective programming to support women on their fitness and health pursuits across various ages and life stages. From the impacts of hormonal sways and physical changes, to pregnancy and menopause, to evolving nutritional needs, and motivational nudges and psychological issues, the NASM-WFS will show you how to immediately apply the NASM Optimum Performance Training® (OPT) Model to meet their changing fitness and wellness goals.

Chapter 1: Current Status of Women's Health
Chapter 2: Neuromuscular, Skeletal, Cardiorespiratory, and Endocrine Considerations
Chapter 3: Hormones and Weight Control
Chapter 4: Pregnancy and Postnatal Considerations
Chapter 5: Menopause Considerations
Chapter 6: Fitness Assessments for Women
Chapter 7: Flexibility Training for Women
Chapter 8: Cardiorespiratory Training for Women
Chapter 9: Core, Balance, Plyometric, and SAQ Training for Women
Chapter 10: Resistance Training for Women
Chapter 11: Integrated Program Design for Women
Chapter 12: Nutrition Guidelines for Women
Chapter 13: Psychological and Motivational Considerations
Chapter 14: Business and Professionalism

14 In-depth Chapters

NASM’s Women’s Fitness Specialization course contains 14 in-depth chapters covering everything from program design, assessment strategies, pregnancy, menopause, nutrition considerations and so much more!

14 Learning Videos

Each chapter includes an interview with the author that brings additional professional insight to the chapter’s topic to aid in your learning.

Fully Interactive Learning Platform

Our online course portal brings everything you need to provide the best insight and guidance available on any device.

In-Depth Glossary

This course includes a fully interactive digital glossary so that you can look up terms and see what page you're on.

Downloadable Handouts

Access the handout library to download PDFs so that you can easily access or print them at any time.

Chapter Quizzes

There are quizzes throughout the course, which can be taken as many times as you need. A practice exam is provided to help you prepare for the final exam.

Specialization Final Exam

With immediate results (3 attempts to earn a successful score of 70% or higher).

star rating

"I enjoyed this course very much, I am so passionate about helping female population and expanding my knowledge has gives me more tools to help them even more."

- Lucy S, Canada

star rating

"WFS course was very in-depth concerning women's health and fitness. Well laid out information without being redundant. Highly recommend."

- Brandy G, MO

star rating

"I love the set up of the course and the modules. I was able to stay focus and engaged during every module. Easy to listen, to read and follow."

- Delilah C, NJ

star rating

"I feel much better prepared to advise and share knowledge with my female clients after completing this course. I feel assured that the information I can now provide is evidence-based and relevant to my client's lives."

- Maya B, OR

star rating

"I learned that Women's Fitness is Complex and Rewarding at every stage of life to Learn and Understand and should be Respected, Studied often and taking just as serious as Men's Fitness. The Wealth of Material Forever Learning, Growing and Hopefully Contributing to Women's Health and Wellness."

- Michelle C, NY

star rating

"Very straight forward with the material. Felt confident and prepared for final exam."

- Riley J, NY

star rating

"Very informative. Focused on specific subject that I personally was very interested in which was both pre and post natal exercises as well as nutrition but also went into details about physiological and psychological changes during different periods of a woman's life and I found that very informative as well."

- Jesse H, FL

star rating

"This is a well designed comprehensive course and gives me the confidence to work with women in all stages of life. I highly recommend."

- Victoria C, VA

star rating

"A great course for those interested in providing more value to their female clients, or for those of us looking to niche into women's fitness. I feel more passionate and excited about my decision to make this move career wise after taking this course and feel well equipped to move forward with the materials I've learned in this course to creating a lasting impact in women's lives!"

- Kara B, MI

star rating

"The course was easy to follow and the literature with accompanying slides/presentation helped to consolidate learning. The video libraries are very useful and I have so much more confidence with the additional knowledge and additional enthusiasm to deliver a fabulous service to my clients."

- Corinna L, UK

star rating

"As a male coach really helped me to understand all the consideration regarding woman, mindset, obligations that being a woman carries, physiological and psicological changes through their lifespan, and how to approach all those changes an being more empatic at the moment i talk about them."

- Miguel M, Guadalajara

star rating

"This course it's an excellent way to understand the need for exclusive women fitness. It covers all you need to know and helps with modification on special populations like pregnant and older women. Will definitely recommend to others."

- Jennifer P, PR

star rating

"So happy I choice the WFS course for my next certification! The additional knowledge and information I received will only enhance my skills as a NASM Personal Trainer! The material was very informative and easy to follow! Kudos NASM Great Course!"

- Doris F, South Holland

star rating

"This course helped me clearly define my target market. Also while taking this course I was able to come up with a fun way of training women and athletic kids. Thank you NASM."

- Felishia B, TX

star rating

"Since I work in an all-female gym, the info in the WFS course was especially appropriate for both my group and individual clients. Studying this material raised my excitement level to reach out to women and encourage them to keep working on their fitness throughout their life. "

- Deb N, IL

star rating

"NASM has a way of explaining the content in a calm and relaxed manner. I felt at ease while studying the material. I was eager to get to the next lessons after completing each module."

- Elizabeth C, SC

star rating

"NASM-WFS is a great course for those looking to specialize in women-focused fitness. It covers the basics for training women across their lifespan from adolescence to adulthood, to motherhood. Great content and material to help you through the course and final Exam."

- Victoria S, TX

"WFS Course gave me a better education in the area of training pregnant and elderly woman. The course also made me aware of all the stages woman go through in life and how they affect them physically but also mentally. The course is a great re-enforcement of knowledge learned during the CPT course." - Stacey K, FL

"The WFS course has given me a well rounded understanding in how to provide a high quality experience and training program for women of all Fitness levels, age and physical needs. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to become a better trainer and serve women clients!" - Eva S, AZ

"The increased knowledge and awareness I have now will allow me to be a more effective fitness trainer to more women. I have a better understanding of how to develop pre/post-natal exercise strategies as well as for older women." -Gwen M, MD

"I started personal training when I was in my 40s and I didn't know much about the fitness industry, but I was an avid runner. Taking this course helped me to understand more about my body and women in general and how I can help them to achieve their goals at any stage in the lifespan. I am much more confident in my ability to support women in their fitness goals." - Lisa P, MO

"I am a women's health nurse practitioner and prenatal yoga instructor and I have had a lifetime personal fitness program. This program will add to my credentials and has provided more confidence in my offerings." - Ellyn G, NY

"I currently work in the wellness department at the YMCA and unfortunately have no director to ask questions about my concerns with pregnant women. The other directors of other departments advised me not to approach pregnant members if I had concerns for their safety in regards to exercise. This left me with a great deal of dissatisfaction seeing that I'm a certified personal trainer and only of the primary focuses of my job is to make sure people are able to exercise safely. I feel more confident after this course now that I have proper information!" - Hazel D, NC

"This course is easy to follow and lots of great information" - Hayley R, UK

"I work in a great fitness club where I am blessed and busy with my clients. I wanted my WFS to encourage more women to work with me in any stage of life." - Arminda V, TX

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