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The Importance of Foam Rolling

Learn why Foam Rolling is a powerful asset for any Personal Trainer or Corrective Exercise Specialist and how to use it to develop your clients' flexibility and health.

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Group Personal Training Specialization (GPTS)

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CEUs: NASM 1.9; AFAA 13; ACE 1.9

Increase your client impact and revenue possibilities all in the same time slot with group personal training.

Create and deliver successful group personal training experiences that progress more clients to their fitness goals while increasing your client reach and revenue possibilities, all in the same time slot!

The NASM Group Personal Training Specialization (GPTS) takes the best of one-on-one personal training and group fitness so that you can positively impact more clients in less time. We’ll teach you the skills and methods needed for designing and delivering a successful group personal training experience, whether that’s just two clients or more than 10 in a single time slot!

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Group Personal Training
  • Module 2: Basic and Applied Sciences
  • Module 3: Group Exercise Selection and Technique
  • Module 4: Designing Group Personal Training Programs
  • Module 5: Coaching and Cueing
  • Module 6: Building Your Business

With the NASM Group Personal Training Specialization we’ll show you how to:

  • Develop your skills to design and deliver group personal training programs.
  • Create structured and progressive group training plans for your clients based on exercise science so they can achieve their goals.
  • Hone your communication and coaching skills to lead dynamic group training experiences that motivate all participants.
  • Develop a strategic business plan to maximize your financial success!

Immediate access to course materials.

Group Personal Trainer Course Manual: Download the manual for your on the go learning and lifestyle. Whether on your mobile or desktop, this manual is your key course resource. Modules include an introduction to group personal training, applicable exercise science, exercise selection and technique, program design, coaching and cueing, and how to build your business.

Video Demonstrations and Lectures: Watch and listen to further experience the course topics within each module and see how to lead a variety of group personal training sessions with emphasis on technique, cueing, coaching and program structure.

Learning Activities: Take a knowledge break and show what you know with these interactive learning activities.

Discussion Questions: Each module has topic-specific discussion questions where you can comment and interact with your peers.

Module Quizzes: Use these end of module quizzes to see what you learned and discover areas you may need to review.

Group Personal Training Programming Templates: 120 ready-to-use Group Personal Training Program Templates that include programs specific to a variety of equipment, formats and client goals.

Specialization Exam: A final online exam with immediate results.

CEUs: Upon successful completion you’ll earn enough credits to renew your NASM-CPT and most other industry certifications - 1.9 NASM; 13 AFAA; 1.9 ACE

Certificate: Printed certificate, suitable for framing, will be mailed

"The GPTS course is truly awesome. It is well designed and easy to follow and navigate through. I really learned a lot to help expand my business by participating in this course. It has tons and tons of great information to help you succeed in you fitness career. I would definitely recommend this to all fitness professionals." - Philip M, TX

"I initially took the GPTS course for CEUs however, I am so happy I selected this course! With the new tools I gained, I feel confident moving forward with my Group Training sessions. The course was well planned and easy to navigate! I highly recommend for anyone wishing to increase their revenues with Group Personal Training!" - Jacinda C, TX

"I enjoyed the video lectures and the opportunity to read the material online. What was extremely helpful to me was the ability to take practice quizzes after each chapter." - Clancie H, TX

"As a trainer some of the material was more of a review for me and then the bulk of the material was very informative and new for me in the sense that it has most definitely enhanced my skill set. Group personal training is the wave of the future in terms of making more revenue with less time. I would definitely recommend this course to other trainers because before I took the course I thought that you could simply be labeled as a group personal trainer if you were someone working with large groups or multiple people but now I see that there is a certain skill set and additional information needed to perfect being a group personal trainer." - Andre M, NY

"The GPTS course was a great addition to my knowledge as a CPT. Group training is a great way to increase income and provide a more affordable option to clients and this course lays out how to offer it effectively. Highly recommended." - Jeannie O, WA

"The GPTS Course has fully equipped me with the knowledge to structure different size classes, market to appropriate audiences, and provided strategies to maintain clients. Excellent CEU to obtain." - Mark S, PA

"NASM's GPTS course offers foundational education to those wanting to understand the basics of training and leading small to large groups. This program delivers applicable content supported by videos and interactive challenges to help any learner build their confidence to take on group training. If you are new or fairly new to group training, or just have personal interests in understanding group dynamics and layout, this is a great course to build upon. For the more experienced Group Trainer, this course may be just what you need to validate, or alter, how you have been leading others and help to direct your efforts moving forward." - Jami W, MA

"GPTS course was informative and easy to follow. Lecture videos teach more than just cueing. They teach you how to interact and be real with clients too. I am excited to continue with NASM for further specialized training." - Heather G, UT

"This course was extremely helpful. It was very easy to navigate through and the content was very well put together and was easy to read and understand. I am much more confident in my group personal training classes." - Nichole P, NY

"The course is designed for the trainee to work at one's own pace. The material is lengthy but easy to read and comprehend. The text material is applicable and the exercises assist with retention of information. The demonstration videos included are the most applicable components of the course. Having visuals of the materials delivered to the trainee is valuable, especially to novice trainees. This is a great introductory course to group personal training, and I highly recommend it to any getting started in the field. The professionals are knowledgeable and the information is concise." - J.H., AZ

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