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Emotions in Motion

Earn 0.2 CEUs while learning about what types of exercise can mitigate symptoms of anxiety, so you can better understand this complex relationship and what it means for your clients - and you!

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Youth Exercise Specialization (YES)

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CEUs: 1.0 NASM, 1.0 ACE, 5 CIMSPA Endorsed CPD Points

Educate today’s youth on fitness and nutrition with the NASM Youth Exercise Specialist (YES). Exercise guidelines are different for children and adults. You'll learn the different terms that identify the youth population, adjustments that need to be made during exercise programming, and more. Whether you coach a youth sports team, work at a school, or you train children, set them up for success with YES.

Show kids why it’s never too early to embrace a healthy lifestyle! NASM Youth Exercise Specialists:

  • Capitalize on the growing demand for physical fitness experts for young people ages 6 to 19
  • Show kids how to have fun while improving their sports skills, increasing their physical activity level, and losing weight
  • Boost their reputation, career, and client base by learning to train young people in groups or individually using the Optimum Performance Training® (OPT™) model
  • Provide training solutions for after-school programs, youth sports teams, and the children of adult clients
  • Curtail the youth obesity trend at the source with exercise and nutritional guidance
  • Invest in their client’s live and futures . . . as well as their own!

✔ Section 1: The Science of Youth Exercise

Chapter 1: Rationale for Youth Fitness Training
Chapter 2: Anatomical and Physiological Considerations for Youth
Chapter 3: Psychological Considerations for Youth

✔ Section 2: Fitness & Training Guidelines for Youth

Chapter 4: Fitness Assessment for Youth
Chapter 5: Youth Flexibility Guidelines
Chapter 6: Cardiorespiratory Training for Youth
Chapter 7: Core and Balance Training Guidelines for Youth
Chapter 8: Plyometric, Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training for Youth
Chapter 9: Resistance Training for Youth

✔ Section 3: Development for Youth Clients

Chapter 10: Integrated Program Design for Youth Clients
Chapter 11: Nutrition for Youth
Chapter 12: Professional Development

Downloadable Course Manual

Downloadable Programming Manual

Online Quizzes

Exercise Library

Online Exam

star rating

"YES Course was extremely informational. I now feel empowered to help youth and comprehensively include them in on the process. It will be exciting to apply this information in future programing and training settings."
- Michael M, CA

star rating

"The YES course with NASM is very effective and give all the information you need to get started on the road to youth performance and development."
- Scott A, DE

star rating

"Great course, really informative and 100% recommend for those looking to further their knowledge."
- Siân P, UK

star rating

"I have been working in the youth fitness industry for over three years. Although I have taken some of the local training course, but the NASM-YES course does a lot better in organizing the content and presenting data. Now I feel more confident in facing with my youth clients as well as their parents for I am armed with the knowledge learn from NASM. Many thanks to those who design this course!"
- Xia W , China

star rating

"I have been looking for a youth exercise course to take so I can train my adult clients children in the holidays. This course was very thorough and delivered on all elements. I feel confident and excited to start training young people now."
- Kimberley C , London

star rating

"NASM has done an excellent job in putting together the YES Course! The delivery and material provided to complete the course was efficient and easy to understand. In short: Lots of great information delivered in a way which made the learning experience great!"
- Dan T , NC

star rating

"This course provided me with the knowledge I needed to teach fitness to youth using the appropriate guidelines. The materials and resource library of exercises were great! I'm glad I now have the tools I need to teach youth fitness effectively."
- Josie D , FL

star rating

"The YES certification was very informative. It open my eyes to more opportunities to grow my business. The context of the course was easy to follow and easy to understand. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to add a service to their current fitness tool box."
- Dearic J , CA

"Excellent information on youth exercise and training practices. This course definitely increased my knowledge pertaining to differences in training youth from adults. I would recommend any personal trainer that is interested in training youth to take this course." - Tracey W, GA

"I found the YES course to be very helpful because I coach soccer at the high school, competitive, and recreational levels and it provided me with a better understanding of how to incorporate effectively the physical aspect of training into my training sessions. Since the course was online I was able to complete it at my own pace and reference any of the materials as I needed. If you want to improve as coach in youth sports I definitely recommend taking the YES course. It is economical and insightful. Your players will thank you for it." - Enrique L, CA

"The course was great. Gave me a deeper understanding of how to train youth. The course itself was really well laid out and flowed well from topic to topic. Highly recommend. Now it's all about applying the knowledge!" - Adam R, NY

"Just received my CPT a few months ago and was given the opportunity to help a small rural school with their track team during their beginning practices. This information gave me much more knowledge to apply the information I have learned with children and adolescents. I will definitely be taking more classes through NASM." - Kirt D, MO

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