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Mental Toughness

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CEUs: 0.4 NASM, 4 AFAA, 0.4 ACE, 0.5 NSCA (Category C)

Languages: English (US), Spanish

Mental Toughness has been growing in popularity, demand, and demonstrated success among top performers

Mental Toughness is a continuing education course focused on the key aspects of psychological strength for fitness and sport. Mental toughness helps to provide greater awareness and effectiveness in getting performance results by keeping the mind engaged, responsive, resilient, and strong under pressure.

There are no prerequisites needed for this course. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Explain how to enhance attentional focus, adherence to fitness, and improved sports performance
  • Identify the sources of confidence used in exercise and sport situations
  • Describe how to assess and increase commitment
  • Define different types of anxiety and the role they play in attempting to reach fitness or sports performance goals

NASM is here to ignite the focus and concentration of your clients to help them achieve more. Enhance your training with NASM’s Mental Toughness course!

Module 1: Concentration and Attentional Focus
Successfully completing this module, you will have the ability to:

  • Define attentional focus as it relates to improved fitness, healthy eating, and sports performance.
  • Identify different types of attentional focus.
  • Identify common attention problems that various clients will encounter in different situations. 
  • Describe how to enhance attentional focus for adherence to fitness, healthy nutrition, and improved sports performance. 

Module 2: Confidence
Successfully completing this module, you will have the ability to:

  • Define confidence as exemplified in fitness, adherence to meal plan, and improved sports performance.
  • Describe the benefits of self-confidence in varied populations.
  • Identify the sources of confidence used in exercise and sport situations.
  • Explain how expectations affect performance and behavior.
  • Describe strategies to build confidence in fitness, nutrition, and sport performance populations.

Module 3: Motivation
Successfully completing this module, you will have the ability to:

  • Describe how to assess and increase commitment.
  • Explain how to increase intrinsic motivation in populations attempting to lose weight and also populations aiming to improve sports performance.
  • Define goal setting and identify different types of goals.
  • Describe the principles of goal setting.

Module 4: Coping with Pressure and Adversity
Successfully completing this module, you will have the ability to:

  • Define different types of anxiety and the role they play in attempting to reach fitness or sport performance goals.
  • Describe how to increase awareness of anxiety states.
  • Describe mental and physical relaxation techniques.

One introduction video per module (4 total), 1.5 minutes each

One PDF per module, 16-20 pages each

✔ Interactivities
One set per module

✔ Quizzes
One quiz per module, 10 questions each

Final Online Exam
20 questions

High-Quality, Digital Course Portal
Easily navigate the content of your course. See where you left off last and easily toggle between sections. Access course on all devices, 100% online. Course screenshot:


star rating

"This is an awesome course that brings awareness to fitness professionals as to why certain people (including yourself) as athletes can be more successful than others and how to increase the chances of a client staying with you after you help them through the steps recommended via the course. The course itself is fairly short, but it's good information and doesn't drag on. You may already be implementing some of these techniques into your programs, but the more techniques the better! I recommend it!"
- Lulu J, CA

star rating

"After having gone through my own personal anxiety, this was great to be able to see how to help. I believe after taking the course I would be able to better help others assess themselves and move forward."
- Amie R, CA

star rating

"To be Mental Tough plays a huge role of beings successful, Nasm course brings great value on this topic."
- Cesar, CA

star rating

"The Mental Toughness course was great! It was short and quick but hit all the major topics in successfully building mental toughness. The content was easy to understand and the set up of text, interactive instructions and chapter tests made sure you fully understood the topic of each section. A must do course for anyone wanting to help their clients take it to the next level!"
- Rustie J, TX

star rating

"Most of us at one time or another deal with some form of performance anxiety. This Mental Toughness course helped to better understand the areas associated with better performance - building confidence, staying motivated and how to set goals. It also helped identify ways to deal with anxious moments surrounding performance based activities."
- Mike J, NJ

star rating

"This course is an eye opener for any Personal Trainer. Some of the areas you would know already, but it is interesting how this course goes into detail for you to understand underlying reasons. A good course for all Fitness Professionals."
- Peter H, UK

star rating

"The Mental Toughness course is relevant on a personal and professional level for wellness professionals. The course contains tangible tools and resources, exercises to apply the information and examples to relate to real life situations. The best part is that utilizing this information has the capability of improving client fitness performance, but also life performance and quality of life!"
- Lianna F, KS

star rating

"Mental Toughness was a fantastic course. It provided me great information on how to work with my clients. I hope I can motivate them and help them focus. I think there is useful information to help clients stay confident and steady toward their goals."
- Stephanie C, ME

star rating

"Concise and interesting course content. Technical, however examples through the text enabled the student to understand the content and apply in a practical capacity. Highly recommended."
- Niki W, Wiltshire

star rating

"The Mental Toughness course is awesome. The topics and strategies are very relevant for understanding client behaviors and offers good resources for helping discover / uncover potential roadblocks."
- Brandon M, IL

star rating

"Mental Toughness is a good refresher. We often forget that what happens between the ears is equally as important as the physical aspect of training. This course is concise information that will benefit your clients immediately."
- Rae-Ann L, NC

star rating

"The Mental Toughness course contained a lot of useful information for not only me as a trainer to help keep my athletes motivated, but also strategies I can share with my clients to help them control their pre-game stress."
- Michele J, FL

star rating

"I thoroughly enjoyed the content of this course and learned many new techniques for motiving and helping others achieve their nutrition and fitness goals. I would highly recommend this course. "
- Christine M, CA

star rating

"This maybe the essential course in helping your clients not only reach their goals but teach them how to make a goal map for life! This is the best NASM CEU course IMO."
- Nick R, MO

star rating

"This course is wonderful - being a trainer goes beyond the physical. Being able to talk to our clients and understand their mental and emotional needs is a great tool and something all CPT's should invest in."
- Lindsey M, NY

star rating

"This course, while it was short, was extremely thorough and informative. As we are all going through this period of uncertainty due to COVID-19, mental toughness is a part of life we can all use a confident boost in. As personal trainers, coaches, nutritionists, parents, students, etc. These steps to creating goals, positive self talk, motivation, and persistence are all topics we can use in daily life! I certainly can see myself transferring this information across my clients as well as students in my classrooms. I highly recommend this course to everybody."
- Corlynn H, NJ

star rating

"I really enjoyed taking this course and plan on using it with my athletes on a regular basis, I felt that the content and explanations were well done easy to relay to my students. Mental toughness is something that not only pertains to sports and fitness, but can be utilized in daily life!"
- Casey M, NE

star rating

"This course is so helpful to help work on yourself as well as help your clients. I learned a lot of techniques I plan to practice to help make me a better trainer as well as help my clients achieve their goals. I would highly recommend this course to everyone."
- Gabriella E, NC

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