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Corrective Exercise Strategies for Basketball

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CEUs: NASM 0.4, NSCA 0.3

  • Presented by Dr. Micheal Clark & Aaron Nelson, Team Physical Therapist and Head Athletic Trainer, respectively, of the Phoenix Suns
  • Exercises modeled by NBA All-Star Grant Hill
  • Video demonstration
  • Downloadable text
  • Online CEU exam
  • Downloadable sample programs

    The National Academy of Sports Medicine is proud to announce the release of “Corrective Exercise Strategies for Basketball,” a new course developed in partnership with the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association (NBATA).

    NASM serves as the official provider of sports medicine education for the NBATA, and currently 93% of NBA athletic trainers hold the NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) and/or Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) advanced specialization. 

    The online course material offers a systematic assessment and advanced corrective exercise strategy to correct common lower extremity dysfunctions seen in basketball.    

    Course content:

    • Human movement dysfunction
    • Human movement science
    • Common lower extremity and torso movement compensations (e.g. feet turn out/flatten, knees move inward, excessive forward lean)
    • Assessment techniques (e.g. Overhead Squat, Single-leg Squat, Goniometric Measurement, Manual Muscle Testing)
    • Corrective strategies using the traditional corrective exercise continuum model (e.g. inhibit, lengthen, activate, integrate)
    • Advanced techniques (e.g. soft tissue release, myopractic techniques, neuromuscular stretching, positional isometrics)
    • *Note Corrective Exercise Strategies for Basketball candidates must have one of the following professional titles: Athletic Trainer, Chiropractor, Licensed Massage Therapist, or Physical Therapist