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Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES) - Self-Study

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CEUs: 1.9 NASM, 2.0 ACE, 2.0 NSCA, 10 CIMSPA Endorsed CPD Points, 10 EREPS Learning Hours

Corrective Exercise is one of the foundational pieces of a comprehensive exercise program and a key to preventing injuries.

Regardless of athletic ability or fitness level, almost every person has some degree of imbalances and movement dysfunction, leading to issues with posture, balance, and total body coordination. These imbalances and compensations can lead to decreased flexibility or lack of core and joint stability. Expand your skillset by becoming a Corrective Exercise Specialist and help prevent injuries and optimize performance. Our digital learning platform allows you to study on any device, anywhere. Click here for a detailed course tour.

Master the 4-step process known as the Corrective Exercise Continuum (CEx) and effectively design client specific programs that address their individual movement compensations and dysfunctions and help correct them. In addition, NASM-CPTs with an NASM-CES earn 26% more than other Certified Personal Trainers.

Suggested prerequisites:

  • A current NASM-CPT certification, or
  • A current health and fitness certification accredited by NCCA, NBFE or DETC, or
  • REPs Level 3 or higher credential (candidates outside of the US only), or
  • 4-year collegiate degree or
  • Be a current Licensed or Certified Massage Therapist

Please see the NASM Terms and Conditions for more details.

    ✔ Section 1: Introduction to Corrective Exercise Training

    Chapter 1: Rationale for Corrective Exercise
    Chapter 2: Human Movement Science and Corrective Exercise

    ✔ Section 2: Corrective Exercise Techniques

    Chapter 3: Inhibitory Techniques
    Chapter 4: Lengthening Techniques
    Chapter 5: Activation Techniques
    Chapter 6: Integration Techniques

    ✔ Section 3: Assessment

    Chapter 7: Client Intake and Assessment
    Chapter 8: Static Assessments
    Chapter 9: Movement Assessments
    Chapter 10: Mobility Assessments

    ✔ Section 4: Programming Strategies

    Chapter 11: Corrective Strategies for the Foot and Ankle
    Chapter 12: Corrective Strategies for the Knee
    Chapter 13: Corrective Strategies for the LPHC
    Chapter 14: Corrective Strategies for the Thoracic Spine and Shoulder
    Chapter 15: Corrective Strategies for the Wrist and Elbow
    Chapter 16: Corrective Strategies for the Cervical Spine
    Chapter 17: Self-Care and Recovery
    Chapter 18: Real-World Application of Corrective Exercise Strategies

Our digital learning platform allows you to study on any device, anywhere.

Lecture videos

Self-Care and Recovery chapters

Exercise technique & cueing videos

Interactive learning modules & quizzes

Client scenarios and sample programming

Latest and most up-to-date science

Updated Corrective Exercise techniques

Additional Training Programs

Online practice exam

Online CES exam

star rating

"This is by far, without doubt, the best fitness certification course I've ever done! The information was extremely useful and helpful, I'm literally addicted to this content! I love it so much I keep viewing it over and over again! If you want to reduce client injuries and keep clients healthy and active long term, then YOU MUST DO THIS COURSE!"
- Fletcher S, UT

star rating

"The course is well organized and helpful. It is not simple, but it can be learned over time. However, whenever you go to take online courses with NASM, the keys expire before the date and it takes time to wait and hear from customer support to be opened back up. I dislike the navigation system of testing, However, the content is excellent."
- Cyndi H, IL

star rating

"The CES course was well organized and very engaging. I highly recommend for anyone looking to master their craft and give their clients a valuable and customized program. I felt like CES went deep enough so that I now have a far better understanding of assessments and muscle imbalances whereas the CPT course felt very surface level compared to the things I learned in the CES. Great job NASM thank you!"
- Stephanie R, FL

star rating

"The NASM CES course is a fantastic introduction to corrective exercise and is highly recommended for ANYONE in the health and fitness profession. This is not beginner material and having a strong background in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology or biomechanics is a HUGE plus. That said the course is a valuable asset to the fitness industry."
- Andy C, TN

star rating

"On completion of my combined L2 and L3 diploma in personal training with NASM, I felt I should know more about correct body moment pattern. NASM CES provides in depth knowledge of skills, and abilities to successfully work with clients suffering from musculoskeletal impairments, imbalances, or post-rehabilitation concerns. As a certified personal trainer, I now feel much more confident to teach my client to perform exercises with correct movement to gain optimal benefit."
- Manoj K, UK

star rating

"This course was amazing all around. It reinforced previous knowledge and improved my understanding of how the human body works. I feel more confident now to assist others in improving their movement and reaching their goals."
- Christifer B , WI

star rating

"I have completed the level 3 Personal Trainer course and took this CES course out of interest. I have found that it has really enhanced my understanding of what I learnt before and I am really pleased that I have done it."
- Inogen M , England

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course! The skills and knowledge I've gained will help me be a more effective and efficient personal trainer as I help my clients reach their fitness goals safely and faster through the Corrective Exercise Continuum!"
- Yesenia C , TX

"Great course, really valuable information and presented well through the presentations and additional activities and text. The course did encourage me to want to learn more about impairments not included in the course would be great if some of these could be covered in the next text book."
- Stuart P , Scotland

star rating

"I learned so much about rehab/working out during this course, I was able to complete this course within 5 weeks. All the quizzes, videos, and learning simulations helped so much. Definitely worth the money!"
- KC , CA

"This was a very helpful course that was organized so well and gave me a much better insight to what I was learning. The extra materials, videos, and exercise library were extremely beneficial to my learning experience. WOULD RECOMMEND!"
- Kiera H., MO

"CES is essential if someone wants to expand their knowledge and their abilities and earning into another level. Delving deeper into muscular imbalances a pt will learn how to incorporate corrective measures all the while further enabling him/herself to observe movement dysfunctions."
- Marios K., UK

"Very comprehensive and in depth. Highly recommend this course."
- John J., NY

"The course was engaging, insightful and in depth. Adds an extra level too if you're a personal trainer. Add the value of clients physical longevity to your sessions as well as just short and long term fitness goals. Also, it's just generally an interesting course if you have an interest in anatomy and physiology. The final exam was as hard if not harder than some of the exams I've had as part of my degree in BSc Sports Science but well worth it."
- Jake M., UK

"The CES course reignited my passion for corrective exercise."
- Nicole P., CO

"Learning from text material alone is outdated as understanding movement impairments cannot be fully understood reading text. Recognizing movement pattern dysfunctions and compensations requires visual identification as it is impossible to recognize just through text. This course not only has short, concise lecture videos, but the CES also provides extended videos showing this movement impairments as well as how to correct them. I generally relied on the lecture videos and activities to learn the material and only read through the chapters 1 or 2 times as the materials provided are extensive and provide more than enough information to understand the topics. I went into this certification with no idea what movement impairments were, to coming out of it deciding that I enjoy working on corrective exercise with my clients more than just weight lifting and strengthening. During this course, I liked the material so much, I even added to my career a chiropractic assistant license so that I can work with patients on how to correct specific muscle imbalances leading to pain and compensations in other body parts. This course is beyond what I expected and I am so excited to continue putting this knowledge into practice."
- Savannah L., OR

"I loved learning the material of the CES, and feel that every CPT ought to have this knowledge in their playbook of resources!"
- Jenna H., DE

"I really liked being able to see, hear, and practically touch the information. The interactives and videos were great tools to reinforce the material."
- Joy H., VA

"Great way to learn Physical Education in a safe and progressive way. The OPT Model is cutting edge and easily modified by experienced professionals and beginners. A great way to start on your journey as personal trainer."
- Robinson D., NC

"As an already certified Athletic Trainer, NASM CES, still and continued to broaden my knowledge and expertise on corrective exercise. This program helps you understand, implement and have confidence in dealing with your clients injury/muscle imbalance. This course also gives you the expertise to also know what is hindering your clientele but also have the power to improve and fix them as well."
- Devin O., MA

"It helped me learn more about dysfunctions of the body and I felt inspired to practice analyzing people during the course."
- Taryn H., UT

"Very good course to take, helps you out in understanding the functions of the body. be you must study not a ride in the park"
- Ray, FL

"I recommend the NASM CES course to any Certified Personal Trainer. It has completely broadened my scope of the HMS and enhanced my confidence in being able to understand what is needed to help each of my clients achieve their personal fitness goals with minimal risk of injury."
- Donnie H., GA

"CES course study was easy to follow. Informative videos, lectures, and quizzes helped me to comprehend what I read in the book to actual case studies and examples. NASM offers an excellent format for home study."
- Carol M., AZ

"When you think you know a lot, the CES course opens up a new door to the spacious room."
- Bogdan B., Serbia

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