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Metabolic Training - Is Cardio Worth Your Time?

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There’s nothing like a long, slow jog to burn those calories, right? Well, continuous cardio workouts might not actually be the only answer to your cardio training needs. From HIIT to Tabata, learn about other types of cardio training that can offer equal or greater benefits.

✔ Chapter 1: Metabolic Training: Is Cardio Worth Your Time?

1 In-Depth Chapters
Consists of 3 in-depth lessons that go over the importance of metabolic training and how to optimize it, as well as interval training.

Chapter Quiz
After Chapter 1, there is a quiz that consist of 15 questions and can be taken as many times as you like to help you remember key concepts.

High-Quality, Digital Course Portal
This course is 100% online and the high-end, easy-to-use digital delivery portal is accessible on all devices.