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woman standing getting ready to do a squat thrust

Squat Thrust (Burpees)

Body Part: Full Body

Equipment: None

Difficulty: Advanced

woman standing getting ready to do a squat thrust


Step 1: Stand in athletic posture with feet hip to shoulder width apart and toes pointing forward. Draw in the abs.

Step 2: Squat down driving the hips back as far as possible.

Step 3: Once maximum squat depth has been reached, place the hands on the floor about 1.5-2x shoulder width. Kick the feet out from underneath the body rapidly putting the body into a push up position with the legs extended and toes pointing straight toward the floor.

Step 4: Perform a push up. Keeping the body in a straight line with glutes tight, lower the chest to the floor moving through a maximum range that technique can be maintained.

Step 5: Reverse the pattern rapidly extending the arms. Jump the feet back underneath the body to position for a squat jump.

Step 6: Transition quickly into a jump, swinging the arms up overhead. Land as quietly as possible with toes pointing forward, knees following toes and neutral spine.

Step 7: Reset and repeat. Maintain posture throughout. Avoid excessive slouching of the shoulders or spine, letting the head jut forward, knees collapse in or toes pointing outward.