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woman using a leg press machine

Single Leg Press

Body Part: Thighs, Quadriceps, Glutes, Groin

Equipment: Leg Press Machine

Difficulty: Beginner

woman using a leg press machine


Step 1: Sit in the leg press machine with feet hip to shoulder width apart and straight ahead on the leg press platform. Ensure foot height placement allows for good range of movement at both the hip and knee. Let one foot rest on the foot rest below. Draw in and brace the abs. Lock the shoulder blades back and down. Stabilize the upper body by grasping the handles.

Step 2: Lower the platform down toward the body ensuring the knee stays aligned with the middle toes and weight is distributed evenly across the foot. Move through a maximum range without losing technique or bottoming out the thighs into the rib cage.

Step 3: Reverse the pattern and return to starting position.

Step 4: Repeat. Maintain posture throughout. Avoid locking the knees, bouncing at the bottom of the movement to create momentum, rounding the spine or letting the hips come off the pad, or collapsing the knees inward. Do not let the hips or torso rotate.