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lady using rowing machine lady using rowing machine

Seated Machine Row: Close Grip

Body Part: Back, Latissimus Dorsi, Rhomboids, Traps, Shoulders, Posterior Deltoids, Arms, Biceps

Equipment: Seated Cable Row Machine

Difficulty: Beginner


Step 1: Sit tall with good posture on the bench and place your feet on the platform with a slight bend in the knee. Grip handles so palms face one another. Draw in and brace the abs. Lock the shoulder blades back and down and align the head with the spine.

Step 2: Slowly pull the handles back to a comfortable range of motion driving the hands toward the lower ribs and pinching the shoulder blades together.

Step 3: Reverse the pattern and return to the starting position.

Step 4: Repeat. Maintain posture throughout. Avoid jutting the chin forward, arching or slouching the lower back, letting the shoulders round or shrug, or leaning forward at the waist/spine and creating momentum.