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man squatting with kettlebell man squatting with kettlebell

Kettlebell Crush Curl with Squat

Body Part: Arms, Brachialis, Biceps

Equipment: Kettlebell

Difficulty: Beginner


Step 1: Squat into a deep squat position with feet wider than shoulder width and toes rotated slightly out. Lock shoulder blades back and down and brace core.

Step 2: Grip the kettlebell bottoms up (upside down) with handle positioned between forearms and hands wrapped around the bell. Slowly lower the kettlebell performing a bicep curl.

Step 3: Once elbows have reached full extension, reverse the pattern and curl the weight up to the chest through a full range.

Step 4: Repeat. Maintain posture throughout. Minimize shoulder forward roll or elbow swing behind or in front of body. Do not bottom out on the squat or let the hamstrings rest on the calves.