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man on his hands and knees doing a bird dog man on his hands and knees doing a bird dog

Bird Dog

Body Part: Core, Erector Spinae, Multifidi

Equipment: None

Difficulty: Beginner


Step 1: Get into quadruped position (on all fours) with the hands under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Press away from the floor with the arms to stabilize shoulder girdle. Draw the abs in. Position spine in neutral.

Step 2: Slowly reach one arm and the opposite leg with toes pointed away from the body. Reach long for the walls attempting to get the body in a straight line.

Step 3: Reverse the pattern and return the starting position sweeping the hand and knee into position.

Step 4: Repeat with the other side. Maintain posture throughout. Avoid letting the head fall to the ground, back arch or slouch, shoulder collapse or torso rotate.