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man performing archer push up

Archer Push-Up

Body Part: Chest, Shoulders, Anterior Deltoids, Triceps

Equipment: Medicine Ball

Difficulty: Advanced

man performing archer push up


Step 1: Assume a push up position with the body in a straight line from head to heel and feet hip to shoulder width. Position one hand at an approximate 1.5-2x shoulder width position with the other hand extended out to the side with a slight bend in the elbow and hand atop a medicine ball with fingers pointing to the side. Brace the core and tighten the glutes.

Step 2: Press away from the floor to prevent the shoulder blades from winging.

Step3: Lower the chest toward the floor gliding the body toward bent arm through a maximum range of motion until the chest is approximately a few inches off the floor or shoulders have reached elbow depth.

Step 4: Reverse the pattern and return to starting position. Repeat. Maintain posture throughout. Keep the shoulders from elevating or rounding. Do not let the back round or arch or the hips sag or pike. Avoid letting the head jut forward.