Take your career to the limit as an NASM Master Trainer.

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The rewards of this rigorous program are many. Distinguish yourself from your peers. Gain specialized capabilities. Increase your earning potential. And take your NASM-CPT certification to a whole new level as an NASM Master Trainer.

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Be the best of the best.

Do you have a consuming passion for fitness, a relentless ambition to improve yourself, and the tenacity to never settle for second best? Then accept the challenge and become an NASM Master Trainer — our exclusive career development program for professional advancement.

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Eligibility Requirements:

  • Three years training 10 or more client hours per week utilizing the OPT model
  • Must have all of the requirements before purchasing the Master Trainer Summit (attend an NASM workshop, valid NASM-CPT, CES and PES plus one more NASM Specialization, or valid NASM-CPT, CES, PES and an approved college degree*


  • Provide copy of professional resume
  • Provide two letters of recommendation
  • Short essay

Online Course:

  • Video submission of ability to perform accurate assessments and demonstrate proper exercise technique and cueing
  • Must pass online portion before attending live event

Live Summit:

  • Ability to design customized programs
  • Ability to perform accurate assessments, proper exercise technique, cueing, and coaching in a live format
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Master Trainer -
Welcome to Your Journey

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The NASM Master Trainer Summit assesses your critical thinking skills along with your ability to apply what you have learned as you progress through your NASM Master Trainer program. There are four steps during your Master Trainer journey:

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Due to Covid-19, in-person Master Trainer Summits have been put on hold. Be on the lookout for the first virtual opportunity coming mid-2022 at the earliest.

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2022 NASM Master Trainer Summit

Date: April 2nd & 3rd
City: Virtual

Date: June 25th & 26th
City: Virtual

Spots fill up fast! Upon approval of your application, please be sure to reserve your spot by purchasing the Master Trainer package.

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Your Exclusive Master
Trainer Benefits

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You’ll love the view from the top. You’ve dedicated yourself to becoming the best, most knowledgeable trainer you can. When you become an NASM Master Trainer, you’ll enjoy a fantastic selection of NASM benefits:

NASM Master
Trainer Apparel
Certify for Life membership
Exclusive Master Trainer group on Facebook where you can interact with fellow Master Trainers.
Inclusion on NASM website's Master Trainer page
Chance to participate in pilot groups for upcoming NASM products and projects

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Choose Your Specializations

View Specializations

You will need three NASM Specializations before applying to the Master Trainer program.
Here are some of our most popular specializations.

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Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES)

  • Learn how to design effective programs to help your clients move, feel and live better.
  • Improve and correct client movement compensations by implementing the simple 4 step process of the Corrective Exercise Continuum.
  • Elevate your professional edge and bottom line.
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Performance Enhancement Specialization (PES)

  • Develop the expertise to increase your clients’ performance at any level.
  • Ideal for fitness clients looking to keep their competitive edge.
  • Master the science behind human movement and sports performance.
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Nutrition Certification (CNC)

  • Learn the psychology behind how we get stuck in dietary patterns - and how to break them
  • Get skilled on how to apply nutrition science and behavior change in the real world to get your clients results
  • Receive the latest cutting-edge science in all things related to fat loss, muscle gain, and overall wellness

Weight Loss
Specialization (WLS)

  • Learn how to apply weight loss guidelines and training methodologies.
  • Help clients break weight loss training plateaus.
  • Learn the psychological aspects of weight loss.
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group personal trainer teaching a class with kettlebell

Group Personal Training Specialization (GPT)

  • Learn how to transition personal training to a small group.
  • Receive 120 small group personal training programs.
  • Reap powerful results and financial benefits from training more people in the same of time.
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NASM is proud to recognize the following NASM Master Trainers. With dedication and hard work, these trainers have received the highest honors in the fitness industry.

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  • COST

Is there a cost for the NASM Master Trainer program?
There is a cost to enroll in the Master Trainer program, but there are no ongoing membership fees or dues. Contact an NASM Advisor for more information regarding costs for NASM specializations and the NASM Master Trainer Summit experience.

Do I have to set my own travel and accommodations?
Yes, accommodation and travel is not included in the purchase price.

Can I participate if I am not certified through NASM?
Individuals must have a valid NASM-CPT certification to become an NASM Master Trainer. You can continue to complete NASM specializations and move closer towards becoming an NASM Master Trainer, however, a valid NASM-CPT certification is required to become an NASM Master Trainer.

What do I do if my NASM-CPT expired before or during being in the Master Trainer program?
A current and valid NASM-CPT certification is required to be part of the Master Trainer program. Individuals who do not have a valid NASM-CPT certification must either retake and pass the NASM-CPT examination or recertify (if within the allotted recertification grace period).

What are the types of approved college degrees?
Approved degrees include Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology/Biomechanics, Physical Education, Nutrition/Dietetics, Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Occupational Therapy, Health Education, Public Health, and Sports Management.

How many specializations do I need to participate in the NASM Master Trainer program?
You will need a valid NASM-CPT, CES, and PES, plus one more Specialization or approved college degree.

Do I need all specializations prior to applying for the Master Trainer program?
Yes, you need to have a current/valid CPT, specializations, and/or degree at the time of application.

I am certified with NASM but have credentials with other organizations. Can those count towards a specialization?
Only NASM specializations or an accredited college degree in an exercise science-related program can be counted in the NASM Master Trainer program.

Will CEUs I’m obtaining while in NASM Master Trainer Program apply to recertification?
Yes, all CEUs will be counted toward NASM-CPT recertification.

Why should I complete the NASM Master Trainer program?
As an NASM Master Trainer you’ll gain credibility and recognition as an accomplished fitness professional. This designation also offers unique marketing and branding opportunities to help support your business, clients and career.

How long does it take to get through the NASM Master Trainer program?
It can vary. An individual must complete the NASM-CPT (typically takes 60-180 days), three NASM specializations (typically takes 4-12 months) and complete the NASM Master Trainer Summit experience (2-3 months, application, online course and attend live summit). It typically takes at least two years of training experience to complete the entire program, depending on your education, work history and level of dedication.

What happens after I become an NASM Master Trainer?
You’ll gain credibility and recognition as a select fitness professional from NASM and your peers. Unique marketing and branding opportunities will help support your business, clients and career. NASM will also recognize you through branded promotional items, online recognition and product discounts.

What’s the difference between an NASM-CPT and an NASM Master Trainer?
An NASM-CPT has displayed the necessary competence to complete and pass an accredited certification to work as a certified personal trainer. An NASM Master Trainer possesses a valid NASM-CPT certification, multiple NASM advanced specializations and has been evaluated by NASM faculty to be professionally recognized by NASM, as an NASM Master Trainer.

What if I’m considered a “Master Trainer” at my current employer?
Earning the NASM Master Trainer credential will not interfere with any designations you currently hold. In fact, earning the NASM Master Trainer credential will add to your current credibility and reputation as an accomplished fitness professional.

Will my clients know what an NASM Master Trainer is?
Some clients may know about the NASM Master Trainer program while others may not. After successfully completing the NASM Master Trainer program, you’ll be given access to unique branding and marketing opportunities to spread the word about your success.

Where will the NASM Master Trainer Summit be held?
These events will be held at various locations based on demands of the market and time of year. The events will be comprised of two components: the first is online and will help you get ready for the live event. The second is a live event where NASM faculty will further assess your abilities in practical applications.

Is it possible for me not to pass the NASM Master Trainer Summit?
Yes, it is possible to not pass the NASM Master Trainer Summit. Individuals in the NASM Master Trainer Summit must pass both an online component and demonstrate mastery of many coaching, communication and training elements while at the live event.

What happens if I do not pass the NASM Master Trainer Summit?
You will be given an opportunity at a remediation plan. If you don’t pass the remediation, you will receive CEU credit for participation, but not the Master Trainer designation. You must also wait one year to re-attempt the program.

What happens if I do not pass the online component of the NASM Master Trainer Summit?
Passing the NASM Master Trainer Summit event is accomplished through a cumulative score from both the online and live component. It would not be likely that you would pass the entire event if you did not perform well in the online component. That’s why we ask that you don’t attend the live event unless you have successfully completed the online component with a 70% or better score.

What can I expect at the NASM Master Trainer Summit experience?
It will cover many aspects of fitness training including; fitness testing and evaluation, exercise technique, program design, coaching and communication. Throughout the event, participants will be asked to speak, demonstrate and coach on a variety of topics while being evaluated by NASM faculty.

What should I bring to the NASM Master Trainer Summit experience?
Participants should bring workout attire, notepad and a pen.

How long do I have to complete the online component?
You will have four weeks to complete the online course.

If you have additional questions,
please contact an NASM Advisor at