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NASM is proud to recognize the following NASM Master Trainers.
With dedication and hard work, these trainers have received the highest honors in the fitness industry.
Are you interested in becoming an NASM Master Trainer?
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Andre Adams

Andre Adams

I have practiced as a certified personal trainer for 8 years (previously AFTA) while studying to pass all my NASM courses.

My NASM specializations currently include the FNS, PES, CPT and WLS with more to come! I run a private studio as an independent personal trainer and online fitness coach.

I am also an International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) Professional bodybuilder and former Mr.

Olympia competitor.

Since bodybuilding has grown into my niche market, many of my clients also have interests in contest prep.

I also work full-time as a mechanical engineer and product director at Centrisys Corporation in Kenosha WI (13 years) and hold an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Proud dad of 2 girls!



Michael Akana

I’ve been in the fitness and sports performance industry for 15 years and spent most of my career turning around struggling training departments. My true passion, however, is working with athletes and helping them get to the next level by teaching them optimal movement patterns and correcting any distortions that hinder their performance. I started my first performance training company OFFTHEFIELD.COM in 2012 where my team and I assisted head coaches with strength, speed, and conditioning for their athletes which resulted in 11 high school state championships along with 120 of those players signing college commitments including six of them earing the Gatorade Player of the Year award. I credit all of my success to the industry leading professionals, colleagues, coaches and mentors I’ve had along the way!

Email: mike@offthefield.com

Jill Albright

Jill Albright

Master Trainer with 19 years of experience. I have specialization a in Corrective Exercise, Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness, SAQ Training and Weightlifting. I am certified as a nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition and a health coach with institute of Integrative Nutrition. I currently train clients from my in-home studio, as well as, a virtual platform. I believe you need to focus on overall wellness to achieve your results.

Email: jillnikki77@aol.com


Tony Arreola

Tony is the CEO of Total Body Project Inc, a published author and a keynote speaker.

With over 15 years of experience, he's helped hundreds of clients lose thousands of pounds.

Tony is a certified NASM Master Trainer holding six certifications and two degrees, Engineering and Economics from UC Irvine.

He has completed five Ironman Triathlons, rode his bike from Canada to Mexico and finished the Boston Marathon.

Email: tonyarreola@totalbodyproject.com


Scott Bale

I have been in the fitness industry since 1988.

I have a private gym in Dallas where I specialize in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement.

I also use software that allows the client to help correct their movement dysfunctions on their own.

Email: scottbale1@verizon.net

Debbie Barry

Debbie Barry

At 56 years old, and a mother of five with two grandchildren, I feel better now than when I started jogging to lose weight at age 39.

After losing 53 pounds, I learned to swim and have completed triathlons, several half marathons, a full marathon, a 70 mile bike ride, and numerous 5k’s and 10k’s.

Fitness changed my life and my career and I am passing that on at California Family Fitness where I help to improve the quality of peoples’ lives every day.

NASM has been an essential part of this journey, having completed seven certifications through them that have benefited everyone I work with tremendously.


Jasiyah Bey

Coach Jasiyah 'Jai' Bey NASM MT, CPT, CES, PES, FNS, WFS, GFS, YES, MMACS, GPTS, SFS, SNS, WLS and Power Plate Level 1 & 2 Certified.

I have been into my fitness journey for 13 plus years.

I presently have my Associates of the Arts in Personal Training from the Optimal Performance Institute and I am enrolled in Cal U working toward my Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management.

I love what I do.

Email: jasiyahbey@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.uspt.dotfit.com

Eric Borzoni

Eric Borzoni

Eric Borzoni is a NASM Master Trainer based out of Long Island, New York and has been a health and fitness professional since 2013.

He specializes in a variety of areas giving clients the detail oriented training needed to reach their optional levels of fitness.

Whether a novice or competitive athlete you will experience and learn advanced techniques which will allow you to meet your fitness goals safely.

Eric is passionate and is dedicated to helping all clients reach their highest potential.

He will guide and encourage you to go farther than you ever thought possible.

Eric considers his clients to be family therefore takes great pride their success.

The transformation possibilities are endless.

Long Island, New York

Email: Borzonifitness@gmail.com


Amber Boyd

Amber Boyd

Email: amberluck8@aol.com

Matt Boyer

Matt Boyer

Matt has been in the training industry since 2011. He has a B.S. in Exercise Science from Indiana University and is currently pursuing his M.S. in Exercise Science and Health Promotion (Rehabilitation Sciences) from California University of Pennsylvania. He is a NASM Master Trainer, holding certifications including NASM CES, PES, FNS, ACSM CPT, ACE Health Coach, and PCS Level 1 GTS. He works for Anytime Fitness as a personal trainer/educator and for NASM as an online CPT Guided Study Mentor.

Chris Caufield

Has over 20 years of experience from working the gym floor as a trainer, fitness manager, area fitness director, vice president of fitness, and even a gym owner.

The passion for helping out not only his clients but new trainers and managers. The education is so important to lift the quality of the workout and level of results.

Last, I feel you need to be honest and do what is right for each client based on their goals, limitations, and needs. Shortcuts only lead to bigger issues.


Keith Chittenden

Keith is currently a Strength & Conditioning Specialist with distinction, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Golf Fitness Specialist, Certified Triathlon Coach, Master Personal Trainer, and Certified Full body Active Release Provider.

At present, he trains clients & athletes privately and at local institutions such as CrossFit Somers.

Keith is often consulted by athletes, fitness professionals and clients about Injury Prevention and Strength Conditioning programs.

Email: keithfit99@hotmail.com


Melissa Conte

Melissa has been working in the Health and Wellness field since receiving her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from Columbia University in New York.

She has worked in a myriad of diverse settings including major medical facilities, clinical rehabilitative and recreational sports centers.

Her certifications and areas of expertise include Post Rehabilitative & Corrective Exercise, Pilates, Active Isolated Stretching, Senior Fitness Specialist and NASM Master Trainer.

Email: Conte.melissa@gmail.com


Elizabeth Cox

Liz Cox has worked in the fitness industry for the last 18 years as a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and General Manager.

Liz specializes in behavior change, goal setting and corrective exercise and resides in Northbrook, Illinois with her husband and two children.

Sean Cristea

Email: smcristea.trainer@gmail.com


Darryl Cross

For over 30 years, Darryl has spoken to and coached over 10,000 athletes and business executives from over 100 countries on how to enhance performance and continuously improve results in business, sport and personal fitness.

He gives keynote speeches all over the world to trade associations, corporations and teams.

In addition to being a NASM Master Trainer, he also holds certifications as a Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Personal Training Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist.

He is also a certified coach with the International Rugby Board and serves as a fitness performance consultant for James Madison University and the University of Virginia.

Email: dc@rainmakerfitness.com

Joni Deardorff

I'm an Autism Warrior Mom of a 13-year-old son and my 11-year-old son is Bipolar and has ADHD. As a former overweight person and as a mom to special needs boys, fitness has taken on a whole new meaning to our family. I'm a personal trainer so that I can "pay it forward" and help others who may be in a similar situation that I found myself in not too long ago: overweight, young (WILD) children, NO CLUE WHAT TO DO!!! That's what I'm here for. That's what's important to me.

Website: http://www.jonideardorff-personaltrainer.com


Frank DeJesus

Email: BODYELITEFIT09@gmail.com


Benjamin Deppe

I have been in the health and fitness industry since 2009 and hold multiple nationally recognized certifications and qualifications from organizations such as: EXOS, USA Weightlifting,TRX, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, along with holding the designation of Master Trainer with NASM. I currently train clients in Utah and mentor with NASM in the Guided Study program, along with working towards a Master's Degree in Sport Conditioning and Human Performance from Southern Utah University.

Email: bdeppe11@gmail.com

Mathew Dockswell

I have over 30 years’ experience as a personal trainer. I have trained people for weight loss, bodybuilding, martial arts, sports and pre- and post-rehab.

Email: mdockswell@mac.com

Joshua Elsesser

Joshua Elsesser

Email: jelsesser@hotmail.com

Brad Evans

Brad Evans

Brad is currently a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, Behavior Change Specialist, and Master Personal Trainer. He focuses on Clientele seeking to better their health and physique through education based Sessions for long term success, utilizing both In Person and Online Personal Training. Brad is often consulted by those in need of support and guidance through Weight Loss, and those seeking to overcome mobility problems or physical difficulty through Corrective Exercise.

Email: bodyconstructstudios@gmail.com


Terrance Evans

I’ve studied Ergonomics and Anthropometry at the University of Michigan and later received training at the National Joint Committee on Health and Safety.

I continue to stay current on fitness trends with course work and lectures and have certification/specialization in Performance Enhancement, Customized Integrated Injury Prevention, Sharecare, Golf Fitness, Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning, Optimum Performance for seniors, TRX Suspension Training, and Women's Fitness.

I've recently open my own Fitness Studio in Beachwood, Ohio called EC Performance.

ECP's focus is on helping those who want to improve their overall health and functional fitness.

I'm currently involved in a drug rehabilitation program where I use my NASM training to help patients in recovery.

Email: tevansfitness@gmail.com

Brian Floyd

M.S. Human Movement- Sports Conditioning, NASM- Master Trainer, CES, PES, GPTS, FMS certified (Functional Movement Screen), TRX Suspension Trainer, USSA-Certified Coach Level 1 Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't-- you're right." In the 10 years that I have been in fitness, this quote always remains true.

I love not only fitness, but I love helping clients reach their goals and help them realize that anything is possible.

Working in sports and with kids for specific sports performance is something that has become a dedication and passion of mine, and its one of my favorite things to do.

Education is a huge part of my being.

I am always trying to see what else I can do to not only better myself but also better the people around me.

I teach the principles of functional movements through stability and mobility.

I enjoy sports, and working out.

I also love spending time with my two favorite ladies in my life.

Email: floydfactor2@gmail.com
Website: floydfactor2fitness.com

Mike Giliotti

Mike Gilliotti

Mike Giliotti is a New York City based private personal trainer that has been servicing clients for over ten years primarily in Manhattan and Staten Island. I provide motivation and a positive support system to help clients reach both their short term and long term goals. I use an innovative proven method of exercise technique and programming to help you achieve your goals. The full assessment allows us to build and customize a personal workout plan for each client geared towards his or her personal goals. My unique approach to training provides the best opportunity to attain your goals as quickly as possible with safety and your health always remaining the top priority. I take pride in challenging every client of all fitness levels to not only reach their goals, but to surpass their expectations.



Christopher Gould

Email: mindfirstfitness@gmail.com


Lee Gravlee

I've been a trainer since 1986.

My dad told me he didn't care what I did in life as long as I was the best.

How do you live up to that? I graduated college with an Exercise Science Degree; earned a Master's in Exercise Physiology, and hold seven certifications from NASM and CSCS from NSCA.

I absolutely love what I do and can't imagine doing anything else.

Email: leegravlee@gmail.com


Johnny Groff

Email: johnnygroff@gmail.com


Aaron Guy


NPC Competitive Bodybuilder, KBC Kettlebell Instructor, PCS- GFS-L1, PTA Global

Aaron is an Elite trainer in the Los Angeles area who has worked with a highly professional and discerning client base that has included Celebrities, an Executive Producer for "The Oprah Winfrey Show", The Senior VP for Gap, North America, the CEO and owner of Molitor Financial Group, an Executive Vice President for Weber Shandwick PR, a renowned PhD, author and Department Chair at the University of Chicago, a Boston Marathon Competitor and a Division I Big 10 College Athlete.

Email: aguypt@mac.com

Krystallo Halikiopoulos

Krystallo Halikiopoulos

I opened up a Pilates studio in 2007. Although I was certified in Pilates first, I incorporated other methods of training to the classical Pilates repertoire. For example, every class and personal training session includes functional, balance, strength, flexibility training along with corrective exercise. My clients range from the ages of 15 to 81, and they all have varied training skills, goals, and fitness levels. I have earned my Masters in Sports Science and Kinesiology at Hofstra University in 2014. This is my second career, as I was a trial lawyer before I decided to delve into the fitness world. I love helping clients learn about their bodies and enhance their movement and performance.



Andy Hanley

Email: andy@chamberfitness.com

Tara Hauck

Tara Hauck

Living on the beautiful beaches of Cayman for over 25 years, I have experience working with a large variety of special population individuals who desire results through integrated programming methods for health&fitness transformation. Using the NASM model for systematic fitness training, I get people moving at any age and skill set to make their goals into realities. I teach the NASM certification to other local trainers. Get moving, get healthy, get the support of solid exercise programming, nutritional advice, and ongoing testing.

Email: tarafood@msn.com

Website: www.vitalitycayman.com


Amanda Hill

Amanda Kate Hill has been a Fitness & Nutrition coach since 2007.

She is proud to be a NASM Master Trainer and a Certified L1 Precision Nutrition Coach.

Since 2009 AKH has owned a private one-on-one studio where she coaches clients. Most of her focus with clients is to get them moving and feeling better than ever at any age.

You can find AKH in the studio making up "fun" things for her clients to do, out riding her bike with a gang of 40 year olds, or hiking the trails of the Bay Area with her wife and two incredibly cute rescue chihuahuas.

Email: akh.cpt@gmail.com
Website: http://amandakatehill.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akhfitnut/


Daniel Hocutt

My journey began at the weight of 330lbs.

I began to train hard, train myself, earned my NASM CPT with the goal of one day being the very best at what I do.

It's an honor to be called a NASM Master Trainer and know you live the lifestyle every day!

Email: ox@oxercise.com


Joshua Huff

Email: solidfitness@hotmail.com


Tim Hulsker

Email: trainertim@ymail.com

Nolan Hyland

Nolan Hyland

Nolan Hyland is one of the top Certified Training Professionals in the Phoenix area. He is NASM certified and also holds certifications in Fitness Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, and Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning. Nolan considers himself a coach first and foremost and takes this mentality when approaching his client's goals. He takes pride in having such a diverse clientele: Pro athletes, business professionals, weight loss, and post rehab (just to name a few specializations).

Competing as a professional MMA fighter he's trained with some of the top athletes and coaches in the world. Nolan is looking forward to the future of Personal Training and all the exciting growth in the industry.  

Email: nolan.hyland@gmail.com

Ethan Jamison

Ethan Jamison

Ethan is from Rochester, NY and has 4 years of training experience.

His passion for athletics and for education have led him to work with many local sports teams ranging from youth to varsity athletes. Ethan is an Olympic lifting coach, as well. He works as a strength coach/educator at a private training studio in Rochester.

Email: jamisone12@gmail.com

Megan Johnson

Megan Johnson

Megan Johnson McCullough is the owner of Every BODY's Fit in Oceanside, CA.

At her fitness studio she focuses on spreading her passion for health and wellness through movement, activity, and teaching healthy lifestyle habits that are sustainable.

Her qualifications include an M.A. in Physical Education and Health Science, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, Wellness Coach, Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist, and AFAA Group Exercise Instructor (Aqua, Cycle, Yoga, Zumba).

Megan is a Professional INBA bodybuilder.

She played college basketball so enjoys coaching as well and spending time with her husband and pugs named Phil Jackson and Steve Nash.



Jarod Langness

I have been a personal trainer since 1999.

Over the years I have been a Floor Supervisor, Assistant Fitness Manager and have managed three different fitness departments.

I am NASM CPT, CES, PES, and WLS as well as Master Trainer certified.

I have also been USA Weightlifting certified as a Sports performance coach.

Along with my current role as a Team Development Manager, I am also a Metabolic Technician, Life Time Academy Lab Instructor and writer for Life Time Fitness Core3training.


I have contributed to the Colorado Springs CBS affiliate, KKTV, for their Workout Wednesday segments and blogs for 3 years.

Email: jdlangness@yahoo.com


Joe Lee

Joseph Lee is a US Army infantry veteran and current member of the PA National Guard's elite Stryker brigade.

He has been an NASM Master trainer since 2015.

Joseph graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master's degree from California University of PA in Sports Management, Health and Wellness in 2013.

He is the owner of Wolfpack PT in Souderton, PA.

He is also a specialist in Women's Fitness, MMA Conditioning and Weight Loss through NASM.

Email: joe.lee.pt@gmail.com

Josef Lefkowitz

Fitness and Wellness Has Been More Than a Love for Me, I Am Passionate About Creating a Healthy Mind. When We Are Conscious About How We Think and Feel We Create Lasting Change. Having Lost 100 Pounds of Weight (Personally) I Now Help Other's Achieve Their Dreams. It has been My Honor And Privilege Doing What I Love, I Continue To Help My Clients Avoid The Many Pitfalls That There Are. And I Will Continue to Help Other's Achieve Their Goals and dreams Until the Day I Die!!!

Email: 1on1fitnessandwellness@gmail.com
Website: www.1on1fitnessandwellness.com

Eilon Kedem

Eilon served in the Israeli forces for 3 years (2002-2005) as a first Sargent and a crew commander in the Navy.

He also Won the 2005 "Krav Maga” championship of the Israeli forces.

He was a professional boxer (2005-2011) in the super bantam weight division ranked #250 in the world.

Eilon is in his first year of his Bachelor’s degree for sport psychology.

Email: eilonkedem@gmail.com

Kristopher Kennington

Email: krink11@aol.com

Derrick Ketchen

Derrick Ketchen

"...Fitness is not about how many different letters you have behind your name, but expanding your knowledge to give you the tools to provide your clients with the best possible results..."

Derrick Ketchen is a driven and motivated individual with a strong, raw passion for fitness. He currently holds fifteen fitness certifications and counting, thirteen which are from NASM (CPT, MMACS, GFS, SFS, YES, FNS, WFS, WLS, GPTS, BCS, CES and PES). He is also TRX certified. Derrick's overall attitude to fitness is that there's always more to do, more people to help, more strength to gain and more results to obtain. In addition to being a Certified Master Trainer, Derrick is also a software developer and has three Master's Degrees in: Cyber Security, Management, and an MBA.

Email: focusedintensityfitness@gmail.com

Donny Kim

I am a South Korean-born 50 years old Master Trainer and Professional Natural Bodybuilder with 32 year’s experience.

I reside in Tampa Bay area with my beautiful wife, Angela and my amazing son, Michael.

Starting at age of 4, I have been involved in multiple sports and martial arts, and continue to stay active by currently holding Open and Master title in bodybuilding.

Besides covering the whole spectrum of fitness and nutrition, I have become a layman - expert by currently training 3 anti- aging physicians.

I hope to continue Beach more people with my knowledge and passion.

Email: donnykimfit@gmail.com

International Jin Kim


Candidate in Sports Medicine (Kyunghee University) KFTA(Korea functional training acdemy) Manager NASM CPT, CES, PES TRX, IKFF KETTLEBELL, TRIGER POINT internetional master trainer JINFIT personal training CEO, Founder

Sungyong Kim

Sungyong Kim

Sungyong Kim lives in South Korea. He's worked for eight years as manager at the World Gym.

He has a master`s degree in graduate Korea National Sport University(societly & management).

He is eligible master IKFF Kettlbell(2016), STROOPS(2016) And he attained National Academy of Sports Medicine - CPT (2016), CES (2015), PES (2016), and Master Trainer (2016).

Currently working as an instructor for the KFTA and teaching baseball players and ice hockey players.

He love to help other people and continuing his education is a habit and a way of life.

He is currently an amateur marathoners and kettlebell lifter.

Email: syong2897@gmail.com


Melissa Mae Lantz

Combat Air Force veteran and mother of three, Melissa is passionate about the health and fitness industry.  Melissa is a NASM Master Trainer and holds seven certifications and two degrees, a BS in Business Management and a MS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.  Melissa specializes in pre and postnatal fitness and helping mothers create healthy fit families.   Melissa also is an avid runner and NPC competitor.

Email: Lantzfitness@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.me/Lantzfitnesscoach

Robin Lee

Changhun (Robin) Lee



Josef Lefkowitz

Fitness And Wellness Has Been More Than a Love For Me, I Am Passionate About Creating A Healthy Mind, Body, And Soul.

I Have 8 years of study, (And Personally Lost 80 Pounds).

Drawing From My Own Experience I Am Able To Guide Clients Around The Common Painful Pitfalls In Their Pursuit Of Health & Fitness.

Email: 1on1fitnessandwellness@gmail.com


Nora Lundin

NASM Master Trainer, CES, FNS, PES.

Nora has been a successful trainer at The Fitstop Health Club in Heber City, Utah for 15 years.

In addition to having a full client load, specializing in senior fitness, Nora is a Personal Training Manager and Education Director at the club.

Nora and her family are care takers of a century old farm where they raise all natural grass fed beef and pasture pork.

Fitness is keeping Nora strong and sane enough to keep up with this rigorous lifestyle.

Email: nora@teamfitstop.com

Mason Maas

Email: mason.maas@gmail.com


Jimmy Mackey

Jimmy Mackey earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Langston University in Physical Education.

He is also an NASM – Master Trainer - CPT, PES, CES, FNS, WFS, SFS, WLS, GFS, GPTS, MMACS and specializes in working with athletes, your everyday Jane and Joe to reach optimal levels of fitness and performance.

He's a native from the islands of the Bahamas and loves traveling, training and reading.

Email: jimmy@macfit360.com

Nino Magaddino

Nino Magaddino

Nino Magaddino has been with NASM for over 10 years and a Master Trainer since 2015. His specializations include the CES, PES, FNS, and BCS. He is the owner of Max Flex Fitness and Wellness consultants in the Southwest Florida area. Max Flex Fitness services include Personal training, Small Group, Nutrition consultation, and Corporate Fitness and Wellness.

Email: nmagaddino@yahoo.com

Kinsey Mahaffey

Kinsey Mahaffey

Kinsey earned her bachelor’s degree in Health from the University of Houston, and her Master’s Degree in Public Health in the Health Promotion/Behavioral Sciences Division from the UT School of Public Health in Houston.

Kinsey is an NASM Master Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ACE certified Health Coach and NCHEC Certified Health Education Specialist.

As a Master Trainer and Health Coach, Kinsey is passionate about using her knowledge in fitness, health promotion, and behavioral sciences to help others reach their health and fitness goals. She specializes in helping her clients develop a personalized plan to create sustainable change for a lifetime of health.

Email: kinsey.cave@hotmail.com

Adam Marks

Adam Marks

Adam works for a company called HealthEase and is the Fitness Center Manager at the Saint Gobain Corporation in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

In addition to his NASM certifications (Master Trainer, CPT, WFS, FNS, CES) he is also a Functional Movement Specialist with Functional Movement Systems.

Adam grew up around sports, playing Football and Lacrosse in high school and coaching youth and kids teams at various summer camps when he was a teenager and throughout college.

Adam specializes in health and wellness coaching, functional movement, physical therapy and rehabilitation, weight training and metabolic conditioning.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Adam lives in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania with his wife Jessica, his son, Gavin, his daughter, Lilla, and his dog, Shaker.

Email: amarks555@yahoo.com

Gregg McGuire

Gregg McGuire

Gregg has been a CPT with NASM since 2007. Now a Master Trainer with 6 NASM specializations. I worked as a strength coach on the high school level for over 10 years and now run my business as an independent trainer, based in Chatsworth, CA.

Helping other people live a healthy lifestyle and making better choices is my greatest passion in fitness.

Clyde Mealy

Clyde Mealy

Over 16-years ago, I weighed 307 lbs. and my blood pressure was 240/170. Since that time, I lost over 100 pounds, maintained a healthy weight, body fat 9.6%, and healthier lifestyle.

As a fitness professional and owner of "Create a Healthier Body" in South Orange County California, I continue to inspire others to live healthier lives.

I achieve this through nutrition, movement, motivation, and education one client at a time.

Email: clydeomite@gmail.com


Andrew Mills

Andrew Mills lives in St.

Louis, Missouri where he co-founded Achieve Wellness, a center that focuses on preventive wellness care through the application and integration of NASM behavior, nutrition, corrective, and performance models for both athlete and special population.

Andrew sees wellness as the continual development of purpose by dynamically integrating the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of a person's life, with purpose to live a meaningful life.

For Andrew, continuing his education is a habit and a way of life.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with emphasis on Creative Writing (2013) and attained National Academy of Sports Medicine- CPT (2010), FNS (2012), CES (2013), PES (2014), BCS (2016), and Master Trainer (2015).

Email: andrew@achievewellness-stl.com

Jerry Miezin

Jerry Miezin

Jerry Miezin, Master Trainer (CPT, CES, PES, WFS), Founder and CEO of At Home Athlete, LLC - Northeast, OH, mobile fitness studio incorporating highly specific, evidence-based exercise programing, designed in an environment most suitable to you.

Jerry's specialities encompass corrective exercising, human performance research, functional movement screening, and fall prevention, while innovating healthcare through with his robust, continual education in business analytics, neuropsychology, and public health.

Jerry has an endless pursuit to impact and extend individuals, families, and communities health and well-being through exercise.

Email: miezinj@athomeathlete.com

Travis Moore2

Travis Moore

Travis Moore is the owner of DMV Fitness LLC, based in the DC Metropolitan area making fitness goals into success stories. Travis specializes in Sports Performance Training, Injury Prevention, Weight Loss Management, and Martial Arts. Travis has made numerous radio show appearances on Be100 Radio and ARS Atlanta, as well as keynote speaking events. Travis is committed to being in the best interest of everyone he works with and encounter, leaving value in every way possible.


Tia Murray

I am from New Haven Ct.

I began personal training 3 years ago, when I received my first certification through NASM.

I also hold the WLS, PES and CES.

I played basketball and also boxed for a short time.

I fell in love with fitness and the thought of being able to help others lose weight like I had to myself, also create programs for athletes to prevent injuries.

My knowledge that I gained through NASM landed me the job of training the former World Champion Bad Chad Dawson.

Email: tiamurr49@gmail.com

Jason Nelson

Jason Nelson

Jason Nelson is CEO of Body Image Fitness and a certified Master Trainer with the NASM. With over ten years’ experience as a fitness trainer and entrepreneur, he has helped people of all ages and at all fitness levels become healthier through his unique motivational training and coaching. Jason can be reached for private consultations via email by visiting Body Image Fitness.

Email: jnelson0580@yahoo.com
Body Image Fitness


Phil Nicolaou

Hi I'm Dr. Phil Nicolaou NASM master trainer and doctor of exercise science.I've been in the industry since ‘99 and have helped many people; from chronic diseases to the deconditioned.

I am a hardcore Devil's hockey fan and avid fitness enthusiast.

I became a master trainer through NASM to be the best of the best!

Email: ifpamastertrainer@gmail.com


Daniel Nino

Email: danielnino85@gmail.com


Jerry North

Email: j.north@earthlink.net

Heather Nusbaum

Heather Nusbaum

I am a NASM Master Trainer CPT, CES, PES, YES with additional specialties: Melt Instructor, TRX TEAM Camp Certified, P90x, & Paws for Fitness.

My goal as a CEO and trainer is to help you exceed your goal by helping make happy, healthier people & pups.

I have over 20 years working in different industries as an accountant and I’ve now been in the fitness industry for over 5 years.

In our Brick & Mortar location we offer G.O.T. Fitness (a class that starts at the most restricted level of fitness and goes up), Paws for Fitness (canine/human fitness classes), P90x, TRX, The MELT Method, and so much more… As a trainer, I enjoy working with everyone, but I especially enjoy working with individuals who are in chronic pain and looking for a way out, getting back in shape, have historic injuries, or need corrective movements.

What better way to help people, then to make the pain go away.

Email: heather@nutreefitness.com

Theresa Osborne

Theresa Osborne

Theresa Osborne is a National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM) Master Trainer from Walla Walla, Washington.

She graduated with her Masters in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Enhancement and Injury Prevention in 2012.

She holds certifications from NASM including Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Performance Enhancement Specialist.

Theresa is also certified through the American Sport Education Program and the National Association of Speed and Explosion.

Before coming to Walla Walla, Theresa rowed for the University of Tampa where she received her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science.

Adam Ortman

Adam Ortman

I graduated from Miami University with a B.S. in Kinesiology & Health in 2012.

Since then I have had the opportunity to oversee coaching departments with Anytime Fitness in Southwest Ohio.

I currently oversee 20 coaches & personally coach 8 clients.

My passion & drive come from continued development & human behavior.

If we are always bettering ourselves, we are better able to coach our clients & allow them to live the lives they desire.

Lastly, I love to uncover why someone chooses to do what they do.

If we can understand the client's "why" we become stronger and more influential coaches!


International Yeeonjoong Park

Yeonjoong Park


Internation Youngchul Park

Youngchul Park

Youngchul Park has the following credentials: KFTA Master Instructor, Barefoot, Trigger Point Master Instructor, USGTF Golf Teaching Pro, TPI Golf Fitness Instructor Level 3, Mr. Korea, Mr. Asia, Mr. Universe, Body-building Champion, NASM CPT, CES, PES, GFS


Janell Petalver

Email: speedracerjhi@yahoo.com


James Redding

Email: nasmtrainerhouston@yahoo.com


Crystal Reeves

Crystal is an NASM Master Trainer.

She has a B.A in Exercise Science and Health with an emphasis in coaching and is a 10 year veteran in the fitness industry.

In addition to being a CPT she holds advanced specializations as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Behavior Change Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Group Personal Training Specialist and Youth Fitness Specialist.

Crystal is a mother and co-owner of Madsweat in Scottsdale, AZ.

Email: crystal@madsweat.com


Melissa Rivers, M.S., Master NASM - CPT, CES, FNS

Melissa has been involved in all aspects of the fitness industry for over 10 years and she is currently a Master Trainer with NASM.

After earning her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, Melissa moved to Washington, DC, to pursue her passion in fitness.

She believes that anyone can reach his or her health and wellness goals with motivation, accountability, and a custom designed program.

Melissa is currently working towards opening her own facility in the Northwest DC area.

She enjoys running, yoga, weight training, and she competes with the National Physique Committee.

Email: melissaannrivers@gmail.com


Max Rocans

Max Rocans earned his bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University in Business Marketing .

He is also a NASM - Master Trainer - CPT, PES, CES, FNS, SNS, WLS, MMA .

He specializes in weight loss and physique show prep.

He's from the San Francisco Bay Area and loves video games, spartan races, and documentaries.

Email: maxrocans@gmail.com

Jonathan Rose

Jonathan Rose

Jonathan Rose is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Master Trainer who is passionate about helping people make exercise and a healthy lifestyle a lifetime commitment so they can reap the many amazing benefits.

He is the owner of Training for All Ages in Los Angeles, California.

Since 1992 he has been helping people of all ages get on an individualized exercise program specifically designed for his clients so they can achieve their health and fitness goals and address their body's needs.

One can have the best program in the world, however if they aren't exercising regularly they will not experience the amazing benefits exercise offers.

Jonathan specializes in working with seniors and people who have Parkinson's.

He trains the person with Parkinson's to do exercises on their own and/or their caregivers and family members so they can exercise more than the times he sees them to reduce and manage their symptoms.

Exercise is like medication for a person with Parkinson's.

Jonathan has a B.S. in Sports and Exercise Science and holds NASM advanced specializations in Corrective Exercise (CES), Weight Loss (WLS), Behavior Change (BCS), and Senior Fitness (SFS).


Darryl Rosenbaum

Email: darryl@rpmiami.com

Bill Ross

Bill Ross

I am a former Strength and Conditioning Coach for Metro State University of Denver.

I specialize in getting results by overcoming the obstacles YOU have developed over the years.

I use my knowledge of fitness and holistic living to design custom plans with achievable results every time.

When I am not coaching my clients I enjoy spending time with my wife and dogs enjoying everything Colorado has to offer.

I have been training clients for 24 years now and still love it today!

Email: bill@billrossfit.com

Gregory Ryan

Email: gryan211@hotmail.com

Nick Savas

Nick Savas holds every specialty NASM offers and is recognized as a Master Trainer. Uniquely, he earned this title while serving in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as an Airborne Combat Medic. Shortly after returning home he earned the rare distinction of Master Fitness Trainer in the United States Army. Currently, he holds a Medical Instructor position in Fort Knox, Kentucky and has a long history of instruction in various disciplines to include Hand-to-Hand Combat, Marksmanship, Anti-Terror, Emergency Trauma, and more.

Nick believes strongly that education in addition to experience encourages success. He has completed five separate college degree programs and plans for more. Nick has a genuine love for health and recently scored one of the highest physical testing scores ever recorded by the US Army. He is a TRX Force Level II Trainer with multiple certifications ranging from CPR/First Aid Instructor to EMT to Tactical Athlete to you name it.

Email: goodguy162000@yahoo.com



Windy Schluter2

Windy Schluter

I went through a NASM certification course at a trade school ATI in North Richland Hills Texas, where I was really lucky to get hands on training.

My goal as a personal trainer is to help people learn how to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

I enjoy teaching them the balance so that they don't have to live in the gym or on the couch, instead the joy of having an active life.



Brian Dean Schwietzerof

Email: brian_dean5@sbcglobal.net


Zachary Segal

Zachary Segal has developed an exercise system based on rotation and midline orientation of joints and limbs.

He enjoys developing mobility, movement refinement, and movement freedom with motivated clients.

Zach draws upon several sources such as sport medicine, Kung fu, dance, and movement therapy to build stronger, more agile, more vibrant, more durable, kinesthetically aware clients.

Email: Zach@threadmovement.com

Tyler Shamaly

Tyler Shamaly

A step ahead of the rest, Tyler is an exceptional Personal Trainer versed in many different areas of expertise. With a background in many forms of exercise as well as many certifications, Tyler continuously works to become the best he can be. As of late, his most recent endeavor was opening up his own Personal Training Studio in Oxford, CT named Ascension Performance. Through his facility, Tyler aspires to teach others what he has learned as well as make an impact in the community.


Bryant Sharifi

Bryant Sharifi

I believe that the fitness industry has a responsibility for trainers and coaches to have proper credentials and continue their education regularly. Today, my dream is for my business (Perform for Life) to be at the forefront of the industry by fostering opportunities for trainers to build their professional careers. Through my leadership my goal is to mentor a new generation of trainers and coaches who will bring outstanding professionalism to the industry

International Ungi Shin

Ungi Shin

CEO of BODYSTAR GYM (2002) Former Seoul Sport Council Director (2011) Former Seoul Sport Council Bodybuilding Head Coach (2011) CEO of HanKook Sportech (2012) 1st degree registered body building Referee(2013) Trigger Point Instructor (2016) Certified NASM CPT, CES, PES (2016) Certified NSCA CPT (2016) Current member of KFTA (2016)

Ray Shonk

Ray Shonk

Ray is the owner of Quest Fitness in Grand Rapids Michigan and is a NASM-Master Trainer, MMACS, PES, SFS, WLS, a certified Tai Chi and Qigong instructor through the American Tai Chi & Qigong Association, and Insanity certified.

Email: raymond.shonk@gmail.com


Tony Sottile

Email: tonyjsottile@gmail.com


Levi Sowerby

Fitness model by day, writer by night.

Health and wellness consultant behind a suit, Levi lives and breathes health.

His fitness journey began in high school gymnastics, where he ranked 7th in the nation in 2005 on floor and vault, despite suffering a spinal injury.

Later being diagnosed with inoperable anterior spondylolisthesis he was told he had two weeks left to walk before becoming paraplegic.

This ignited a relentless journey into learning alternative corrective methods; Neuromuscular, Myofascial, Orthopedic Alignment, Z-Health Applied Neurology, NASM Master Trainer (CES, PES, FNS, MMASC).

He not only continues to walk but is completely pain-free and has an incredible passion for bringing others out of pain, into alignment and understanding deeper levels of their potential in health and fitness.

With this mindset he works using a unique blend of methods and is excited to be part of the NASM community.

Email: ldsowerby@gmail.com


Karl Sterling

Email: Karl@physiochains.com


Matthew Surratt

Email: uromastix@gmail.com

Richard Totten

I have nine years of professional experience in the sports training and physical therapy field. I played varsity football, baseball and basketball for 10 years before my professional certification and understand what it takes to be successful in every sport. I competed in local body building shows, placing 2nd overall in my first competition (2009), in my second competition (2010) also 2nd overall, & my last competition in a NPC Show where as I placed 6th overall (2014). In my studies of the physical therapy, I gain two years of additional experience & knowledge working under a licensed physical therapist. My passion is helping others build a better body and developing a healthier lifestyle.

Email: undergroundmusclellc@yahoo.com

Bryan Vahjen

BS Kinesiology, CPT, CES, PES, FNS, SFS, GFS, WLS, YFS

Prescribing exercise programs since 2005.  Working in all aspects of the Fitness Industry, Commercial, Corporate, and Collegiate.

Currently based out of sunny Scottsdale Arizona working for NASM.

His passion for fitness comes from helping others change their outlook with physical activity!

Bryan is a competitive cyclist that holds many state and series championships in multiple disciplines.

Email: Bryan.Vahjen@nasm.org

Alyssa Vasquez

I have been in the fitness industry since 2009. I am currently a Success Coach with NASM in Arizona. Prior to coming here, I trained full-time in Scottsdale. My Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Arizona State has helped me immensely in gaining a footing in understanding anatomy and fitness. I hold all the NASM specializations, and love to continue learning. Though I specialize in CrossFit training, I maintain that each client is unique and their program should reflect their unique needs and goals.

Shawn Visintin

Shawn Visintin is an internationally renowned Holistic Health and Performance Specialist based out of Bozeman, Montana. His upbringing in the beautiful and sometimes unforgiving outdoors of Montana and Hawaii developed his unique and assertive approach to helping others achieve their maximum potential. He has devoted many years to training a broad range of clientele to include: Outdoor Adventure Athletes, US Military Special Operations Forces candidates, junior high, collegiate, and semi-pro athletes, all the way to soccer moms, grandparents and the average Joes. He currently owns and operates V.S.S. Coaching and Precision Personal Training, both Health and Performance companies that specialize in Lifestyle Modification for national and international clientele. Shawn is also a Lead Instructor for RIKR Defense, the world’s leading experts in Combative Human Performance. 

Website: http://www.vsscoaching.com/


DeWayne Unger

Email: wildcard@comcast.net

David Wang

David Wang

Since the age of 18, I have been practicing as a certified personal trainer. Since then, I have graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Biology: Applied Physiology, become a NASM Master Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), and am currently also a physique and strength focused athlete and fitness model.

I strive to help my clients to the best of my abilities through combination of thorough assessment and expertise to help ensure success and also do my best to be a good example for others.

I have trained individuals of all ages and currently am training clients through my private business in Los Angeles - my aim to continue growing to ultimately help more people reach their fitness and health goals. It has always been my dream to help others through the field of health and every day I am grateful for the opportunity.

Email: davidwangfitness@gmail.com


Jim Westphal

James Westphal has 20+ years in the Fitness Industry with his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion from California University at PA with his Bachelors in Health & Human Performance from Bellevue University.

James is the head strength coach for the Huskers Circle of Stars and an IDEA Dive Rescue Instructor.

Certifications Include NASE Level II Speed coach NASM MS CPT, PES, CES, YES and SFS

Email: ideadivepro@gmail.com


Maurice Williams

Owner & Personal Trainer, Move Well Fitness, LLC.

Owner & Lead Educator, Move Well Fit Academy

Maurice Williams offers a rare combination of advanced academic training, personal experience as a competitive athlete, and seventeen years of experience in personal fitness and training. That combination –- a strong understanding of exercise and sport science and clinical exercise physiology, the determination of a competitive athlete, and broad fitness experience –- makes Maurice uniquely effective in helping his clients meet their health and fitness goals. He has a BS in Exercise/Sport Science from Elon College (Now Elon University) and an MS in Clinical Exercise Physiology from Ohio University.

Email: maurice@movewellfit.com

Brandon Wilson

Brandon Wilson

Brandon is from Houston, Texas and has 10 years of experience in the fitness industry.

After 7 years of building his own training business in the US, Brandon recently moved to Germany.

He is currently living and traveling in Europe getting international experience and training online.

Brandon is also finishing his BS in Exercise Science at Eastern Oregon University.

Email: myfittrainers@icloud.com

Heather Wise

Email: heatherskaleski@gmail.com

Kendall Wood

Email: kwoodnile@yahoo.com


Russell Wynter

Russell is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Master Trainer and recipient of the 2015 NASM Master Trainer of the Year award.

He’s also the co-owner of "Madsweat", a personal training company in Scottsdale, Az.

As a Certified Personal Trainer he combines his almost 14 years of experience and education to help clients from all walks of life lose weight, improve sports performance and live overall healthier lives.

He also holds NASM advanced specializations in Corrective Exercise (CES), Performance Enhancement (PES), Golf Fitness (GFS), MMA Conditioning (MMACS), Fitness Nutrition (FNS), Behavior Change (BCS) and Group Personal Training (GPTS).

Email: russell@madsweat.com


Michael Yaremko

I am a NASM Master Trainer with specializations in Corrective Exercise, Golf Fitness, and Weight Loss.

I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Sports Management with a focus in Wellness and Fitness.

In 2011, I opened Yaremko Sports & Personal Training and recently created BluePaint Training, which is an ice hockey goalie specific program.

I have experience playing hockey at the collegiate and professional levels and currently coach at a nationally recognized goalie school and work as the Strength and Conditioning Coach and Goalie Coach at the West Virginia University Ice Hockey program.

Email: myaremko.my@gmail.com

Akiko Yoshii-Johnson

Email: akiko_yoshii525@hotmail.com


Kathy Zetterberg

Kathy is a Master Trainer with NASM and the owner of Fitness at the Lake in Southern California.

She has an undergraduate degree in kinesiology and will be graduating in December 2016 with a Master’s of Science Degree from California University of Pennsylvania, in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention.

Kathy has been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years and holds several certifications with NASM including CES, PES and GFS.

Prior to becoming a NASM certified personal trainer, Kathy was teaching tennis professionally.

Outside of work and school, Kathy is a competitive triathlete, an avid golfer and loves to paddleboard with her husband and daughter.

Kathy believes that each client is not just a collection of muscles to be exercised, but a complex individual with a unique mind, body, and spirit interplay.

Email: faithinfitness@hotmail.com

Khalil Shakeel

Khalil Shakeel

Coach Khalil has been an athlete all his childhood and has an extensive boxing background, being both a former military boxing champion and professional boxing champion. How Coach Khalil found NASM is quite unique, caring for his late wife for 22-months as she battled breast cancer.

After her passing, Coach Khalil had found that he was extremely out of shape. As he began to get himself back in shape, he decided to look at some of the personal training organizations as a way that would help him. He began his studies with NASM, and trained himself in the way NASM said was best. And that was the beginning of his journey that lead him to be a Master Trainer.