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Bellevue College

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As the third largest institution of higher learning in Washington, we open the door of higher education to more than 32,000 students each year.


The Personal Fitness Trainer Program is a 19-credit college program that prepares students for a career as a personal trainer and to sit for a national exam. Courses included are Anatomical Kinesiology, Wellness Coaching, Athletic Fitness and onsite practical internship.

Type of School:

We are a two and 4 year institution, offering bachelor’s degrees along with many professional technical certificates.

Certificates in Personal Fitness Training and Yoga

Bachelor’s in Health & Wellness

Additional Info:

  • Students can complete Personal Trainer classes in three quarters!
  • Beginning in Fall term is advised
  • Students graduate with their CPR/First Aid credential
  • Onsite internship required for certificate completion
  • PFT Certificate is excellent pathway to jobs and 4 year degrees

Program Delivery:

On-ground with a mix of online learning (no fully online classes for PFT program)

Program Location:

Bellevue, WA


The PFT certificate is a high quality program that has directly impacted my ability to think critically about human movement, healthy lifestyles, and muscle imbalances. The program has a cohort feel and professor’s make all courses apply to real life.

The PFT program at Bellevue College prepare me to take and pass the NASM exam on my first try; the internship/employment experience, and our "life" discussions all helped me accomplish this goal. I cannot begin to thank you enough! THANK YOU!!!

Thank goodness you recruited one of your students for us, he continues to serve us beyond expectations!!
-Community Partner hiring PFT student (South Bellevue Community Center)

Classes prepared me to enter into a 4 year kinesiology program! Courses were fun, engaging, and applied to real life. The college is so lucky to have the PFT faculty and courses.

Courses are pragmatic in design and deliberate in helping cover the national exam materials. Practical courses are also really fun-especially athletic fitness where we are asked to lead workout sessions for the class! These ended up being foundation for small group classes I now teach as at the YMCA.

I don't think I would have ever gained the confidence and motivation to do everything I have done or will do in the future if it wasn’t for the mentor ship and great personal training program. I will forever be grateful.

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