Better Program Design –
the NASM OPT Model

NASM Success Live Webinar

Thursday, September 20th (11am PDT/1pm CDT/2pm EDT)

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The OPT model - or Optimum Performance Training Model—is one of the industry’s first training systems based on evidence and scientific principles. The OPT Model takes the guesswork out of creating customized workouts that drive clients to their goals, no matter their age or athletic ability.

In this special webinar, Senior Program Advisor Bryan Vahjen and Master Instructor Rich Fahmy dive into the OPT Model, discussing its foundational concepts and how each phase of the model contribute to total fitness.

Rich Fahmy

NASM Master Instructor

Bryan Vahjen


Here are some of the topics this webinar will cover:

  • Deeper understanding of the science behind the OPT model
  • How to apply the OPT model to client programming
  • And much, much more