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Defining The Role of a Certified Nutrition Coach

NASM Live Success Webinar

Tuesday, June 18 (11am PDT/2pm EDT)

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Join NASM Content Development & Production Manager Brian Sutton and NASM Product Content Developer Andrew Payne as they discuss the responsibilities of being a Certified Nutrition Coach.

Brian Sutton

NASM Content Development & Production Manager

Andrew Payne

NASM Product Content Developer

Topics include:

  • Do’s and don’ts of offering nutritional guidance
  • Distinguishing between the roles of a Certified Nutrition Coach and a Registered Dietician
  • Key differences in individual state’s regulations, as well as between green, yellow, and red states
  • Why writing a specific meal plan may not be the most effective strategy
  • How to effectively integrate nutrition coaching into your training practice

And much more! Plus they’ll answer any questions you might have. This is the perfect webinar for recent NASM-CNCs, as well as those interested in becoming one.