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Step Up Your Game:
Careers as an NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

NASM Live Success Webinar #8

Tuesday, May 21 (11am PST)

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Ever dreamed of training athletes for a living? Teaching them all the necessary skills to take their game to the next level – no matter what level of athlete they happen to be?

In this game-winning webinar, NASM Product Manager Ian Montel and NASM Sr. Program Advisor Matt Bauman will explain all the benefits of the NASM Performance Enhancement Specialization (NASM-PES) - and how to use it to build a thriving career!

Ian Montel

NASM Product Manager

Matt Bauman

Sr. Program Advisor

Highlights include:

  • Overview of NASM-PES, including the science behind human movement and sports performance
  • Working with all levels of athletes – from weekend warriors, to pro-level
  • Mastering dynamic exercise techniques that help maximize performance for all your clients
  • Gaining expertise with information about sports psychology, nutrition and ergogenic aids
  • How to tap into new markets, including colleges and corporations

And much more! There will also be Q&As, and a giveaway, so be sure to sign up!