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**Textbook Only**

The 5th edition of Essentials of Personal Fitness Training has been revised to meet the needs of the fitness industry by producing a more highly qualified and employable personal trainer. The text is sequenced to create a learning experience that exposes students to concepts as they would be relevant in the natural education and development process seen in the industry, creating a logical progression from student to professional.

Improved and Updated Content for the New Fitness Professional

  • Re-sequenced chapters and information to convey your transition from student to professional trainer.
  • Increased focus on application and program design; with four full chapters devoted solely to program design.
  • Two new chapters on business and soft skills to prepare you for client acquisition and retention.
  • A dedicated exercise technique chapter with in-depth descriptions and variations of exercises to bring greater awareness of human movement in action and to improve your ability to develop individualized workouts.

New Features

  • Trainer Tips:  Ideas and examples from experts in the field to infuse application into the information you are presented with.
  • Memory Tips:  Ways to easily recall and relate challenging information, beyond requiring you to use rote memorization.
  • Check it Out:  Call-out boxes to deepen your level of knowledge and application surrounding a specific topic.
  • Case Scenarios:  Chapter openings with a real scenario to stimulate curiosity about information you are about to learn.
  • Case in Review:  End of chapter reviews to reinforce your level of understanding by providing recommendations on how NASM would approach each case scenario.
  • Metaphors:  Infused throughout the text, metaphors are provided by the authors to demonstrate to you how complex topics or functions can be seen in everyday situations.
  • Cautions:  Examples and reminders of things you should be aware of as you begin to work with clients.


Dr. Mike Clark, DPT, MS, CES, PES

Scott Lucett, MS, NASM CPT, PES, CES

Matthew Rhea, PhD, CES, PES, CSCS*D


Douglas S. Kalman, PhD, RD, FISSN, FACN