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Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES): All-Inclusive

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CEUs: NASM – 1.9; ACE 2.0 | eTeach – 1.1 | Workshop – 0.8

Corrective Exercise is one of the most important components of a comprehensive exercise program. Regardless of athletic ability or fitness level, almost every person has some degree of dysfunction that increases the chance for injury. This could include muscle imbalances, decreased flexibility, or lack of core and joint stability. Leading fitness professionals should be able to identify these dysfunctions and create an integrated corrective exercise training program to help their clients remain injury free.

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With the NASM-CES you can:

  • Open new career opportunities. Expand your skillset and become the trainer who can successfully take on any client including top athletes.
  • Increase your expertise. Master the Corrective Exercise Continuum (CEx) and effectively train clients experiencing musculoskeletal impairments throughout the body.
  • Earn more. * NASM-CPTs with an NASM-CES earn 48% more than other Certified Personal Trainers.
  • Help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

The NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) All-Inclusive program includes everything you need to successfully achieve the NASM-CES credential. It is an online-based program that includes:

  • Online CES exam
  • NASM-CES hardcopy textbook
  • NEW Lecture videos
  • NEW Exercise technique & cueing videos
  • NEW Interactive learning modules & quizzes
  • Exercise library with over 200 exercise demos
  • NEW Client scenarios and sample programming
  • Study guide
  • Online practice exam
  • CES eTeach: online 6-week scenario-based application and skillset development course
  • Live workshop

CES All-Inclusive Program Outline:

  • Module 1: Rationale for Corrective Exercise
  • Module 2: Human Movement Science
  • Module 3: Understanding Human Movement Impairments
  • Module 4: Health Risk Appraisal
  • Module 5: Static Postural Assessments
  • Module 6: Movement Assessments
  • Module 7: Inhibitory Techniques
  • Module 8: Lengthening Techniques
  • Module 9: Activation and Integration Techniques
  • Module 10: Corrective Strategies for Foot and Ankle Impairments
  • Module 11: Corrective Strategies for Knee Impairments
  • Module 12: Corrective Strategies for LPHC Impairments
  • Module 13: Corrective Strategies for Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist Impairments
  • Module 14: Corrective Strategies for Cervical Spine Impairments

Suggested prerequisites:

  • A current NASM-CPT certification, or
  • A current health and fitness certification accredited by NCCA, NBFE or DETC, or
  • REPs Level 3 or higher credential (candidates outside of the US only), or
  • 4-year collegiate degree or
  • Be a current Licensed or Certified Massage Therapist

Please see the NASM Terms and Conditions for more details.
*2014 Annual NASM-CPT Survey, n=1,901