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Under the Direction of Dr. Michel Rice, the newly established Better Call Doc Academy is an international higher education Fitness Academy and School of Pre-med offering a series of prestigious and medical-based programs.

The Academy instructs, mentors and coaches its students and post-graduate members toward their successful certification journeys as future trainer specialists and medical graduates using virtual-based university online platforms.

The BCD Academy’s objective is to empower the fitness trainer with education programs equivocal and competitive with inter-professional colleagues such as chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, physical education majors, and massage therapists.

The BCD Academy operates its education programs using contemporary, personalized, motivating and enjoyable learning tools. Our academy is founded upon a traditional one-to-one relationship between academy mentors/instructors and students. This is the most important key factor to achieve high pass rates with NASM certification exams and success in all of our selected academic programs.

The Academy remains loyal and committed to its alumni graduates with a life-long post-grad relationship for continued education, employment opportunities, and graduate brand development.

The Better Call Doc Academy is a physician-based teaching institution. Our doctors create the curriculums with NASM and prepare its student for rigorous NASM and medical board examinations (USMLE). Our academic partnership specialty is two-fold:

1) Certify trainers to empower them with specialties.

2) Pre-medical program with automated acceptance into medical school upon successful completion (Bachelor of Science and MD degree) for Canadian and USA residency placements.


School Summary

The Better Call Doc Academy’s mission is to powerfully position trainers through unique and competitive accreditation in all of NASM’S course offerings and BCD’s therapy trainer specialty program. Positioning trainers competitively with physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, physical education majors, and massage therapists and sports medicine therapists is our education specialty.

The Academy recognizes that NASM certification can be a difficult, challenging process. Student anxiety toward examination writing, assimilation of masses of information and ability to memorize large amounts of information for examination purposes is a worrying and sometimes deterrent factor. Our education format is designed to remove all of the worrying and work with you on an individual basis to make sure you will pass all of the certificate-granting courses offered by our Academy.

NASM graduates also qualify for the BCD Academy online pre-med diploma program with automated acceptance to medical school for international, Canadian and USA residency programs.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The BCD’s admitted students are individually and personally guided by our mentors, teachers, professors and clinicians through every program offered in our curriculum.

The programmatic university based online platform used by the Academy assures that our NASM, BCD Academy and Pre-Med students will enjoy the education process via additional Academy course material and a unique interactive format via

1) Community discussions.

2) Student to student group connections.

3) Individual private instruction and mentoring.

4) A combination of live and asynchronous practical training sessions and workouts illustrating everything you need to know in each program.



The Academy works in tandem with NASM for the granting of the following certification courses:


The Better Call Doc Academy sets the pace of learning for registered students and guarantees a pass rate of all examination using the following pedagogical services:

After completion of our NASM and independent programs, the Academy continues to work with post-graduates in order to assist them with their future journeys in the practice-building fields or onto even higher academic programs such as medicine.

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In Person

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In Person for 3-Day Clinical Practicum

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Additional Information

For All Inquires Below: [email protected]

Student Inquires: We prefer you email directly for your personal individualized inquiries. We are not in favor of formatted templated info packages.

Instructor / Mentor Job Positions: We always welcome NASM-certified trainer inquiries about our online instructor / mentor positions.

Better Call Doc extends two scholarship programs for individuals requiring financial assistance for any trainer certification or pre-med program.

Aboriginal scholarships available

School Facebook page: BetterCallDoc

Instagram: @BetterCallDoc

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